Today on Nancy | Read Comic Strips at
the new nancy cartoonist, Olivia Jaimes, is buckwild. don't read the comments »
Prince Discography Annotated
Acres of beautiful @klimtypefoundry Domaine. And Prince. »
Sexual Harassment Was Rampant at Coachella 2018 | Teen Vogue
I went to Coachella for 10 hours to report this story, and I was groped 22 times. »
Dan McComas, Reddit Product SVP and Imzy Founder Interview
Damn. This is pretty honest: "I fundamentally believe that my time at Reddit made the world a worse place." »
Roboism #14: Only Death and $10,000 - Relay FM
NEW EPISODE WITH SPECIAL GUEST @questquestpod: Only Death and $10,000 »
Testing the Tilta Gravity G2 Handheld Camera Gimbal - YouTube
Tried out a @TILTAtiltamax handheld gimbal for a while. Pretty fun to mess around with! (he… »
All Lyft Rides Are Now Carbon Neutral – John Zimmer – Medium
Lyft will offset the carbon for all rides »
The CEO of a scooter company thinks they’re as important as the advent of the jet engine »
Palantir Knows Everything About You
lmao shouts to dorothy gambrell for the inclusion of adorno »
Adding Open Graph to Pelican - Liz Denys
I added Open Graph support to my Pelican blog yesterday and figured I'd share how I did it. »
'Millennium Blades': Play a Game Within a Game - GeekDad
'Millennium Blades': Play a Game Within a Game @Level99Games »
Robert Mueller Is on the 2018 TIME 100 List |
Here's my write-up of Special Counsel Mueller for TIME. #TIME100 »
How Janelle Monáe Found Her Voice - The New York Times
some thoughts on janelle monáe, the black radical imagination & the limitations of alter egos »
Ready Player One is the roadmap to digital dystopia - The Verge
virtual spaces only ratify the biases and limitations of real spaces (clap_emoji.jpg:large) »
Saudi Arabia breaks 35-year cinema ban with historic #BlackPanther screening »
Royal Mail unveils new electric truck made by Arrival | Electrek
This lil' electric mail truck is so cute! (via @mrgan) »
Pat Robertson warns people to flee from the evil of Dungeons and Dragons / Boing Boing
#5yrsago Pat Robertson warns people to flee from the evil of Dungeons and Dragons »
Ummmmm how come no one told me the old Samsung crossed fingers emoji had SIX FINGERS »
TIL you can add @CircuitClassics to your order on @digikey these days »
Above-average Amazon shareholder letter this year »
Archives Supervisor Paisley Park Job Opening in Chanhassen, Minnesota - AAM jobHQ
Paisley Park is hiring an archivist. Go do this important work! »
“Top Four” graphic tee by Tiff Arment. | Cotton Bureau
Last 12 hours to get a Top Four shirt »
2014 IndieCade Submissions | IndieCade - International Festival of Independent Games
IndieCade 2018 Submissions Now Open. Submit Your Game Now! »