Weekend Things, Y18-W10 – Virginia Murdoch – Medium
Weekend Things, including a few words about @sophiec’s dad Peter Nicholls, who died this week »
DNA Lounge update, wherein no good deed goes unpunished. »
Nawhal Eating A Bagel - Art Show and Extended Mix - YouTube
World record for most Narwhal Eating A Bagel related artwork in one video! »
Lyft Is Offering Free Rides to the “March For Our Lives” Protests – Mother Jones
Lyft is offering free rides to the “March For Our Lives” protests »
The Man Who Knew Too Little - The New York Times
And on that note, my fav story from today's @nytimes »
‘Packets, Please’ Is a Post-Net-Neutrality Simulator from Hell - Motherboard
"Packets, Please" is a new video game that simulates a future post-net-neutrality hell https://t.c… »