M ? - 3km ENE of Oakland, CA
USGS data about the quake »
Google Employees Resign in Protest Against Pentagon Contract
So much respect for these @google employees. »
I Don’t Know How to Waste Time on the Internet Anymore
the internet is no longer a pleasant way to waste time »
I made a dumb thing: We started making websites because it was fun because we wanted to make dumb… »
Due to our embargo being broken, here are the full details of the #efail attacks. »
My Process — Danette Beatty
I DID IT, I UPDATED MY SITE WITH MY TUTORIAL GIFS!! Talked a bit about each one and how I use them… »
Simple 10 Years Later: My Journey as Co-founder and CEO | Simple
Ten years on, I'm moving on from @simple - »
Trump Admin Poised To Give Rural Whites A Carve-Out On Medicaid Work Rules – Talking Points Memo
Trump admin poised to give rural whites a carve-out on Medicaid work rules »
It’s A Good Time To Be A Reporter Covering Trump If You Like Money And Going On TV
You guys I'm beginning to think the news media needs Trump as badly as he needs them! »
Border agents now removing children from their immigrant parents - San Antonio Express-News
You are either for separating children from their parents or you are against it. I am against it. »
Spigen Launches New iPhone X Cases Inspired by Classic Apple Designs - Mac Rumors
Spigen Launches New iPhone X Cases Inspired by Classic Apple Designs by @julipuli »
California is quietly disenfranchising thousands of voters based on their handwriting.
California quietly disenfranchises thousands of voters each election based on their handwriting: via @… »
A journey through a land of extreme poverty: welcome to America | Society | The Guardian
"A journey through a land of extreme poverty: welcome to America" »
What’s next?
New on the blog: Answering that dreaded question, “What’s next?” »
DNA Lounge: North American Scum: An 80s Dance and Karaoke Party, 18 May 2018 (Fri)
Come see my cool band play cool '80s pop songs on Friday nite!! »
Apps of a Feather
You can find a decent summary this whole situation and why it sucks here: Twitter has been aw… »
Game Devs of Color Expo 2018 - Game Application
Last call for #GDoCExpo game submissions! - »
We’re excited to introduce our community-powered publication Check out the first issue, with stor… »
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