‘Learning Curve’ as Rick Perry Pursues a Job He Initially Misunderstood - The New York Times
Rick Perry, the imbecile named to lead Dept of Energy because he wanted to end it, didn't know it oversees nukes. »
Heart-rending look at @USDS as the Obama era ends. But gives me hope to be reminded how many good geeks there are »
The Trump Administration Is Turning Cautious Liberals Into Paranoid Preppers - BuzzFeed News
“@jimray is the kind of urban-dwelling liberal who you’d think finds prepping a little silly.” Go on. »
Tim Draper keeps defending Theranos - Axios
VC Draper imagines WSJ journalist received $4m from anti-Thersnos forces to file his report. https://t.… »
Stupid Hackathon 2017 by Amelia Winger-bearskin — Kickstarter
If you back the @stupidhackathon Kickstarter project, you’ll be able to register early (it’ll most likely sell out) »
Is Radical Journalism the New Disrupter? – Toni Albertson – Medium
“Is Radical Journalism the New Disrupter?” by Toni Albertson »
Don’t just resist: #AlwaysForward. – Dan Ancona – Medium
Hello, world! Don’t just resist: #AlwaysForward. »
The Unexpected Design Challenge Behind Slack's New Threaded Conversations | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
It's out! Big ups to all @SlackHQ teammates who worked on threads over the long haul. Too many to list! »
Swear Him In
Swear Him In - give all your fucks, shits and damns to support worthy causes. »
this post about how & why Instagram disabled Python garbage collection is GREAT (via @rckenned) »
Extraordinary early 20th century magazine covers from Japan - 50 Watts
The mid-1930s was a great time for Japanese magazine cover design (via »
“A Rant Against Maximization” — @jasonfried »
The Girl Scouts Will March in Donald Trump's Inaugural Parade 
as a lifelong Girl Scout and the co-leader of a troop, I'm extremely unhappy about this »
I always wondered why Twitter owned and put so much work into Fabric. I guess they couldn’t figure it out, either. »
Careers | Urban Airship
I'm hiring. You're allowedtoapply dot tumblr dot com. Let's do computer stuff together. »
What I Wish I'd Known About Equity Before Joining A Unicorn · GitHub
This is pretty accurate. Ultimately it boils down to: do you trust the founders? »
Smart @ShaunUsher expands the franchise: @SpeechesOfNote »
NOPE 4" x 4" vinyl stickers available »
The Alt-Right’s Meltdown Is Just Like Any Other Message Board Drama - BuzzFeed News
I spent a TON of time on forums and message board in my teens/early 20s and this is exactly correct »
Chaffetz Skipped Meeting With Ethics Chief He Threatened To Subpoena, Emails Show | The Huffington Post
Lol. @jasoninthehouse said the Office of Govt Ethics refused to meet w/ him. FOIAed emails shows he ghosted. Ethics »
Lol, first look at this pic »
Biden Searching White House One Last Time For Missing Pet Snake - The Onion - America's Finest News Source
Biden Searching White House One Last Time For Missing Pet Snake via @TheOnion »
Why 4 Women Want 1 Million Women To Send In Their Stories | The Huffington Post
Why 4 Women Want 1 Million Women To Send In Their Stories | The Huffington Post »
“Love Will Win” poster download – Laura Brunow Miner – Medium
I just published “‘Love Will Win’ poster download” »
Accidental Tech Podcast: 205: People Don't Use the Weird Parts
Why talk about @clattner_llvm on your podcast when you can talk *to* him? »
Clockwise #172: Serial iPhone Killer - Relay FM
Nintendo Switch, Twitter security, RIP Vine, and Apple support, with @AlexCox and @jeffcarlson! »
Companies Are Recycling Their Old News to Avoid Being Blasted in a Trump Tweet - NBC News
“Companies Are Recycling Their Old News to Avoid Being Blasted in a Trump Tweet” »
There is No Magic Pill – jencotton – Medium
great tips for driving inclusion and diversity at your org by the bold @jencotton »
Arrival – Mozilla Open Design
Mozilla has a new logo! »
An open letter to Trump from the US press corps - Columbia Journalism Review
This is great: An open letter to Trump from the US press corps via @cjr »
Patti Smith & Fred "Sonic" Smith - People Have the Power [Live 3-16-90] - YouTube
I was dreaming and in my dreamin saw an aspect bright & fair #pattismith »
From Headline to Photograph, a Fake News Masterpiece - The New York Times
He made $22,000 for 20 hours of time spent making up anti-Clinton election stories. »
FBI, 5 other agencies investigating Kremlin aid in hacking, sources say | McClatchy DC
FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ, and Treasury Probing Possible Covert Kremlin Aid to Trump. »
Trump Education Nominee Betsy DeVos Lied to the Senate
Trump education nominee Betsy DeVos lied to the Senate by @jeremyscahill »
Who is Anna-Senpai, the Mirai Worm Author? — Krebs on Security
So the (alleged) Mirai IoT device worm author has a background in the Minecraft community/DDoS wars? Interesting »
Moving Vans Arrive at White House to Remove All Traces of Competence, Dignity - The New Yorker
Movers are working under a strict deadline, since White House needs to be totally stripped of decency by 9AM Friday. »
Hello Web Design: Design Basics for Non-Designers by Tracy Osborn — Kickstarter
So friends, thoughts on the Kickstarter video? Produced by the awesome @AKeenanVideo! »
How Louis C.K. tells a joke
Nothing gets wasted when purpose is your guiding star. »
You’ll Never Be The Same Again – The U.S. Digital Service – Medium
Decisions are made by those who show up. Read Mikey Dickerson's farewell letter to USDS »
'Bees are good,' Obama says as children scream - POLITICO
‘Bees are good’, Obama says as children scream | Getty »
The Obama Administration Digital Transition: Moving Forward | whitehouse.gov
An update on the transition of #POTUS social media records and new accounts: @WhiteHouse https:/… »
Staying with the US Digital Service
New blog post: Staying with the US Digital Service »
This Team Runs Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Page - Bloomberg
And here I am running my own social presence like an idiot. »
Coach Z Rap - YouTube
Every time I hear that one Drake song I'm all like »
The Empty Trump Administration - Bloomberg View
The Empty Trump Administration »
These Maps Literally Put the Alps at Your Fingertips
A new tactile atlas of Switzerland has maps for people who can't see »
Iceland knows how to stop teen substance abuse but the rest of the world isn’t listening | Mosaic
Iceland knows how to stop teen substance abuse but the rest of the world isn’t listening »
Obama to the press: ‘America needs you’ – Poynter
Obama to the press: ‘America needs you’ »
The Firebase Blog: Welcoming Fabric to Google
This is great news! Firebase Blog: Welcoming Fabric to Google »
Meet Linda Sarsour, one of the women organizing the Women’s March On Washington / Boing Boing
Meet Linda Sarsour, one of the women organizing the Women’s March On Washington »
U.C. Santa Cruz - The New York Times
@nickfountain santa cruz bro »
California state employees may no longer use state funds travel to states where LGBTQ discrimination is legal / Boing Boing
California bans state employees from using state funds for travel to states where #LGBTQ discrimination is legal »
Truth in the Age of Trump - The American Interest
“No one who backed Trump has any excuse for being surprised by what he does. We all know who and what he is.” »
Tech employees protest in front of Palantir HQ over fears it will build Trump’s Muslim registry | TechCrunch
Good article about the Palantir protest w/ slight misquote from me (unionize -> consider unionizing) »
Trump's D.C. hotel bans press during inauguration week - POLITICO
Trump's D.C. hotel bans press during inauguration week »
World Map Shows What a Hyperloop Future May Look Like | Inverse
Love this idea of a global hyperloop tube map. It's 2017, think big »
EFF's 100-Day Plan | Electronic Frontier Foundation
EFF is going to waste no time in 2017 standing up for your rights. Read our 100 day plan to see how »
act.americanrivers.org | Scott Pruitt: The Wrong Choice for Leading the EPA
Put simply, Scott Pruitt is a piece of shit. If you care about the outdoors, stop him #PruittHear… »
So You’re Going to Protest... - Trump Resistance Playbook - Portland Mercury
"When you protest, you need to decide what level of risk you’re willing to accept." Read this: by… »
Visualizing an entire city's buildings live with runtime styling | Mapbox
I’ll be showing off & talking about how I built tonight at Portland @OSGeo, come on by!… »
The Death of the Tunnel Tree - The New Yorker
A tree has died that was older than the language in which we write. »
Republican Men Say It’s a Better Time to Be a Woman Than a Man - The New York Times
Republican men say it’s a better time to be a woman than a man. »
Trump's proposed 2020 slogan is familiar because it's the exact tagline from 'The Purge: Election'
Trump wants to 'Keep America Great' in 2020, but that phrase already belongs to 'The Purge' »
In retraction request to CNN, Trump team confirms CNN story - The Washington Post
In retraction request to CNN, Trump team confirms CNN story - Washington Post via @nuzzel thanks @GabrielJR »
Davos Elite Fret About Inequality Over Vintage Wine and Canapés - The New York Times
It's still early in the year, but this is the front runner for best headline of 2017. https://t.co… »
America’s Great Working-Class Colleges - The New York Times
CUNY propelled 6x the number of poor students into the middle class as the ENTIRE Ivy League http… »
How Donald Trump came up with ‘Make America Great Again’ - The Washington Post
"He already has decided on his slogan for a reelection bid in 2020. ‘Keep America Great'" I can hardly wait... »
Pokemon Go adds 17 pokestops to the World Economic Forum in Davos to combat poverty
You guys! Seems they fixed the totally absurd news headline generator! »
Forbes Welcome
This is mind-boggling »
Magic - Howl
Ep 2 of Offices&Bosses is out now w/ @marklogdog as Krom. Get a free month of @howlfm »
Props to Charles Feeney, who gave away his entire fortune – more than $8B via @idancohen »
Watch Victor Lopez's Vine "My addiction #gameboy"
Vine's last day is tomorrow, so I leave you with this »
Hi. I’m Andy, and I organize events.
Just a reminder that I’m still booking event consulting gigs for this year. Need help? »
Internet Archive: Wayback Machine
This is a public service announcement. »