My Twitter Family: Parents: @femkesvs @cassiemc Spouse: @paperkary Children: @stewartsc @kristvbw via ⠀ https:/... »
cali4nia club
We got our friends together and made something goofy on the blockchain. It’s been so long since we’ve had fun on the Internet! Our NFT b... »
cali4nia club
Bumper stickers for sale: Editions of 50 priced to move at 1 $XT... »
The Cursed Computer Iceberg Meme
here we go, the cursed computer iceberg meme »
ポカリスエット 2021年 新CM「でも君が見えた」篇 - YouTube
Because I know @tvaziri, when I read that this (very incredible) ad was "all in-camera practical effects" I raised an swift, skeptical ey... »
hic et nunc
Bumper stickers for sale: Editions of 50 priced to move at 1 $XT... »
TV Pilot Club | Let's Talk About 'The Office' Around Our Virtual Water Cooler - LAist
???Can’t stop talking about The Office! I’m going to be on a panel discussing the pilot! ???‍???‍?? »
DMX - Ruff Ryders' Anthem (Official Music Video) - YouTube
I saw this one back in the day on an indie music video program on cable. Always liked the video and motorcycle tricks. #rip »
Personal Branding Ruins People's Lives - Where's Your Ed At
I wrote a slightly deranged piece - I think that Personal Branding is ruining lives by forcing them t… »
Facebook Allows Ads To Target Users Interested In Militias
@TEN_GOP Despite A Ban, Facebook Continued To Label People As Interested In Militias For Advertisers. Months after banning militias from ... »
Opinion | After Working at Google, I’ll Never Let Myself Love a Job Again - The New York Times
Pro-tip after 27 years in Tech, worked my way up from a 1994 startup to running engineering teams and being a program manager, the job wi... »
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We’re hiring a Managing Producer! Come work with us. ✨ Details: Apply: [email protected] »