Bringing Zoom's end-to-end optimizations to WebRTC
Anyways now's a good a time as ever to mention that I now work at an open-source video infra startup that's actually doing cool engineeri... »
I really am rooting for Web3 to graduate beyond tokenization and focus on $$$ into wider utility. Maybe it's not because of the lack of a... »
SCOOP: Just 3 weeks after its announcement, the Disinformation Governance Board is being "paused" and intra-departmental DHS working grou... »
Make Your Own Little (Easy-to-Update) CDN - Chris Coyier
Make Your Own Little (Easy-to-Update) CDN »
COVID Home Tests | USPS
Free tests via USPS are back for another, this time you can get twice as many. »
Relay FM
On Air: The Pen Addict with @dowdyism & @imyke »