Everything here is so good! »
Friends with Secrets
✨ is now live ✨ @akilahobviously, @timothyogoodman, and myself saw online therapists for four mon… »
Whetstone Presents — WHESTONE MEDIA
With great pride and excitement, we present to you, #WhetstoneMedia and #WildGrapes »
Imported @pablostanley's "Humaaans" sketch library into @figmadesign and it's so ??? https://t.… »
Operation Santa | USPS
Operation Santa looks incredible this year, great job @USPS »
Pro Office Calculator
This is a very good, and not at all unusual, office calculator. »
The Friendship That Made Google Huge | The New Yorker
I like the small role I played in this @newyorker piece about the greatest friendship at Google, between Jeff Dean and Sanjay Ghemawat. I remember when @csilvers said Sanjay's "code was like poetry." »
interesting to see @glitch on the ThoughtWorks Radar »
Friends with Secrets
This is a good way to use the Internet. »
Tumblr will ban all adult content starting December 17th - The Verge
the tumblr porn thing is one more example of platform-founder idealism withering away with platform growth. 2008 tumblr: free speech! sex positivity! kinky content welcome ;) 2018 tumblr: oh uh porn generates 0% ad revenue and 50% of spam/abuse reports »
ahhh okay I get the appeal of Fortnite now »
Announcing the juries for the IGF 2019 Design, Narrative, and Best Student Game awards! | IGF
HEY ANNOUNCEMENT ? I'm honored to sit on the Narrative Jury for the IGF Awards 2019 with a very brilliant and humbling collection of jurors @hownottodraw @GamesByKinmoku @zarfeblong @mrsambarlow @ShirazHaderach @PoniesPonies via @i »
Grey Alien Games » Blog Archive » Steam’s discovery algorithm killed my sales
New blog post (with charts and data): Steam’s discovery algorithm killed my sales. Please RT! Thx. »
ICE and Florida Sheriff try their hardest to deport man born in Philadelphia / Boing Boing
ICE and Florida Sheriff try their hardest to deport man born in Philadelphia »
Milo vastly in debt / Boing Boing
The Mercers want their money back from Milo Yiannopoulos. $400 thousand of it. »
This should be one of the biggest stories in America. It is a crisis for democracy »
Bloomberg - Are you a robot?
Good job, everyone. This will fix everything. »
Med students are being paid to act as Instagram "influencers" on behalf of cosmetics and other products / Boing Boing
Med students are being paid to act as Instagram "influencers" on behalf of cosmetics and other products »
Tumblr bans all adult content, such as "female-presenting nipples" / Boing Boing
"Even the cold dead embrace of a Yahoo! acquision could not end Tumblr, such was the power of fandom gathered there." »
They Couldn’t Find Beauty Tutorials for Dark Skin. So They Made Their Own. - The New York Times
I love everything about this NYTimes article and everyone featured in it! So proud! #SmartBrownGirl »
Opinion | Twitter’s Caste Problem - The New York Times
Twitter's handling of this incident is a pretty good example of the contextless viewpoint equality, stripped of any analysis of power relations, that has led us to the present state of content moderation »
TikTok, a Chinese Video App, Brings Fun Back to Social Media - The New York Times
Via @KevinRoose’s piece, which has many good lines itself, including: “In perhaps the clearest sign that TikTok is on to something, Facebook is trying to kill it.” »
Opinion | Can You Like the Person You Love to Hate? - The New York Times
Opinion | Can You Like the Person You Love to Hate? - The New York Times »
Battery-powered AI sound recognition with multi-year life
2009: There's an app for that! 2019: There's a chip for that! »
QEMU Advent Calendar 2018
Day 4 is out!! ❤️ing the diversity of architectures and platforms represented so far »
Should Parents Eat Lunch With Their Children at School? - The Atlantic
I wrote about how school cafeterias are becoming inundated with parents coming in to have lunch with their children »
Michelle Obama On Lean In: 'That Shit Doesn't Work All the Time' 
Michelle Obama on lean in: "That shit doesn't work all the time" »
Upgrade | Cotton Bureau
ALSO this is the LAST CHANCE to get Dongletown and other Upgrade merch! 10 hours left! »
Hari Kondabolu: American Hour - Soho Theatre
Heading to see @harikondabolu premiere his "American Hour" show tonight in London. Catch his run at the Soho Theater »
The Marvin Visions font is now available with a variable width, and comes with a wonderful site, too: (There’s even an interview with the designer of the original typeface!) »
Hey y'all: we're extending our store closeout sale to 6pm PST tonight, to ensure folks can get that last round of sweet merch before it goes bye-bye! Hope you enjoy whatever you grab, and thanks for being a fan! »
Health Insurance Marketplace, Affordable Care Act | HealthCare.gov
Head over to today to find a plan that fits your needs and your budget. Tell a friend: there are… »