Genesis Noir leads IGF finalists with four nominations | Independent Games Festival
Genesis Noir leads IGF finalists with four nominations »
Very excited to hear her graduate to "Holy Sheetz!". »
CZ-5B Rocket Body (ID 48275) | The Aerospace Corporation
So is there any kind of alert system I can sign up for to be notified when/where Long March 5B re-enters? I know the odds of seeing it a... »
We Are The Union - "Boys Will Be Girls" (Official Video) - YouTube
ANOTHA SKA/PUNK/INDIE BANGER FROM YOURS TRULY ???✨ ?✨?❤️??????✨? Sorry @wearetheunion gave y’al… »
Apple Hires Cisco's Stella Low As New Communications Boss
Apple Taps Stella Low As New Communications Chief via @johnpaczkowski »
AI Weirdness • AI writes Star Wars jokes
It will never fail to amuse me how terrible AI-generated jokes are. »
Want to Take Your Pet Fish for a Walk? There’s a Bag for That!
Meanwhile in Japan, you can now take your fish for a walk »
The History and Future of Socket-level Multiplexing - DEV Community
Towards a socket API with builtin stream muxing for simpler and more powerful application protocols »
The COVID Reporters Are Not Okay. Extremely Not Okay. – Study Hall
An underprepared industry is losing a generation of journalists to despair, trauma and moral injury. »
Blast this music into my ears, these visuals into my eyes. Smother me in the gestalt of this experience. »
Magic Actions | Online Only | n+1
I wrote about last year’s uprising and tried to synthesize a few things. It’s been quite a year »
The Exponential Age: How Accelerating Technology is Transforming Business, Politics and Society: Azhar, Azeem: 9781635769098:
? EXCITING NEWS: I’ve written a book! It arrives in September and is available to pre-order here: 1/9… »
Currently ear hustling »
Regarding the Valve class action - Wolfire Games Blog
Statement & allegations from Wolfire's David Rosen re: the Steam class action lawsuit he recently filed: http... »
Alaska Airlines is creating its own hype house for boomer influencers
‘Boomer spring break’: Alaska Airlines is creating its own hype house for boomer influencers »
xkcd: March 2020
March 2020 »
The saga of Daft Punk "One More Time" and L.A.'s Eddie Johns - Los Angeles Times
A homeless L.A. musician, Eddie Johns, helped create a Daft Punk classic. So why hasn’t he seen a dime? Maybe @... »
The NY AG did what Ajit Pais' FCC refused to do - find out who paid for fake comments about #netneutrality "The Broadband Industry Funde... »
Lithium Mining Projects May Not Be Green Friendly - The New York Times
The Lithium Gold Rush: Inside the Race to Power Electric Vehicles “Blowing up mountain isn’t green, no matter how... »
Introducing Tip Jar
Today we’re introducing Tip Jar, a new way for people to send and receive tips. ? »
How China turned a prize-winning iPhone hack against the Uyghurs | MIT Technology Review
An iPhone hack used to spy on Uyhgurs and aid China's genocide was developed at the country's top hacking competition, according to US of... »
Why the bad iPhone web app experience keeps coming up in Epic v. Apple - The Verge
Worked with ⁦@tomwarren⁩ to explain why the bad iPhone web app experience — which as a reminder is bad — keeps coming up in Epic v. Apple... »
Opinion | As a CEO, I want my employees to understand the risks of not returning to work in the office - The Washington Post
Boy do I disagree with this op-ed about the risks of not returning to the office (one of which is just...i, the ceo, just might make you ... »
Colombia Police Respond to Protests With Bullets, and Death Toll Mounts - The New York Times
context and donation link threads are included in that thread here’s today’s news »
Stars, Hide Your Fire by Iron Circus Comics — Kickstarter
"Stars, Hide Your Fire" is just $1,200 away from our final, $15k stretch goal for enamel pins! We can totally do this in 33 hours, folks.... »
I'm gonna be a guest on this week's @twitch's The Weekly today, they are live now with a little Resident Evil action happening and then t... »
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Never been prouder of the community. Amazing. »