Learning Synths
Learn the fundamentals of synthesis with our new, interactive website: #learningsynths »
Did we remember the fire? @TomLumPerson charted the modern relevancy of every line of Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire" using Wikipedia pageview popularity. (Sorry, dacron!) »
Good morning, I made something very silly (and a little bit useful) »
Tips For Staying Civil While Debating Child Prisons
The Onion is done with this shit. »
Remember when I told you about @drinkhaus a few weeks back? Well now they're ready for orders! Get in there and order some today. »
Romance Novel Writers Face an Avalanche of Online Harassment: “They Act Like I Don't Have a Real Job, Like I'm Just a Horny Person All the Time” | Glamour
I talked with romance writers about the harassment they face online, where they're often targeted simply because they are women who write about sex and pleasure As one writer told me: "They act like I don’t have a real job, like »
Watch SpaceX Push their Falcon Heavy further than ever! - YouTube
If you missed the @SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch last night, watch it today with @Erdayastronaut: ? 1st night launch ? 3rd tandem landing ✨ 1st visible plume interaction ? 1st fairing catch ?‍♀️ 24 separate satellites ? Absolutely »
Firewall - Extreme Robocall Blocker | Product Hunt
Here's the Product Hunt page for our new app Firewall. »
N.R.A. Shuts Down Production of NRATV - The New York Times
Thoughts and prayers ⁦?? @DLoesch⁩ ⁦@stinchfield1776⁩ »
Creating an AudioVisual Keyboard - YouTube
Yay, @aricianoo is back with more tech tutorials! Creating an AudioVisual Keyboard with @p5xjs ? »
GameSpot @ CES 09: Tom Hanks Sony Intro - YouTube
The full version is even better, truly legendary »
How Metabrainz stood up to a predatory copyright lawsuit and won / Boing Boing
How Metabrainz stood up to a predatory copyright lawsuit and won »
Can Democrats Win Back the Internet In the Age of Trump? | Vanity Fair
“Instead of handing its learnings over to a campaign consultant to be made into a focus-grouped television ad, Main Street One mimicked what any competent brand does every day in the attention marketplace. It created an influencer-marketing campaign” http »
Humans have made 8.3bn tons of plastic since 1950. This is the illustrated story of where it's gone | US news | The Guardian
The brilliant journalist and illustrator @susie_c has a new gig at the @guardian. Her first piece there: what’s happened to all 8.5B tonnes of plastic humans have made. »
Opinion | I Shouldn’t Have to Publish This in The New York Times - The New York Times
"It’s still within our reach: an internet that doesn’t force us to choose between following the algorithmically enforced rules or disappearing from the public discourse." h/t @anthrocypher by @corydoctorow »
Jessica Brillhart Named Director of USC ICT Mixed Reality Lab (Exclusive)
Congrats to Jessica @Brillhart on being named as the Director of @USC_ICT Mixed Reality Lab! Excited to see how she's "hoping to use the position as an opportunity to help the industry grow by broadening who is able to participate in its evolution." https »
Our first batch is officially sold out. Next 5,000 bottles coming July 10th. Pre order now at ??? »
Haus - The Warby Parker of alcohol | Product Hunt
If anyone wants to upvote us or tell the madbros on product hunt that we're real, be my guest! »
Ape Out on Steam
you can have Ape Out for a little over $10 right now or Getting Over It for $4 »
The World Next Door on Steam
☀️ SUMMER SALE TIME! ☀️ The World Next Door is 50% off during the #SteamSummerSale ? ✅ Steam »
Steam Search
Heya, all of my titles are 50% off for the Steam Summer Sale ? Video games!! »
Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy on Steam
you can have Ape Out for a little over $10 right now or Getting Over It for $4 »
Cartoonists of Color Database
Announcing a redesign of: Cartoonists of Color database @COCdatabase Queer Cartoonists database @LGBTQcomics ...and the soft launch of Disabled Cartoonists database! @disabledcomicdb »
Download the latest indie games - itch.io
you should buy something on @itchio instead of refreshing that Steam page tbh »