Gender Editor Search - The New York Times
Aaand they are looking for an editor each: - - - »
This FOIA request is one for the record books. (h/t @maloneyfiles) »
The Alt-Right Has Its Own Comedy TV Show On A Time Warner Network - BuzzFeed News
Last year I predicted the alt-right/anti-cultural-marxism trolls would make their own entertainment. They’ve begun https://t… »
Trump Campaign CEO Under Scrutiny for Domestic Violence Charge - NBC News
Steve Bannon's ex-wife in divorce filings: "he didn’t want the girls going to school with Jews.” »
USCIS Proposes Rule to Welcome International Entrepreneurs | USCIS
We’ve proposed a rule to welcome international entrepreneurs. »
I drew a comic for @thenib about the time I was accused of witchcraft at Christian camp! https://t.… »
What Is "Virtue Signalling"? - YouTube
TIL "virtue signalling", new-ish buzzword of maninists, racists etc. »
Image Comics is relocating to Portland, OR — The Beat
Image Comics is relocating to Portland, OR »
FOIbles: The Justice Dept's Forgotten FOIA Comic — The Memory Hole 2
From 1979-80, DOJ briefly ran a one-panel comic series about FOIA in an internal newsletter »
Say what you will about Gladwell, but he just totally changed how I think about education philanthropy —> »
An Exclusive Look at How AI and Machine Learning Work at Apple – Backchannel
Apple is pushing client-side machine learning hard against the odds when others cut privacy to do it in the cloud: https://t… »
Official announcement: This is what I've been working on for the last couple of months! With @bnhw & @… »
“La Crazy” graphic designer t-shirt by John Hanawalt. | Cotton Bureau: hand-picked tees, tanks, and hoodies for people of all ages. Submit yours today.
Have you fallen victim to the sparkling water La Craze? La cruise on over to @cottonbureau https:/… »
Today’s Vagenda – Medium
Today's Vagenda! »
Judge Dredd publisher buys Roy of the Rovers and classic comics archive - BBC News
“2000 AD buys Roy of the Rovers and classic comics archive” ➟ »
We never finished it for whatever reason but it would've been cool to hear w/@codatrigger 's vibes, check it out ! »
Cricket-throwing subway woman: it was all an act | Fusion
So, the cricket woman on the D train was a performance artist. @DemitasseOfDoom called it. »
Build a Slow TV OSX screensaver in 2min – 15 Minutes in the Morning
ICYMI: a Slow TV screensaver is my favorite recent project. Now showing: swiss alp flight https://t.c… »
The Sandwich Robot - YouTube
Me: Hey robot, make me a sandwich Robot: YOU CAN'T FUCKING TELL ME WHAT TO DO »
I Am A Cuck by TimHeidecker | Tim Heidecker | Free Listening on SoundCloud
here's a fun Friday song for all my frogheads out there! (@VicBergerIV as Garfunkel) »
Five tips for improving your technical writing and documentation. – Medium
How to improve your technical writing and documentation, by @limedaring »
Welcoming International Entrepreneurs: – The White House – Medium
“Today’s proposed International Entrepreneur Rule is one of these reforms…” — @WhiteHouse »
The Tyranny of Agile – Code for America Blog – Medium
Loved the "Tyranny of Agile" by @pahlkadot - ... if there isn't a rock band called this, I'm forming… »
Leslie Jones and the Ethics of Amplifying Online Harassment | Motherboard
When it comes to writing about hacks like Leslie Jones's site, what does more harm than good? »
The Necessity of Violence – Medium
My @AMazeFest talk "The Necessity of Violence" written out & mumble-less!! »
Katherine Johnson at NASA Langley Research Center | NASA
Katherine Johnson at NASA Langley Research Center via NASA »
New Video! When the Worst Happens: Moving Forward After... @OSFeels by @christi3k #osfeels »
Typography is impossible – Medium Engineering
Excellent article from @mwichary: The practical guide to why laying out type never quite does what you want. »
Command the Fees You Deserve with Ilise Benun
12 more hours to watchmy @CreativeLive course broadcasting free, Command the Fees You Deserve »
An illustrated history of men telling women what to wear
⚡️ “An illustrated history of men telling women what to wear” by @PostOpinions »
President Obama - Timeline | Facebook
And @POTUS just responded to his first Facebook messenger chat from a regular American »
Alex Jones Uncovers Pickle-Gate - YouTube
Alex Jones Uncovers Pickle-Gate @RealAlexJones @HillaryClinton #PickleGate »
Education Editor Search - The New York Times
3 *incredible* new editor jobs at NYT: Climate Gender Education https://t.… »
Hope you get to spend this weekend exploring what the U.S. National Parks have to offer. If you can't irl »
Galina Balashova: The Artistic Director Behind Four Generations of Soviet Spacecraft - 032c Workshop
We salute GALINA BALASHOVA, the artistic director behind the Soviet Space Program »
How A Former Reality Star Reached Cult Status By Selling Women Less - BuzzFeed News
"Inside Glossier, The Beauty Startup That Just Happens To Sell Makeup" (@nitashatiku) »
73 - The Horror of Being Forgotten: Brendan McCarthy and Dream Gang
A stellar assessment of Brendan McCarthy by @mercurialblonde »
Univ. of Chicago pushes back on trigger warnings, safe spaces | Intellectual Takeout
Seems @UChicago is shutting down its economics dept. ht @crampell »
Hillary Jail Stripes Men's Tee – Trump Make America Great Again Committee
totally normal, non-fascistic thing to have in your official campaign store »
0 Likes On Instagram: Official Rules »
Just 90 companies are to blame for most climate change, this 'carbon accountant' says | Science | AAAS
Just 90 companies are to blame for most climate change, said one carbon accountant via @sciencemagazi… »
The Video Revolution Is Here
"Text is a [low-margin] business" - @bafeldman "[Text] is lead generation" - @benthompson https:/… »
WebDriver Support in Safari 10 | WebKit
WebDriver Support in Safari 10 With that and headless Chromium we should be set, finally! »
The Legend of the Choco Taco - Eater
The Legend of the Choco Taco… »
Before Breitbart, before Trump, Bannon bullied people in Biosphere 2 / Boing Boing
It's all coming together: A Trump / Biosphere 2 connection! »
European Copyright Leak Exposes Plans to Force the Internet to Subsidize Publishers | Electronic Frontier Foundation
Leaked European copyright proposal would cause massive changes to Internet platforms and news sites as we know them »
Spotify Said to Retaliate Against Artists With Apple Exclusives - Bloomberg
Platform-exclusive music is bad for fans, and the other platforms' responses to it are also bad for fans »
The Lenny Interview: Carrie Mae Weems
ohmygod @museummammy talking to carrie mae weems just gave me my whole life »
Donald Trump’s ‘Apprentices’ Had to Agree to Go Nude - The Daily Beast
"Apprentice" contestants had to agree to appear nude, among other indignities. »
Open Source & Feelings: Real World Examples, Real World Impact | The Recompiler
Open Source & Feelings: Real World Examples, Real World Impact »
7 Women of Color Who Fought for Gender Equality: AAUW
REMINDER: Even after the 19th A, racism kept women of color from voting: #WomensEqualityDay »
Chapter 4: All Non-Fatal Violent Crimes | Pew Research Center
Sources: Poverty: Crime: College enrollment »
Fact Sheet: White House Announces New Commitments to the Equal Pay Pledge |
On Women’s Equality day, I’m proud that MailChimp signed the @WhiteHouse #EqualPayPledge. Goes way beyond pay at MC! »
Here are the big winners from 2016's Pitch Black competition (Photos) - Portland Business Journal
Congrats @clientjoyco @CutUp_HQ and @WikiPdx - @PDXStephenG #pitchblackpdx #PDXTech via @PDXBiz… »
The bizarre true story behind the “this is a work of fiction” disclaimer.
The bizarre true story behind the “this is a work of fiction” disclaimer »
Limited-edition Chicago-made hot sauce Wrath of Hahn inspires burning desire | Bleader | Chicago Reader
The maker of Of Wrath of Hahn says: "there is literally no other possible fucking name for this hot sauce." https://t.c… »
How Hillary Clinton Went Undercover to Examine Race in Education - The New York Times
Trump says Hillary is a bigot. At 24 she went South to fight school segregation At 27 he was sued for housing bias htt… »
Facebook (FB) fired their Trending editors, apparently trying to get rid of bias by getting rid of humans — Quartz
Quartz reports that Facebook laid off its Trending Topics headline writers with an hour's notice »
How Nextdoor reduced racist posts by 75% | Fusion
props to NextDoor for solving a social problem through UX design »
PurpleStride Portland 2016: Team Millruzzi - Pancreatic Cancer Action Network
I’ll make more noise soon, but I am running to raise funds for pancreatic cancer research in memory of @mpetruzzi79 »
Cyclist’s Death Shows Biking Perils Persist in New York - The New York Times
.@BilldeBlasio isn't locking in Bloomberg Vision Zero gains ... crashes are where we don't have protected spaces. https:… »
Fermi Paradox Jam -
.  . * . starting next week! . ˚ · Fermi Paradox Jam (co-hosting w/ @LorenSchmidt) ⋆ * . . ⋆ . https:… »
At 81, Disney's First African-American Animator Is Still In The Studio : NPR
Bless up to the man who helped pave a way: At 81, Disney's First African-American Animator Is Still In The Studio https:/… »
Out Late With Oliver Sacks - The New York Times
From @BillHayesNYC, a life with Oliver Sacks, both public and private. »
Julie's survey about mid-career survival in the tech industry as a member of an underrepresented group
I’d super appreciate it if you share my survey for underrep people in tech with 3+ years exp for my alterconf talk. https:… »
Forbes Welcome
Android Circuit: Love And Hate For Galaxy Note 7, Microsoft's Sneaky Strategy, Android Beats iPhone via @forbes »
Log masuk ke dalam Facebook | Facebook
Nothing is impossible for creative entrepreneurs. Don't do it alone, join the group way »
Caning of Charles Sumner - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
@marcprecipice We have come to that in the past, in the Congress of 1856. And we know where that fight led. See »
Metafoundry 30: Confusion Matrices
Me on wearing black, what fashion and the laws of thermodynamics have in common, and the Great Male Renunciation »
@jon_NoCode I've noticed that on first visit for me, seems more curated, then if I refresh I seem get a full feed? »
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John Ellenby, Visionary Who Helped Create Early Laptop, Dies at 75 - »