The Truth Is Paywalled But The Lies Are Free ❧ Current Affairs
This headline might be the most succinct way to sum up our current media crisis I've ever seen »
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Polar Impact
Launching on the web today! @PolarImpact is an inclusive network of racial & ethnic mino... »
Jamison v McClendon
Wow this qualified immunity opinion from Judge Carlton Reeves »
Online - Rock the Vote
Don't boo...VOTE ? Register to vote at #Vote2020 »
Mailchimp for Developers | Mailchimp Developer
so @Postlight partnered w/ @Mailchimp to rebuild their Developer experience from the ground up and today it went live! ? »
Watch Dicktown Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)
"DICKTOWN" is the new animated show I made with my friend and yours David Rees. It's available by clicking things. »
"Mulan" Star Liu Yifei Supports Hong Kong Police, Prompting Calls For Movie Boycott
Just putting this out there for all you all who are getting outside about the September Mulan release.. »
The UX of LEGO Interface Panels – George Cave
This is both a good read and surprisingly not a waste of time H/T @alexislloyd »
Some People Made Money on Negative Oil Prices - Bloomberg
oh good, @matt_levine reminds us things aren't even as crazy as they could be »
Opinion | Coronavirus Contract Tracing Chaos After Our Backyard Dinner - The New York Times
feels wrong to say i love this piece by @harmancipants about being our own contact tracers bc it's documents some family trauma. but it i... »
Beirut Explosion: 'I Was Bloodied and Dazed. Beirut Strangers Treated Me Like a Friend.' - The New York Times
"I ran into a friend of a friend, someone I had met only a few times before, and he bandaged the rest of my wounds, disinfecting the lace... »
Dungeons & Dragons 5E modder creates combat wheelchair for disabled RPG characters | Dicebreaker
Dungeons & Dragons 5E modder creates combat wheelchair for disabled RPG characters https... »
TikTok Ban: A Seed of Genuine Security Concern Wrapped in a Thick Layer of Censorship | Electronic Frontier Foundation
Excellent @eff piece with a different angle on TikTok/MSFT/Trump Admin concerns, by @evacide @kurtopsahl @davidgreene »
You Don't Hate Charcuterie, You Just Hate Rich People
cured meats, pickled vegetables, dried fruits and jams are all working class foods ffs »
Broken Pipes, Broken Treaties – Underscore
I wrote about the water crisis on the Warm Springs reservation for @Underscorenews »
Protests for August 3 – Re: Portland
Here's a summary of last night's protests in Portland from @recompilermag, including yet another arrest of a member of the press https://... »
Leaked bodycam shows George Floyd brutally beaten before fatal arrest
After seeing this, I'm ready to get back in the streets. »
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Elderly woman plays Robert Burns' Auld Lang Syne on the piano in her destroyed home in Beirut https:… »
Protesters and Lawmakers Are Concerned About the Effects of Expired Tear Gas - Blogtown - Portland Mercury
"Local police and federal officers in Portland appear to have used expired munitions during the city’s nightly downtown protests, exposin... »
Netflix’s 'Indian Matchmaking' and the Shadow of Caste - The Atlantic
Interesting discussion of caste and its presentation on Netflix's Indian Matchmaking show. I haven't seen it, but the descriptions here o... »
When Covid Subsided, Israel Reopened Its Schools. It Didn’t Go Well. - The New York Times
Within days, infections at a Jerusalem high school, quickly mushroomed into the largest outbreak in a single school in the world. The vir... »
There’s No Such Thing As a Tech Expert Anymore | WIRED
I wrote something about who gets to be called an "expert" when it comes to complex systems. via @wir… »
Don't forget to get counted. You can do so, safely online, at home. Learn how by visiting #orL… »
The Funniest Vanity Plates Rejected by the California DMV
This is incredibly pure service journalism. »
‘How do you do, fellow kids’ has become the ‘how do you do, fellow kids’ of memes - The Verge
‘How do you do, fellow kids’ is the ‘how do you do, fellow kids’ of memes »