Wisconsin Primary Voters Receive ‘I Voted’ Gravestones
Wisconsin Primary Voters Receive ‘I Voted’ Gravestones »
Fast Grants for COVID-19 »
Assemble and adjust your Face Shield - Apple Support
Quite possibly the fastest Apple have ever gone from concept to shipping product in volume? »
The Restaurant Project – Haus
Love this from ⁦@helena⁩ and team, I had a hard time not buying them all. Fun new flavors crafted in collaboration with restaurants that ... »
Get a Hand LA
Get a hand LA »
'Super Pink Moon' rises tonight! Teach your kids about the biggest full moon of 2020 | Space
Super Pink Moon tonight! Put on some Nick Drake and take a look »
The Far-Right Helped Create The World's Most Powerful Facial Recognition Technology | HuffPost
a wild read about the founder and CEO of Clearview AI, Peter Thiel and the company's "longstanding ties to far-right extremists" includin... »
That Portfolio Book™
Congrats to @DannPetty on the launch of That Portfolio Book. It’s going to be epic! ? »
Clarke's Charcoal Broiler - Mountain View, CA
Threw into the Wayback Machine via the Archive Team Archivebot Service. If you see any company, big or small, ann... »
Reductress » ‘It’s Sort of Like Being in Prison,’ Says Woman Eating Yogurt in Bed Who Also Has Voting Rights
'It's Sort of Like Being in Prison,' Says Woman Eating Yogurt in Bed Who Also Has Voting Rights: ht… »
Is this a sandwich?
I played 'Is This A Sandwich' on @Netlify! I am a Lawful Good, an ingredient purist, structure purist! You can play »
COVID-19’s Impact on the Kickstarter Platform — Kickstarter
"We believe the world needs creative work more than ever right now — and backers on Kickstarter are reinforcing that idea." My colleague ... »
Killing Journalism and Union busting in Cleveland
I wrote about the disgraceful way Plain Dealer staffers are being treated »
Hire Alice Goldfuss – Alice Goldfuss
✨I’m back on the job market!✨ ?Senior+ SRE/Infra/Systems ?Years of experience on large platforms & pipelines ?Containers, performan... »
Thao & The Get Down Stay Down - Phenom (Official Music Video) - YouTube
The first Zoom music video is here: the vid for @thaogetstaydown's new track "Phenom" was shot entirely via Zoom ... »
Parents Are Not Ok. - Chloe I. Cooney - Medium
" it’s precisely the privilege of this vantage point that in a way makes it so stark. This is the best case scenario?" "We ask individua... »
Turnip Calculator
My favorite solo animal crossing turnip tracker / calculator: Now I just need a group version of this ? »
John Prine - Hello In There (Live From Sessions at West 54th) - YouTube
Can you imagine writing a song like “Hello In There” when you’re 22? Can you imagine writing it AT ALL?! No. Only John Prine could. #ripj... »
Wisconsin Voters Went To The Polls Despite Coronavirus Fears
People In Wisconsin Waited In Line For Hours To Vote Despite Fears Over The Coronavirus via @clarissajanlim »
Background Matting: The World is Your Green Screen
State-of-the-art no-green-screen matting. »
Feds are seizing coronavirus supplies, hospitals say - Los Angeles Times
when do we stop saying 'incompetence' and start saying 'profiteering off of genocide'? »
Facebook launches an app for couples to talk to each other - The Verge
why would anyone trust Facebook with anything advertised "private" is beyond me »
'The impossible has already happened': what coronavirus can teach us about hope | World news | The Guardian
@doctorow @lhawthorn Latest article by Rebecca Solnit in The Guardian »
Zoom Surprise: Some Good News with John Krasinski Ep. 2 - YouTube
So that happened! Episode 2 of @somegoodnews ! BAM! »
Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a perfect comfort when stuck at home - Polygon
i wrote an essay for @polygon, about playing 240 hours of fire emblem and turning 30 »
Baking Bread in Lyon | The New Yorker
This is the heartwarming story about baking French bread you need in your life right now »
Introducing DualSense, the New Wireless Game Controller for PlayStation 5 – PlayStation.Blog
Is it sci-fi time? PlayStation 5 casually says it's sci-fi time. »
Opinion | Art in Isolation - The New York Times
This drawing says it all: "Who We Need Now" by Rose Wong »
How Will We Know When It’s Time to Reopen the Nation? - The New York Times
1. Hospitals can safely treat all requiring hospitalization 2. Authorities can test everyone w/ symptoms, get quick results, >750k tes... »
Introducing Aboard Beta | You’ve Been Haacked
Blogged: Introducing the beta of Aboard, Aboard is a place for your organization, group, community to… »
Lockdown has laid bare Britain's class divide | Lynsey Hanley | Opinion | The Guardian
There is no better writer on the lived experience of class than Lynsey Hanley. This article is typically excellent »
So close now! Early access »
Airlines Want To Cancel Rule Requiring Them To Refund Fares For Canceled Flights : Coronavirus Live Updates : NPR
If you demand a refund for a canceled flight and the airline offers you credit, it's a scam. They're all going out of business and the cr... »
Americans Are Paying the Price for Trump’s Failures - The Atlantic
“The United States is on trajectory to suffer more sickness, more dying, and more economic harm from this virus than any other comparably... »
Multnomah County sees first cases of coronavirus in homeless population - oregonlive.com
Multnomah County sees first cases of coronavirus in homeless population »
Trump’s Aggressive Advocacy of Malaria Drug for Treating Coronavirus Divides Medical Community - The New York Times
Lede buried - Trump has a financial stake in the firm that manufactures hydrochloroquine »
Coronavirus isolation: Lessons I've learned from San Quentin that can help
"America is isolated. I've been there before …" Lessons on living in lockdown from San Quentin. @kenyattaleal wrote this in our #slackc... »
Latest Firefox updates address bar, making search easier than ever - The Mozilla Blog
Searching for what you're looking for is easier than ever with our latest update. »
Wisconsinites vote in the midst of coronavirus pandemic
Photo of the day, of voters in Milwaukee »
Covid vs. US Daily Average Cause of Death | Flourish
Holy crap...via @baratunde's awesome newsletter »
Flatter Me: A Compliment Battle Card Game by Ami Baio — Kickstarter
Srsly: go help out a project that offers love in the midst of such a hard time. *** Flatter Me: A Compliment Battle Card Game https:/... »
いでよ日本版ゼブラ企業 小さい会社の大きな力  :日本経済新聞
The Japanese Version of the Zebra Company: The big Power of a Small Company Feb Nikkei article @k… »
CandyBar – TheKey.Company
New CandyBar Hotness ? ? Extras of R1 Standard & Premiums Soon™️ ? R2 Premium Colors: Black, Space Grey, Red... »
Drop: Passions lead here (formerly Massdrop)
if you missed out on the original group buy for astrolokeys, there are extras up for sale now!! »
Talk to Transformer
Autocorrect for bad audio connections. Fortunately, it only finishes syllables and fades to silence if it loses more than 120 millisecond... »
Today on Nancy | Read Comic Strips at GoComics.com
Nancy by Olivia Jaimes for Tue, 07 Apr 2020 »
Pysanka. | Present&Correct
Pysanka. Over 100 beautiful, geometric egg designs from Ukraine. (1968) »