Bungie Splits With Activision, Keeps Destiny
This is likely terrifying for the people that run Bungie, but an incredible day for everyone who plays or works on Destiny. Forsaken is the Destiny it's creators wanted to make and its players wanted to play. #gamedev »
Frank Ocean on Making His Instagram Public, His Skincare Routine, and Moving to NYC | GQ
today's good soft energy is frank ocean talking about skincare »
Music For Nothing
Today, I’m launching It’s an ever-growing collection of 1-minute-long cues that you can use for… »
Introducing Cotton Bureau Plus – Business Casual
icymi, we officially announced our partner program, @cottonbureau Plus: custom branding, design help, stock products… you name it! ($$$) »
IMDb Freedive: Watch TV Shows and Movies Online for Free - IMDb
Free ad-supoorted streaming of shows and movies to your browser or Fire TV, no subscription needed. Proud of my IMDb peeps for launching this huge new feature! »
How Cartographers for the U.S. Military Inadvertently Created a House of Horrors in South Africa
This story is wild- who knew UI fails could compound so spectacularly? »
Get In, Losers: We’re Going Thrifting
By all means, do go ahead and Kondo all your cool shizz so I can snap it up at the thrift store. »
The Internet Is A Privacy Disaster. But We Still Don't Know How To Talk About It.
There's a weird thing that happens when i read stories about our data getting leaked/misused like Cambridge Analytica. Things that seem innocuous at first turn out bad; things that sound real bad, end up not that big a deal. I wrote about that https://t.c »
A New Lawsuit Claims Google Board Tolerated Sexual Misconduct By Former Execs Andy Rubin And Amit Singhal
Google's Board Is Being Sued For Allegedly Silencing Misconduct Claims Against Former Executives via @daveyalba »
K-Power Issue 02 1984 Mar | Weather | Technology
@anarchivist @MikeJMika @Hungryghoast »
Herrick Vs. Grindr Is A Section 230 Case That Could Change The Internet As We Know It
Herrick Vs. Grindr Is A Section 230 Case That Could Change The Internet As We Know It »
uh, if you own a ring security cam or doorbell, you should read this story »
Part-owner of Portland coffee company questions accounts of sexual assault survivors on YouTube | oregonlive.com
Portland coffee company @RRPDX owner posts #MeNeither #toxicfemininity YouTube videos... so definitely not going there anymore »
Whistleblower: Amazon Ring stores your doorbell and home video feeds unencrypted and grants broad "unfettered" access to them / Boing Boing
Reminder: Do not ever own any kind of internet-connected home surveillance camera or 'virtual assistant' microphone/speaker combos. »
A 1950s TV show had a fear-mongering conman named Trump who wanted to build a wall! / Boing Boing
A 1950s TV show had a fear-mongering conman named Trump who wanted to build a wall »
Robotic dildo barred from top tech showcase, prompting sexism claims | Technology | The Guardian
1. This happened at CES: (A lady made a sex toy, got an award at #CES2019 and had it taken back for bein… »
Unity’s block of SpatialOS - Improbable
Just for anyone following the Unity/Improbable issues today, there are now two contradicting official statements. For completeness, I've linked them both. Improbable's claim: Unity's claim: Background: htt »
Edith Finch
"What Remains of Edith Finch" is free right now. »
Ocean Warming Is Accelerating Faster Than Thought, New Research Finds - The New York Times
New study: The oceans are warming much faster than we ever previously thought. (Though be sure to see the second screenshot - hope is NOT lost, if we act now!) »
Lovot is the first robot I can see myself getting attached to - The Verge
[email protected] and I played with the adorable LOVOT, a robot that doesn't do anything except BE LOVED »
Software patents poised to make a comeback under new patent office rules | Ars Technica
Software patents poised to make a comeback under new patent office rules | #patents #software | »
Some Guys: The New Album from Jonathan Coulton by Jonathan Coulton — Kickstarter
Well, good morning. Yesterday a bunch of backers tripled my kickstarter goal in less than a day. I am amazed and grateful. Now we TRIPLE THE TRIPLE!!! Is a phrase I just made up! »
An Update on Today's Events - Improbable
Uncharted-style Quick Time Event dodge attempted »
A Haggadah of Our Own by Thursday Bram — Kickstarter
I've been looking through family photos for pictures of Bram family seders as part of working on the Kickstarter for This gem comes from the year we had to institute new rules about unnecessary roughness during the search for the »
McConnell blocks Senate Democrats move to re-open government - CNNPolitics
McConnell blocks Senate Democrats move to reopen government @CNN »
How Millennials Became The Burnout Generation
“We are encouraged to strategize to find places, times, and roles where we can be effectively put to work. Efficiency is our existential purpose, and we are a generation of finely honed tools, crafted from embryos to be lean, mean production machines.” h »
Before Trump, Steve King Set the Agenda for the Wall and Anti-Immigrant Politics - The New York Times
Sitting congressman wants to know how “white supremacist” became an offensive term »
Bay Area transit: The inequity of BART’s pay-by-distance fares - Curbed SF
The inequity of pay-by-distance transit in the Bay Area. »
@pomeranian99 that document is still available on the site! »