xkcd: Voting Software
Voting Software »
Your Community Site is Not a Government – Fertile Medium – Medium
“Your Community Site is Not a Government” by @fraying »
@ckunzelman Not in Mastodon's web view but you can log in via as an app that you authorize… »
Introducing Pioneer »
xkcd: Voting Software
Voting Software »
Talked to @interfacelovers about some of work and some thoughts :) if you make it to the bottom you win »
Why I Use Paper Notebooks in 2018 - YouTube
NEW VIDEO: Why I use paper notebooks in 2018. »
Self Draw
I love this little thing by @jezzamonn. »
Hollywood's Asian-American Agents Have a Plan to Push Inclusion | Hollywood Reporter
Stronger together. Happy to read about all these projects. And wow, there's a Yuri Kochiyama biopic in the works. »
Opinion | Rules Won’t Save Twitter. Values Will. - The New York Times
And salt juice for all! Rules Won’t Save Twitter. Values Will. via @NYTimes »
Senior Search Engineer (Oakland) | MailChimp
MailChimp is looking for a senior search engineer to join us in our Oakland office! »
A User’s Guide to Democracy | ProPublica
I’m excited about this: @ProPublica, can’t wait to see what you do with this. Every day is a civic… »
Jobs – Mother Jones
Hey, #AAJA18: @MotherJones is hiring for some pretty great positions right now: A sampling.. - Imm… »
Mary Ross: A Hidden Figure | NASA
Mary Ross: A Hidden Figure via NASA »
Meet The Scammers Who Used MoviePass For Vengeance, Free Popcorn, And Pooping
Honestly, this makes me love people so much. People are wonderful. via @katienotopoulos »
The New York Times’s redesign proves journalism matters more than ever
This is a great story about the role of designers at The Times: Tho it doesn't mention wh… »
I truly like the knaves, knights, and knobles that make this show much better than I ever could on my own. »
I think I need to post this @rstevens comic on my office door. »
Fundraiser by Korin Noelle : Tita's car crash recovery fund
A dear friend needs a little help: Check it out! I donated to 'Tita's car crash recovery fund' - via @gofundme »
Wanted: ‘Lost Einsteins.’ Please Apply. - The New York Times
Congratulations to @pioneerdotapp on the launch! »
Lady Eboshi is Wrong | Lessons Animation Taught Us - YouTube
This feels strangely relevant to Twitter's policy decisions »
Twitter says Infowars hasn't 'violated our rules.' It looks like that's not the case
OF COURSE HE VIOLATED THE RULES. Just like Trump. Twitter WANTS these assholes on board. That’s the bottom line. »
State of Georgia goes to court to defend voting machines that recorded 243% voter turnouts / Boing Boing
State of Georgia goes to court to defend voting machines that recorded 243% voter turnouts »
I’m done with Twitter – A Whole Lotta Nothing
Matt is the canary in my coal mine. »
War Without End - The New York Times
American war forever. War forever and ever, without end. »
Opinion | Do Songs of the Summer Sound the Same? - The New York Times
alright DAD, i guess the summer hits these days really do sound the same >>> »
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 announced with 6.4-inch screen and a huge battery - The Verge
I expected I'd be underwhelmed with the Note 9, but Samsung manged to fit a few surprises in here. »
Pledge to be an ACLU Voter | American Civil Liberties Union
Hey, look, you can add US elections stuff to your calendar now. »
Support Barry Deutsch creating Political Cartoons
Added a kicker panel. If you like these cartoons, and can spare it, please help me make more »