Facial recognition's 'dirty little secret': Millions of online photos scraped without consent
2003: Let's tag our photos and use a hippie copyright so we can train machines and remix the Web! 2019: Regret to inform your children w... »
Accessibility Insights
I’m incredibly excited about this new #accessibility tool made with ❤️ by some of my friends »
Fueling Open Source Innovation and Sustainability - CommunityBridge
Next up from #lfosls: to fund the development of secure OSS and foster diversity, certification. »
Beyond the interface – Base Voices
This is terrific UX-focused essay exploring one of the nagging contradictions in modern design: Balancing the necessity to be conventiona... »
I stand with this man because my current trajectory has me becoming him in a couple decades. »
Tactical Breach Wizards: ten minutes of gameplay explained - YouTube
I'm very nervous and excited to show you: TACTICAL BREACH WIZARDS! A character driven tactics ga... »
Offline Mode: Design Friends IRL Tickets, Tue, Mar 12, 2019 at 8:00 PM | Eventbrite
So stoked for the @funsize @goabstract @sketchapp @realthread #SXSW party tonight at @IrenesATX. If you're on the wait list, don't fret. ... »
I Survived A Weekend With Lil Pump
idk how she did it but @Scaachi profiled the seemingly un-profileable lil pump and it rules »
Where Warren’s Wrong – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
Where Warren's Wrong Warren's proposal is wrong about history, the source of tech company powe... »
NASA: To The Moon (And Definitely Beyond)
Who will be the next to step foot on the moon? Here's what the head of @NASA has to say: https://t.co... »
Job Application for Senior Counsel, Media and Intellectual Property at BuzzFeed
Come be our first amendment lawyer, we'll keep you plenty busy. »
Program – Theorizing the Web
Good morning! Guess what? The @TtW_conf program is now live! ✨✨✨ Quick, go check it out >>> »
Britney Spears Songs on Broadway? It’s Not Just a Fairy Tale - The New York Times
Long awaited Britney Spears musical will finally debut and the plot sounds absolutely BONKERS https:... »
He Sent Me a DM. How Do I Tell If It’s Love?
"Envy is the language of social media, and while social media is a great tool for meeting people and for throwing digital tomatoes at How... »
Embroidery Trouble Shooting Page
@jonnysun jonny have you seen the sewing machine website? it always makes me laugh (keep scrolling) »
For Larger Customers, Eating Out Is Still a Daunting Experience - The New York Times
I’m glad this story is being told, but I wish we could get to a place where it could be told differently »
Why Every Influencer Has a Discord - The Atlantic
For influencers/internet creators Discord provides a platform-neutral way to manage and communicate with their community that's free of a... »
The Story Behind Jared Kushner’s Curious Acceptance into Harvard - ProPublica
Speaking of college admissions and the wealthy and connected. »
Relay FM
On Air: Analog(ue) with @imyke & @caseyliss »