We Need to Talk about Online Harassment | Teen Vogue
OK, motherfuckers, I'm officially done being silenced »
Mike Pence is President
You've got my vote, @mike_pence »
If you want to debate the Googler’s Manifesto and you’re also a good person
Why the author of the Google Manifesto had to be fired, in terms everyone can understand »
Atlas Rises Update : No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky 1.3 is live! »
Women Of Programming T-Shirt | Teespring
The shirt I needed didn't exist, so I had to make it: Women of Programming »
GTA Online Updates Push Crime Into The Suburbs, Frustrating Residents
This is an fascinating piece about virtual real estate in GTAV »
Sundar Pichai Should Resign as Google’s C.E.O. - The New York Times
Today I learned the fight for equality and inclusion is a "craze" that's "suddenly common" https://t… »
float. + rc.
Your search for a sub-$5k magnetically levitating ambient desktop cloud is over! »
You do not have a constitutional right to be extremely sexist at work – ThinkProgress
Thank you, goodbye. “You do not have a constitutional right to be extremely sexist at work.” »
Thank you, and some new rewards | Andy McMillan on Patreon
I just posted my first extensive update to my Patreon, including a new goal and some new rewards »
PHOTOS: White House Undergoes ‘Long Planned’ Renovation – Talking Points Memo
Behind the scenes photos of White House renovation. The wood floor in the Oval Office is GORGEOUS. »
HyperCard Stacks : Free Data : Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
We're at a couple short of 2,000 HyperCard stacks, which should be enough to get people started on a good time. »
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Forget all the other reasons you should be riding a bike. This is the one that matters – Shifter
Finally: “Forget all the other reasons you should be riding a bike. This is the one that matters.” via @James_Gross »
44th Anniversary of the Birth of Hip Hop
Today's Google doodle is one I've been eagerly awaiting, since I helped the team who built it - »
here's the first trailer for @Death_of_Stalin, from THE THICK OF IT, IN THE LOOP & VEEP creator @Aiannucci »
HyperCard On The Archive (Celebrating 30 Years of HyperCard) | Internet Archive Blogs
This is so cool! I never used HyperCard but I used HyperStudio to build proto-web pages in elementary school! »
RWDevCon 2017 Inspiration Talk: I’m an Idiot by Richard Turton
Too many nuggets of truth in this talk for me to quote one thing. »
BumbleBash 2
Registration for BumbleBash 2 is open! Join us at @updownmpls in Minneapolis Oct 6-8. »
Someone Live Streamed Themselves Sexually Harassing Me | Kotaku UK
Someone live streamed themselves sexually harassing me »
Job Application for Twitter Anchor at Cheddar
We all knew this day was coming. »
Growth UX 2017 Reel - YouTube
I'm very fortunate and grateful to work with ace people on interesting projects - wanna join us? »
Daring Fireball: Safari Should Display Favicons in Its Tabs
Inspired by @gruber's I made a prototype (no mockup!) that dynamically overlays the favico… »
Building Mobile Applications with TensorFlow
I have a free 60-page O'Reilly ebook out called "Building Mobile Applications with @TensorFlow"! »
Ad blocking is under attack
Ad blocking is under attack »
This Is What European Diplomats Really Think About Donald Trump
“He has no historical view. He...seems to think the world started when he took office." »
Using a physical fitness app taught me the scary truth about why privacy settings are a feminist issue — Quartz
it's fucking insane that @strava still has it's "Flybys" feature turned on by default »
An Illinois gubernatorial hopeful will spring all low-level drug offenders from jail / Boing Boing
This Illinois candidate for governor vows to release all low-level drug offenders from jail »
'[ANNOUNCE] Git v2.14.1, v2.13.5, and others' - MARC
@alindeman @searls Context for Justin »
map quiz: can you recognize a city from just its transit lines? (probably not!) Learn more!… »
How to crack a shitty Wifi password / Boing Boing
How to crack a bad Wifi password »
Wells Fargo also gouged small businesses on credit-card fees / Boing Boing
Wells Fargo also gouged small businesses on credit-card fees »
Biohackers Encoded Malware in a Strand of DNA | WIRED
the most cyberpunk news you will read today »
Tim Minchin - A heartfelt song to my homeland, recorded...
Tim Minchin makes me laughcry every time he opens his mouth. »
Daring Fireball: Medium's Dickbar Gets the Clap
Retire now, @gruber . You ain't ever writing a better headline than this. »
West of Loathing review | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
Review: comedy cowboy RPG West of Loathing is the most purely joyful game in town »
Mercurial 4.3 and 4.2.3 released
PSA: Update your version control system client NOW. hg: git: svn: https:… »
If You Are Married to a Trump Supporter, Divorce Them
Here's @JenAshleyWright for @HarpersBazaarUS with my favorite No-Bullshit Headline of 2017 »
Why we fell for clean eating | Life and style | The Guardian
"But underneath the brightness there were notes of restriction that I found both worrying and confused. “As ever,... »
Operation Autorun, a Plunkbat story in two parts – Josh Millard . com
“But Operation Autorun isn’t about chicken dinners. It’s about accepting that one has no control over the universe” »
The 19th century moral panic over paper technology.
I have a soft spot for pieces about the moral panic over cheap novels in the 19th century: https:… »
She’s 98. He’s 94. They Met at the Gym. - The New York Times
This is the best Vows column of all time & now I'm crying »
Illinois Democrat Says Elect Him Governor and He’ll Commute All Low-Level Drug Sentences
Illinois Democrat says elect him governor and he'll commute all low-level drug sentences by @Zaid… »
Trump hotel in D.C. made $2 million profit in 4 months, now charges highest rates in town / Boing Boing
Trump hotel in D.C. made $2 million profit in 4 months, now charges highest rates in town »
Another Course Correction for City Policing - The New York Times
NYC prosecutors throw out 600,000 arrest warrants, rejecting abusive, "zero tolerance" policing. »
Bootstrap 4 Beta · Bootstrap
Well it’s official as can be—the Bootstrap 4 beta is finally here! »
Just completed all the DJ goals in today's #BirthofHIpHop #GoogleDoodle Go play! »
Spotify Web Player - Heavy - Mikhael Paskalev
@charlesv If you’re not a Spotify baby I can get you another link »
Google cancels staff meeting after Gamergate-style attack on employees | Technology | The Guardian
"Google cancels staff meeting after Gamergate-style attack on employees" »
Elon Musk gave assistant 2-week test when she asked for raise and she failed / Boing Boing
the actual headline here is 'billionaire fires enployee for asking for a raise after 12 years' »
Trump D.C. hotel turns $2 million profit in four months - The Washington Post
Late last night the government took down the documents this story is based upon »
A New Kind of Classroom: No Grades, No Failing, No Hurry - The New York Times
A New Kind of Classroom: No Grades, No Failing, No Hurry »
No-knock raids like the one against Paul Manafort are more common than you think - The Washington Post
So much talk about how shocking and rare the Manafort raid was. No, this is only rare for *y'all*. »
Google fired James Damore. But sexism is still encoded in its products. - The Washington Post
Biases in the tech industry get built into the technology and apps we use. A thoughtful piece by @sara_ann_marie »
Touring, complete: what gear survived four months of hard-wearing book-tour? / Boing Boing
@xeni @blam @jlw Here's my swimp3 review: I like Volcom rashies, Speedo trunks and Aqua L… »
The youth aren't down with Capitalism. ✒ »
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