Just doesn’t feel good – Marco.org
I’ve pulled Peace from the App Store. Why »
Why Slack could be the future of conferences | The Verge
The Verge's @CaseyNewton on how Slack fundamentally changed @xoxo this year. »
Volkswagen Is Ordered to Recall Nearly 500,000 Vehicles Over Emissions Software - The New York Times
Wow, @VW—writing code to specifically detect & circumvent emissions testing. Just wow. http://t... »
Dreamforce's 'Women's Innovation' panel is why we should stop babying female CEOs
looks like the "women's innovation" panel at dreamforce was a giant hot pile of garbage »
SalesLoft shoots money into San Fran - Business Insider
"Dreamforce has been described as Burning Man for the enterprise software business." Burning man has really changed. »
Dreamforce 2015 & Nursing Moms Don't Mix
Dreamforce has Stevie Wonder, Foo Fighters, John Legend and a luxury cruise, but no childcare? One mom's experience »
Unofficial Mario Maker Course Share-er
I made a tool to help us share Mario Maker levels on social media. It’s free. No ads, no nothin: cc @NintendoAmerica »
Content Blockers — Samantha Bielefeld
I had finally read enough about content blockers that I had to do a brain dump »
You're Dead Norma Tanega 1966 - YouTube
This whole song by Norma Tanega is amazing. The guitar thing at 0:22-0:24 forever »
Planned Parenthood often only contraception provider available: study | TheHill
In 103 counties, @PPct is the ONLY provider of family planning services for low-income women. http:… »
The FBI Says Retweets Are Endorsements
FBI says retweets are endorsements »
Daring Fireball: De Facto Veto Power
I think @gruber’s argument here is that Opera should be trying to buy yellowcake on the Nigerian black market »
Panoramical will change the way you conceive of sound / Offworld
Also new from me today: Panoramical is hard to describe, but it's amazing (and I sure tried) »
Who Really Owns Your iPhone? It May Not Be You
"Who owns your iPhone?" turns out to be a multiple-choice question. At @YahooTech, I outline three answers »
filtered for: regret — stating the obvious — Medium
filtered for: regret. (peace out! have a great weekend.) »
Corsi explained in a GIF - »
One Woman's Reaction To Every 'White Man's Sentence'
SERIOUSLY stop telling women how to talk, though »
Ugh Garrett!
While @asimone is trying to troll me, all he's succeeding at is making me reconsider my personal domain choice. »
What Color is Your Lanyard? — Medium
Ahhhh, this covers so many of my feelings at XOXO - (need a green lanyard next year!) Thanks @gkr for writing this! »
Drawing Icons and Emoticons for Screens of All Sizes - Bloomberg Business
How great is this! @gedeon and @grafera and @susankare and @dlanham! »
Mrs + Mrs #wifelife »
TeeVee | Doctor Who S9E1 review: "The Magician's Apprentice" (Episode 95)
And we're back! The #DoctorWho Flashcast returns with @jsnell @glennf @ThatChipGuy and @dloehr! »
Moving t.co to HTTPS only for new links - Announcements - Twitter Developers
Twitter will make all t·co links HTTPS October 1. No better time to switch your site to HTTPS to keep referer info! »
Extra Life | Play Games. Heal Kids.
Oh hello, what's that? You might like to own a Lava Bear plush? You'd enjoy more Lava Bears art from @Featherweight_? »
Eric's Archived Thoughts: Content Blocking Primer
"if you aren’t going to even attempt to respect your customers, they’re happy to torch your entire infrastructure." »
Megan Nicole Dong
Bwahahaha a series of comics about men being deceived by makeup »
How an independent art and technology festival captured my heart
I attended @xoxo last week. This is my story about it. #xoxofest »
Bonus Track | Like Making Pizzas (Episode 264b)
And there's a huge Bonus Track this week, with lots of (off-topic) tech talk and lots of glenning. »
How Ottawa's war on data threatens all that we know about Canada
Vanishing Canada: Why we're all losers in Ottawa's war on data #cdngovinfo #elxn42 #govinfo »
See If You Can Beat My Score on This World IQ Quiz | Bill Gates
In 1990 1/3 of global population lived on less than $1.25/day. What fraction is that poor now? http:/… »
VW cheated on U.S. pollution tests for 'clean diesels' - LA Times
The federal government is seeking $18 billion from VW over this. Wow. »
What I talk about when I talk about Women in Product — Medium
Interested in Women in Product, or want to join? Read this »
DeskConnect/SBShortcutMenuSimulator · GitHub
Developers! I wrote something to allow you to test 3D Touch shortcuts in the simulator »
Daring Fireball: How to Turn iOS 9's Keyboard Back to All Caps
@pauljadam using all CAPS on keyboard might be helpful to those with poor vision, so they can see letters better. »
All of the Above — 29th Street Publishing Dispatches — Medium
"All of the above." @29pco has an ad blocking take actually worth reading, with a plan that publishers could pursue. »
Give it five minutes — Medium
@lat related: one of my fav posts ever »
LOOK! @CAH_Science AND @jenndangerous WERE CONVERED IN @TheMarySue! »
The Intelligence Gathering Debate - www.NBCUniversalArchives.com - YouTube
Great clip from 1975: Sen. Frank Church foresees "no place to hide" if mass surveillance is ever turned on Americans »
Live in a Basement Apartment - YouTube
Psst. All the videos from Live in a Basement Apartment are now on Youtube in this handy playlist! »
Introducing Stephen's New Lifestyle Brand - YouTube
Introducing a new product line for those seeking to purchase the @StephenAtHome lifestyle. http… »
Gym Class — GYM CLASS #13
Inside GC13 | @ianallenworks photographed @CalSunday mag for our new issue! Pre-order here: http://… »
PANORAMICAL Pod – Xiwi Electronics
Love that you can buy a version of Panoramical with a knob-festooned custom MIDI controller: http:… »
Dribbble - Chicken Nugget Process by Alexa Grafera
Chicken Nugget Process from today's Businessweek article on @dribbble. »
The Making Of FiftyThree's Beloved Paper App For The iPhone | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
Paper on iPhone was built from the ground up. Read more on @FastCompany »
Kickstarting 1,000,000 new entries in a nonprofit, online dictionary / Boing Boing
Wow, thanks @BoingBoing! Kickstarting 1,000,000 new entries in a nonprofit, online dictionary »
Advertising is unwanted
Useful essay on failures of the ad model for revenue. »
Support Reasonably Sound creating Podcasts
Sweet merciful gravy the @reasonablysnd @Patreon hit 3 milestones in 2 days! »
How Canada's Tories destroyed the country's memory, and its capacity to remember / Boing Boing
How Canada's Tories destroyed the country's memory, and its capacity to remember #cdnpoli »
The Tricky Encryption That Could Stump Quantum Computers | WIRED
Really terrific Wired piece on how modern encryption works, how quantum computers affect it, and what to do next: http://t.co… »
Puberty is awkward, especially when you're a space alien / Offworld
Puberty is awkward, especially when you're a space alien »
Symantec caught issuing rogue Google.com certificates / Boing Boing
Symantec caught issuing rogue certificates »
Disney To Re-Release Theatrical Cuts Of The Original Star Wars Trilogy | Comicbook.com
Disney To Re-Release Theatrical Cuts Of The Original STAR WARS Trilogy!!! »
Community Careers & Compensation 2015
Community professionals: Declare your value! Contribute to @TheCR's #Community Careers & Compensation survey: ... »
More on Apple & cars: @andyshars reports on Jony Ive's meeting with auto execs at @fosGoodwood http:/... »
DWS Floor statement on Planned Parenthood defund bill 9 18 15 - YouTube
Just spoke on the Floor about the Defund Planned Parenthood Act. It is an outrageous attack on women's health. https://t.… »
Another great reason to always use double-quoted strings in Ruby. »
b3ta.com challenge: british superheroes and villains
man b3ta is still pretty great this is from an image challenge on “british superheroes” »
Why Etsy engineers send company-wide emails confessing mistakes they made - Quartz
Why Etsy engineers send company-wide emails confessing mistakes they made from my convo w/ @chadd… »
Simple File Sharing and Storage.
Oh, did you say you also had a high-anxiety week and thus need @RodBegbie saying "chutzpah" as your notification? »
The Rhino Hunter - Radiolab
Check out @Radiolab: “The Rhino Hunter” »
If you’re a member of an underrepresented group & want to work on open source, apply to the @jquery Dev Summit -&gt... »
How to Rig Libor - Bloomberg Business
Why is this woman dancing? Read my Libor fixing charticle to find out »
Shut Up & Sit Down | On Playmats: A Netrunner Story
really enjoyed @leighalexander's & @Quinns108's tournament report of Netrunner's UK nationals »
What's The Deal With Classroom Trigger Warnings? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios - YouTube
Last @pbsideachannel is about trigger warnings in classrooms. It’s not exhaustive, but I think it makes a point »
“Welcome Squid Overlords” graphic designer t-shirt by Mule Design. | Cotton Bureau
Today is a beautiful day to get your Welcome Squid Overlords shirt. They won't be around long! »
How an independent art and technology festival captured my heart
How an independent art and technology festival captured my heart »
Agree before Reading
Agree before Reading »
Gender Bias Suit Will Soon Shine a Harsh Light on Microsoft | WIRED
Gender bias suit filed by noted security researcher @k8em0 will shine harsh light on Microsoft - (by … »
Subscribe | Incomparable Radio Theater
Anyway, something like 4 hours of original radio drama coming to you starting next week. Subscribe now »
Dear Apple: I may rob your store - Fortune
Every outraged "ad blocking equals theft!" piece seems more hilariously tone-deaf than the last: v @Sta… »
Debut: Prefuse 73's Video Brings M. C. Escher's Work to Life | WIRED
[email protected]'s new video is super cool (and of course the song is great) via @WIRED »
Cards Against Humanity Creates Full-Ride Scholarship for Women in STEM - Logan Square - DNAinfo.com Chicago
The Cards Against Humanity (@CAH) folks created a full-ride scholarship for women seeking STEM careers »
PARTY LIKE IT'S 1995! | Facebook
I will be ranting about 90's bands tomorrow night @P_I_C_A #tba15 in portland... »
Watch a bunch of cops beat a black kid for jaywalking / Boing Boing
Watch a bunch of cops beat a black kid for jaywalking »
Censoring Santa Barbara politician thwarted, painting restored / Boing Boing
Censoring Santa Barbara politician thwarted, painting restored »
World record combined Short Take Off Landing - YouTube
Who needs a helicopter?!? “@gak_pdx: World's shortest take off and landing (yea, Alaska bush pilots are nuts) »
How to Portland startup scene: A quick guide « Silicon Florist
Finally jotted down what I rattle off to folks about 50x a week. How to Portland startup scene #pdx #startups »
Drawing Icons and Emoticons for Screens of All Sizes - Bloomberg Business
Honored to be featured alongside so many incredible icon designers in @BW. »
Poker malware infects your computers and peeks at your cards / Boing Boing
Poker malware infects your computers and peeks at your cards »
New: 87 Deceased NFL Players Test Positive for Brain Disease | Concussion Watch | FRONTLINE | PBS
Frontline exclusive: 87 deceased NFL players test positive for CTE brain disease »
Isla Vista Church Vandalized
A church in Isla Vista got its door shattered with bullet holes after it put up signs supporting #BlackLivesMatter »
Volkswagen could face $18 billion penalties from EPA | Reuters
Wow, this is amazing...I guess it's just rational to think this kind of thing is in all complicated biz software now »
Gunshots Fired From Sheriff’s Helicopter Kill Pursuit Suspect; NB 215 Fwy Shut Down | KTLA
Drivers warned of heavy traffic due to NB 215 closure where driver was shot from helicopter »
Why Slack could be the future of conferences | The Verge
Use of Slack was cool! Why Slack could be the future of conferences by @CaseyNewton | The @Verge #xoxofest #ipdx16 »
And so it begins
Content blocking battles begin “It’s going to be a bloody war” »
Virginia school suspends an 11-year-old for one year over a leaf that wasn’t marijuana / Boing Boing
ICYMI: Virginia school suspends an 11-year-old for one year over a leaf that wasn’t marijuana »
Donate Today - Planned Parenthood
Yes, #IStandWithPP, and that's why I just made a donation. Girls in the US need Planned Parenthood. Contribute here: ht… »
Facebook has decided it is time I had a baby | Melissa Terras
For the evening crowd, new ranty blogpost: Facebook has decided it is time I had a baby »
Why Do Kindergarten Teachers Pay More Taxes Than Hedge Fund Managers? | BillMoyers.com
The top 25 hedge fund managers make more than ALL the kindergarten teachers in the country. And pay lower taxes. http://t.… »
What Happens When You Get Your Period In Space? : Shots - Health News : NPR
The real scoop on periods and astronauts (yes, the patriarchy even exists in outer space) »
Dreamforce's 'Women's Innovation' panel is why we should stop babying female CEOs
how not to do a women in tech panel (or podcast, or anything!) »
The inside of a WWI submarine was creepy and claustrophobic
Warfare before computers: A German U-boat from 1915 »
Donate Today - Planned Parenthood Action Center
It's time to stand with Planned Parenthood. Not only with our words, but with our wallets. Donate today »
@mrgan @danmessing this was google’s thought in 04 when they launched gmail, and part of why I disliked (no Archive) »
Everything is a Remix Remastered (2015 HD) on Vimeo
Celebrating its 5th anniversary, Kirby Ferguson combined all episodes of @remixeverything. Enjoyed every minute! https://t.co… »
Texas police caught in an enormous lie about their murder of an unarmed mother, Yvette Smith
Here I offer definitive proof that an entire department lied to coverup their brutal murder of an innocent woman. http://t… »
Donate Today - Planned Parenthood Action Center
BREAKING: 241 Representatives voted to defund Planned Parenthood. FIGHT BACK & http://... »
Sex From Scratch: Making Your Own Relationship Rules | Microcosm Publishing
If you missed our popup bookstore at #xoxofest, here's a link directly to the weekend's top seller, Sex from Scratch »
How David Hume Helped Me Solve My Midlife Crisis - The Atlantic
Long read of the week. Twists and turns like a thriller. Fascinating! »
Fantasies and Fictions at G.O.P. Debate - The New York Times
Krugman: "I’ve been going over what was said at Wednesday’s Republican debate, and I’m terrified" via @… »
The Far-Reaching Medical Effects Of The GOP's Crusade Against Planned Parenthood | ThinkProgress
This is not just about abortion and it's not just about low-income women's health care. It has wide-ranging effects: http:… »
Eric Fanning, Civilian Adviser, Named Secretary of the Army - The New York Times
Thanks, etc RT @nytimes: Obama nominates first openly gay secretary of the Army »
In Unit Stalked by Suicide, Veterans Try to Save One Another - The New York Times
As the kid of an ex-Marine who never fully recovered from active combat, I hope you read this htt… »
Error | Psychology Today
"If you start from the premise of refusing to be an asshole, then a lot of other decisions kind of make themselves." »
JAANUS / jigokuhozo 地獄ほぞ
This design is clever as heck- Japanese hidden tenon joint technique »
Not Up for Debate: The Science Behind Vaccination - The New York Times
“Spacing out vaccines provides no benefit, and leaves children susceptible to illnesses for a longer time.” »
Project NIA Summer 2015 Fundraiser - GoGetFunding | GoGetFunding
Five hours in and you guys have done it. We've got $1500 in matching fund. »
Louie Mantia on Makerbase
Loved seeing @business feature @mantia & @grafera on icon design: Look what they make! https://... »
Fund Club
We’re prepping for this month’s Fund Club. Still time to join + make a difference to marginalized people in tech! http://t.… »
Austin Kleon — How to graciously say no to anyone“There is no...
"I must decline, for secret reasons." - EB Whtie How to say no to anyone, via @austinkleon http:… »
Darius Kazemi, Tiny Subversions - XOXO Festival (2014) - YouTube
reminder that @tinysubversions's talk from xoxo 2014 is fabulous & you should watch it in case you let it go you by »
Code as Craft
A reminder that you can never eliminate human error & rigid adherence to policy makes orgs more brittle, not less. https... »
BrooklynJS | The world's most popular programming language, in New York's most popular borough
Our next event, @brooklyn_js #24 will be on October 15. Save the date! We're accepting talks for next month at http://t.c… »
BFF.fm | Best Frequencies Forever.
Today, 4-6p PT on Mai + Charlie on @bffdotfm, bands w/ female vocalists! Tune in: Incl »
Symantec caught issuing rogue certificates »