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Tinnitus Tracker
I did it. I made the most Rob Weychert thing. »
I made MIDI CITY 2000, an interactive art experiment where midi songs become cities. ??⚡️ Each building is a note in the song. You control the density of buildings and rows — when you change it, you make a new city and a new song. ? »
Catapult | Your Hipster Kimchi Could Never | Noah Cho
Do you need to exercise your eyes? Perhaps roll them around a little? Read about hipster kimchi brands who have tag lines like put the “zing in your zen” or the “perfect blend of Korean wisdom and California ingredients.” »
Aquariuum by Jukio Kallio
? AQUARIUUM ? Beautiful underwater pets for your TV, with generative ambient music. ? €3.00 from »
Catapult | What an American City Sounds Like | Bryan Washington
[email protected]: "There’s no telling what an American city looks like. The whole point is that it can’t possibly look one certain way. But we can certainly quantify what one might sound like": via @CatapultStory »
Strong Black Legends on Spotify
The first episode drops tomorrow ? SUBSCRIBE TODAY »
Amazon to Acquire eero to Help Customers Better Connect Smart Home Devices | Business Wire
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The False Promise of Silicon Valley’s Quest to Save the World | The New Republic
this notion is 100% consistent with my experience at every single job I've had in tech »
Dropbox - Kermit-iPhone.jpg
And hey, here's an iPhone (XS?) sized wallpaper of this silly thing. Direct download: (Thanks for the r… »
Amazon is buying mesh router company Eero - The Verge
Ugh I think? I am glad Eero will get more resources, but I kind of loved having at least one important gadget in my life not made by Apple/Google/Amazon/Microsoft or captured in their ecosystems. »
Artist Nan Goldin leads protests at the Guggenheim and the Met over their reputation-laundering of the Sacklers' opioid epidemic fortunes / Boing Boing
Artist Nan Goldin leads protests at the Guggenheim and the Met over their reputation-laundering of the Sacklers' opioid epidemic fortunes »
Newsletters and the Inbox as our News Feed – ∞ (stream)
Newsletters and the Inbox as our News Feed »
Captain Marvel | Trailer & Official Movie Site
a gem of the 90s, exists you are welcome thank you »
Introducing Tinnitus Tracker | Rob Weychert
Behind the scenes of my latest project, a personal live music database/diary. »
Opinion | They Really Don’t Make Music Like They Used To - The New York Times
Here's a good NYT/@GIMilner primer on the "Loudness Wars," with some helpful visuals illustrating how decades of engineering/mastering trends have squeezed a lot of the dynamism out of pop music »
How to Be a Tree by zaphos
You can now play my free game How to Be a Tree over on ~ hope you enjoy it! »
STEM Role Models Posters – Nevertheless Podcast – Medium
Our @neverthelesspod posters of inspirational #WomenInScience and #WomenInSTEM have had over 50k views in the last week! If you want free downloadable posters for your office/lab/classroom get them here! »
Letting neural networks be weird • Candy Heart messages written by a neural network
Here's what happened when a neural net tried to write candy heart messages. »
November 1962 - death of Roald Dahl's daughter Olivia
Roald Dahl, writing in 1986 about the death of his daughter, Olivia. Vaccinate your kids. »