Reddit Terrorizes Another Teen, This Time Over the Bitcoin App She Created
I wrote about how Bitcoin Redditors terrorized a 16-year-old female app developer »
Trojan Room coffee pot - Wikipedia
The Trojan Room coffee pot (check out that resolution!) »
No one’s coming. It’s up to us. – Dan Hon – Medium
How might we build better tools for a better society? “No one’s coming. It’s up to us.” by @hondanhon »
I love this piece by @frank_chimero about how complex the current state of web technologies are: Fo… »
I am the very model of a New York Times contrarian.
Somebody at Slate is jealous the NY Times stole their shtick. »
How do you build a healthy city? Copenhagen reveals its secrets | Environment | The Guardian
“The Scandinavian model has removed the price tag on happiness” »
XML is 20
Hey, it’s XML’s twentieth birthday. »