Stronger together. »
We counted women and minorities at the RNC and DNC | Fusion
So we counted all the women and people of color at the DNC and the RNC...and uh, wow »
The Golden State Record
We’re back! Tix for our biggest show ever (a music + stories collab w/ @noisepop) are on sale Thurs »
Hi internet! I'm helping @jenny8lee & co put on an emoji conference in SF in November »
Defining Product Design: A Dispatch from Airbnb's Design Chief – »
The 18F employee handbook is now public. See our policies, onboarding classes, tools, team info and more »
The Oppressive Gospel of ‘Minimalism’ - The New York Times
In @NYTmag, my essay on how 'minimalism' went from a radical aesthetic to a stifling lifestyle trend »
Aide: Trump 'will not be releasing' taxes | TheHill
"That’s obviously what our position is" is an interesting way to say "no" »
Driverless Cars Threaten to Crash Insurers’ Earnings - WSJ
Insurance premiums expected to decline by 80% due to driverless cars »
Slava @ rethink here. This is a really interesting subject -- I should do a tal... | Hacker News
Some nice discussions on the downsides of immutability in databases »
Twitter Video
WATCH: me + friends supporting @HillaryClinton @DemConvention #StrongerTogether #DemsinPhilly »
Digital is just getting started — Medium
.@stewartbrand does a masterful job of summarizing my talk for the Long Now series on long-term thinking »
Hillary for America - SMS Campaign Manager
Come work with us? 3 new openings »
Jennifer McCoy on Twitter: "Police officer describes alleged cover-up in Sandra Bland arrest via @blackvoices"
This is terrifying. Only a few days ago it was revealed that Sandra Bland's jail logs were falsified now this... https://… »
Don't Listen to Nate Silver, Listen to Me
Don't listen to Nate Silver, listen to meeeeee »
Gawker - Bill Clinton's Teleprompter at the DNC | Facebook
Gawker is live-streaming Clinton's teleprompter, and it's amazing how much he's improvising »
Twitter Video
This moment is for every little girl who dreams big. #WeMadeHistory »
Crying ‘Peter Pan’ Sanders delegate speaks out for party unity
When you make fun of men for crying in public, you are actively contributing to a culture of toxic masculinity. https://t… »
Otter Tech Consulting – Open source training, software development, and diversity consulting
I started a consulting business! Hire me for diversity consulting, open source training & embedded/… »
Why Uber Engineering Switched from Postgres to MySQL - Uber Engineering Blog
Technical arguments aside I just like the sample dataset in this post » is creating japanese retro video game translations | Patreon
if you haven't yet taken note, @shmuplations is doing crucial work translating Japan's game dev history support it! »
Talkshow: Pop Life
You can follow along with our conversation here, even if you don't yet have the @talkshow app »
Introducing the “Pop Life” Talkshow! — Medium
Hey! Today I'm launching a new weekly interview series called "Pop Life". It's kind of like a podcast, but in text »
Artists | Dischord Records
Collecting records used to be like a scavenger hunt. Now Dischord just posts every record it ever released online. »
More Thoughts on the DNC Hack - Lawfare
My twelve tweets from this a.m. w/ more thoughts on DNC hack collected here, and below. https:… »
Everything's Not Good 
this piece by @hamiltonnolan captures the existential horror of covering the DNC »
Stranger Things - Fonts In Use
Spooky + 1980s = ITC Benguiat »
Poynter on Twitter: "Did you listen to Michelle Obama's speech last night? Writing guru @RoyPeterClark explains why it worked:"
I don't work fast enough to get out stories about political speeches. Fortunately, @RoyPeterClark has it covered! https://… »
North Korea says Trump isn't screwy at all, a wise choice for president | Reuters
Just to be clear: this is Reuters and not The Onion: North Korea says Trump a wise choice for president »
ABC News on Twitter: "Hillary Clinton to young girls: "Let me just say, I may become the first woman president, but one of you is next.""
It's still a big deal for me to see front women lead bands. So yeah, this is a very inspiring & significant. »
We just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet.” —Hillary »
Donald J. Trump on Twitter: "I hate to say it, but the Republican Convention was far more interesting (with a much more beautiful set) than the Democratic Convention!"
"gazing at my navel is far more enthralling than all those losers talking about America & equal rights in Philly" »
O'Reilly: Slaves Who Built White House Were "Well Fed And Had Decent Lodgings Provided By The Government"
Bill O'Reilly to Michelle Obama: Slaves building the White House were "well fed and had decent lodgings provided" »
Twitter Video
WATCH: The moment Bernie Sanders moved to nominate Hillary Clinton by acclimation. »
Fiction, We Have a Problem: It’s Racism — Fireside Fiction — Medium
It's a lot to digest, but we as an industry are failing black writers. We need to do better. #BlackSpecFic https://t.… »
Manfeels Park — Your face is tanking
This is how structural misogyny works. »
An Open Letter By A #NeverHillary Supporter Who Is Definitely Not Vladimir Putin — Medium
An Open Letter By A #NeverHillary Supporter Who Is Definitely Not Vladimir Putin »
“Faces wrinkle, décolletage droops, but pussy is eternal”: I Am Here To Yell At Ben Franklin’s… — Medium
DNC, Day 2 | “Faces wrinkle, décolletage droops, but pussy is eternal”: I Am Here To Yell At Ben Franklin’s Grave »
I made some Pokemon Go charts for @bustle #TeamMystic ❄️ »
Free Agents - Relay FM
*emerges from hedge* “Want to hear me embarrassingly introduce a podcast?” *steps back into hedge* »
Bad Moon Rising — Welcome to the Scream Room — Medium
Bad Moon Rising: my first report from the Democratic National Convention #DemsInPhilly »
Free Agents #1: The Temptation of Yes - Relay FM
We're live! In episode 1, @MacSparky and @jsnell discuss limiting scope and the temptation of "yes." »
World of Warcraft
Blizzard finally made the World of Warcraft site mobile friendly. »
Hopeful Perspectives 1 Year After My Son’s Birth/Death — Medium
Yesterday would have been Rowan’s 3rd birthday. For anyone who wants to remember with us. »
The Case For Hillary — Medium
If you are a progressive who dislikes @HillaryClinton, I would ask that you read this before voting your conscience https://… »
Simone and Norm Tour Comic-Con 2016! - YouTube
.@SimoneGiertz and i wander through comic-con! »
Steven Universe San Diego Comic-Con 2016 Part 1: Concert - YouTube
The Steven Universe concert at Comic-Con made it online: "Stronger Than You" at the 25m mark »
#BlackSpecFic — Fireside Fiction — Medium
The full Table of Contents for the #BlackSpecFic report can be found »
Freddie Gray case: Charges against three remaining officers dropped - Baltimore Sun
#BREAKING: Charges dropped against the three remaining officers in the #FreddieGray case. »
Confessor. Feminist. Adult. What the Hell Happened to Howard Stern? - The New York Times
"Confessor. Feminist. Adult. What the Hell Happened to Howard Stern?" »
The Rise of Czap Books - The 2017 Collection by Kevin Czap — Kickstarter
These are some good-lookin' comics. I just backed The Rise of Czap Books - The 2017 Collection on @Kickstarter »
The Album Leaf Detail New Album Between Waves, Announce Reissues | Pitchfork
.@thealbumleaf announce new album and reissues; listen to the Dntel remix of a new song… »
The Daily Show on Twitter: "Is Bill Clinton still talking?"
I remember when only reloaded the root zone file once a day. Fondly. »
Tech Companies Encouraging Team to Vote on Election Day via Part/Full Time Off - Google Sheets 41 tech co's declaring time off on ElectionDay. Ty @Spotify US @trueX @chain @flexport @getbannerman Who else »
Donald J. Trump on Twitter: "No matter what Bill Clinton says and no matter how well he says it, the phony media will exclaim it to be incredible. Highly overrated!"
LOL Trump freaking out. His comm director trashed Bill over text. If you texted back SLICK they sent Benghazi video. htt… »
Matthew Barker on Twitter: "@nytimes @JuddApatow Oh I'm Mr Assange would thrive in a world of chaos created by Trump presidency."
Imagine if Assange released Trumps taxes. I wonder why he doesn't do that? Maybe Trump promised him a safe haven. https://… »
MSNBC on Twitter: "LIVE NOW: Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright takes the stage at #DNCinPHL"
this #DNCinPHL is an ongoing living history of many of the most awesome women in politics. unprecedented »
Seth Meyers on Twitter: "Have a ton of respect for Bernie and supporters but also have this msg for "or bust" crew"
“The house is on fire. Stop crying because we’re not putting it out with your hose.” #Hey #DNCinPHL »
Hanburger on Twitter: "O H N O,"
"Do you really want to transfer Pikachu to the Professor?" »
Bernie Sanders overcome with emotion as his brother Larry casts delegate vote at DNC / Boing Boing
Watch this human moment. @BernieSanders overcome with emotion as his brother Larry casts delegate vote at #DNC. »
ABC News Politics on Twitter: ".@BernieSanders' brother Larry Sanders tearfully casts vote for his brother "with enormous pride" #DemsinPhilly"
Larry Sanders cast the final vote for @DemsAbroad w/ tribute to their parents… An emotional moment for the Senator. https://t… »
Democratic National Convention Live
Roll call underway at DNC. »
Dear Leader by tim hutchings — Kickstarter
Spaceteam card game designer Tim Hutchings is Kickstarting his new party game Dear Leader! »
Talkshow: Six Colors Analysis: Apple 3Q 2016 financial results
The crew at @bleedsixcolors is covering Apple earnings — tune in here and ask your questions »
An Open Letter to Our Community
From @osfashland, an open letter to the community: Supporting artists starts with physical safety. »
kif leswing on Twitter: "Nest thermostats go offline in massive outage during U.S. heatwave"
oh hey look another massive @nest failure! why that's a big surprise! hang on while i act astonished. »
#HelpTheGame is out today. All profits go to @WarChildUK supporting children affected by war https:… »
Emin Gün Sirer on Twitter: "Quote nails typical PR flak behavior: "wrong/crazy idea" ... "we knew about it all along""
The Snowden Cycle X is a flaky conspiracy theory X is revealed to be true X is totally obvious and not newsworthy… »
Raw Story on Twitter: "Judge orders suspect to cover his tattoos with makeup so jurors don’t know he is a neo-Nazi"
Meanwhile, the color of Blk ppl's skin historically & presently makes jurors incapable of being fair & impartial.... http… »
Peace and Justice - A Celebration of Ursula Franklin - Home | Ideas with Paul Kennedy | CBC Radio
"Peace and Justice": a special episode of @cbcideas honouring Ursula Franklin »
scartonbot comments on Germany's largest Bank says a form of Basic Income may be needed to keep the global economy growing
Don't miss this comment on Reddit in regards to the need for #basicincome due to technology. https://t.… »
The Human Toll of Terror - The New York Times
The victims were Jews, Christians, Hindu & atheists — but most were Muslim. »
PolySync Dataset Available — Self Racing Cars
woohoo! just announced @PolySync's release of data from our @selfracingcars event! »
Those Freedom Kids Who Performed at a Donald Trump Rally Are About to Sue Him | Mother Jones
Latest people to sue Donald Trump for non-payment: Those Freedom Kids »
Airbnb Connect: Engineering Associate | Careers at Airbnb
hey friends — if you're a minority in tech and have gone through a coding bootcamp, airbnb now has apprenticeships »
John Gibson’s ludicrous slavery op-ed | Fusion
Fox host can’t handle the fact that slaves definitely built the White House: #DemsInPhilly htt… »
'Beyond a Reasonable Doubt,' Russians Hacked DNC, Analyst Says - ABC News
"A U.S. official said that it appeared that the hackers never worked on Russian holidays" »
Design Details on Twitter: "DD150: Fantastic Digital Goo (feat. @mayli) Listen:"
my very first podcast interview. welcome new twitter followers who found me this way! To follow: related links… »
How Gimlet Media Uses Slack to Keep Donors Engaged | | Observer
Gimlet Media engaging donors by inviting them to join their Slack »
Michelle Obama Elegantly Eviscerated Trump -- NYMag
Rhetorical genius of this is wild: so enormous, from a case only Michelle Obama could make https:… »
Apple Q3 2016 financial results - Six Colors
Reminder: It's Apple's quarterly results and conference call today. @dmoren and I will do live coverage/analysis »
‘DNC Hacker’ Unmasked: He Really Works for Russia, Researchers Say - The Daily Beast
BREAKING... Researchers unmask 'DNC hacker': he really works for Russia »
Report on the dismal state of black sf/f writers in the short fiction markets / Boing Boing
Report on the dismal state of black sf/f writers in the short fiction markets »
Yahoo sale: are Flickr and Tumblr doomed? / Boing Boing
Yahoo sale: are Flickr and Tumblr doomed? »
populartopics - changemyview
My new favorite place on the internet: /r/changemyview is a subreddit dedicated to the civil discourse of opinions. »
[Reviews] | Don the Realtor, by Martin Amis | Harper's Magazine
" of his rare interventions in the fine arts: he gave his music teacher a black eye..." »
Immutability, MVCC, and garbage collection · Baron Schwartz's Blog
Some nice discussions on the downsides of immutability in databases »
Whatever your politics, a woman winning a presidential nomination is a big fucking deal - Vox
Whatever your politics, a woman winning a major party's presidential nomination is a BFD »
Assange Timed WikiLeaks Release of Democratic Emails to Harm Hillary Clinton - The New York Times
Julian Assange timed WikiLeaks release of DNC emails to harm Hillary Clinton »
ALA Think Tank Public Group | Facebook
Queer/gender nonconforming folks: Help an MLIS student w/ personal stories about what you read as a young person? https://t.c… »
Hacking Game Quadrilateral Cowboy Is a Bit Messy, But You Won’t Forget It | WIRED
'Quadrilateral Cowboy' is a heartfelt heist planner, a love letter to 80s cyberpunk and to collaborative creation »
Hillary Clinton - Hillary is about to become the first... | Facebook
Okay, the state delegate roll call is pretty entertaining. Plus, you know, history. »
About the Free Agents theme — Hair-Breened Ideas
That amazing Free Agents theme is by the talented Chris Breen @bodyofbreen Here’s his post about the theme song. »
"Videogames Are Over" T-Shirts & Hoodies by FloppyAdult | Redbubble
Shirt here courtesy of the excellent @FloppyAdult »
The DNC hack is Watergate, but worse.
“The email dump isn’t a high-minded act of transparency. It’s a foreign power attempting to swing an election.” »
Every Dischord Record Is On Bandcamp Now - Stereogum
Every Dischord Record Is On Bandcamp Now »
Airbnb’s plan to win over the DNC crowd is all about why Airbnb is good for the middle class - Recode
here’s what airbnb did at the DNC today, guest starring uber adviser and ex-obama 08 campaign manager david plouffe… »
Andrew Sullivan Liveblogs the DNC, Night 2
Andrew Sullivan on Bill Clinton's #DNC speech »
How Hillary Clinton Went Undercover to Examine Race in Education - The New York Times
This the story Bill Clinton is talking about, Hillary going undercover in Alabama to investigate race in schools https://t.… »
ADI to Acquire Linear Tech for $14.8 Billion | EE Times
ADI to Acquire Linear Tech for $14.8 Billion via /r/TheAmpHour »
102-year-old woman, born before women's suffrage, votes to nominate Hillary Clinton
102-year-old woman, born before women's suffrage, votes to nominate Hillary Clinton »
The Trump-Putin Fallacy by Masha Gessen | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books
Those eager to depict Donald Trump as an agent of Putin are missing the real threat he poses, Masha Gessen writes… »
David Duke’s Remarks on Senate Backing Put Donald Trump’s Camp on the Defensive - The New York Times
Trump campaign threatens to cut off access to @maggieNYT over question on David Duke »
Trump Time Capsule #57: Russia, and Taxes - The Atlantic
Trump should release taxes anyway, like other nominees. DNC hack raises stakes. Should be asked every day »
Why Michelle Obama's 'House Built by Slaves' Line Was So Iconic
My latest essay for @esquire, examining MOBAMA's speech, the future, & the role of history in our political choices https:… »
Show me your best you! — Medium
Show me your best you! — Medium »
FontShop | The Fonts of Star Trek
The Fonts of Star Trek by @baldcondensed #typography #design »
The creator of the viral pro-Trump act ‘USA Freedom Kids’ now plans to sue the campaign - The Washington Post
Remember the pro-#Trump "USA Freedom Kids" from #Florida? Yeah, they're gonna sue him now. via @pbu… »
A Book Apart, Practical SVG
We’re back with great news: Practical SVG by @chriscoyier is available TODAY! »
Hunter Walk's answer to What US tech companies & startups are giving employees time off on November 8, 2016 to vote? - Quora
13 tech co's said they were giving teams time off on Election Day to vote. What about yours? https:… »
KING: To stop Donald Trump, I’ll be voting for Hillary Clinton - NY Daily News
.@ShaunKing: To stop Donald Trump, I’ll be voting for Hillary Clinton — and you should too https:/… »
A final response to the "Tell me why Trump is a fascist". : EnoughTrumpSpam
Reddit—of all places—has compiled the most astonishing case against Trump and his supporters I've seen anywhere »
We raise a $2.5m seed round led by DFJ
We've raised a $2.5m seed round led by DFJ! »
Shop ZARA's Art Theft Collection
9 This website where you can buy the original work of artists who've been ripped off by @zara »
Spy Agency Consensus Grows That Russia Hacked D.N.C. - The New York Times
Spy agency consensus grows that Russia hacked the DNC »
For the first time, forecast predicts hotter-than-normal in every square inch of the USA
For 1st time on record, every sq. inch of U.S. forecast for above normal temps next 3 mos. Other than that, all okay http… »
Thinking About Suing Uber? Let This Be a Warning. - The New York Times
Thinking About Suing Uber? Let This Be a Warning., via @nytimes »
Michelle Obama correct that the White House was built by slaves | PolitiFact
New! Michelle Obama correct that the White House was built by slaves: #DemsInPhilly »
NIST declares the age of SMS-based 2-factor authentication over | TechCrunch
NIST declares the age of SMS-based 2-factor authentication over »
'Mothers Of The Movement:' Hillary Clinton Will Say Our Children's Names' : NPR
.@SenatorBoxer praised Hillary Clinton's resilience at #DemsInPhilly. »
The Remarkable Inconsistency Of Climate Denial : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture : NPR
Letter from basically every scientific org in the United States to Congress about climate change »
Photo Processing in Adobe Camera Raw: Getting the Cinematic Look - Skillshare
Why does photo processing matter? Take a peek inside my workflow in a new @skillshare class »
Maker Land 2016 | 19 - 21 August | Seal Rock, Oregon
Maker Land (camping + maker weekend) is about a month away and we still have some very affordable tickets left! https://t.… »
The New Glif: A Tripod Mount for Smartphones, Redesigned by Dan Provost & Tom Gerhardt — Kickstarter
Woke up this morning to find our current Glif campaign has now raised more funds than our original campaign. » Betrayal at House on the Hill: Widow's Walk Board Game: Toys & Games
Cant wait for the Betrayal At The House On The Hill expansion to come out. I think y'all will really dig my haunt! »
Understanding Hillary: The Clinton America sees isn’t the Clinton colleagues know. Why are they so different?
she's a good listener, even though she's not a good orator, and frankly i think that's more important » 2017 | Call for Proposals
@shanselman Hey, know any Core people involved with the Open Sourcing who could submit a talk to »
Design Tools Survey 2016
Don’t forget to complete @khoi’s 2016 Design Tools Survey »
System Shock by Nightdive Studios — Kickstarter
48 hours left on the System Shock Kickstarter. RT and back! #indiedev #videogames https://t.c… »
The most thorough, profound and moving defense of Hillary Clinton I have ever seen.
The most thorough, profound and moving defense of Hillary Clinton I have ever seen. »
Forbes Welcome
With our homes getting smarter everyday, our cities are sure to follow. See the new job titles of #smartcities »
Online Voter Registration | California Secretary of State
Just changed my party to vote for @HillaryClinton, for any CA Republicans the deadline to switch is 10/24 »
5by5 | Live Audio Stream
Back to Work #282 is recording live RIGHT NOW at Please »