“If confirmed, this would be the first ever unauthorized launch of commercial satellites.” »
Vladimir Putin: Maybe 'Jews with Russian citizenship' meddled in U.S. elections - U.S. News - Haaretz.com
Someone should tell Putin that we’ve moved on to blaming video games. He’s still blaming Jews. »
#rateaspecies hashtag on Twitter
The#rateaspecies hashtag is a joy. Check it out »
I Am the Very Important Long Read Everyone’sTalking About »
Mayor Rahm Emanuel has a 2019 challenger, Neal Sales-Griffin, a young tech guy ‘who gives a s---‘
Mayor Rahm Emanuel has a challenger, a young tech guy ‘who gives a s—,‘ @dmihalopoulos writes. https:… »
Talking Tech with Neil deGrasse Tyson! - YouTube
The new @MKBHD video has an entire b-plot of me having a conversation with my wife in the background »
The Man Who Knew Too Little - The New York Times
Here’s a man who solved his problem in a way I don’t understand: Good for him. I hope he’s happy. The end. »