Star Wars Episode IX – Teaser - YouTube
My inner 10 year old, 20 year old, and 30 year old is freaking out. »
Introducing our debut cover star, Janelle Monáe in conversation with Lizzo on loving and living out loud. »
Speedgate is the first sport designed by AI
Here’s how to play Speedgate, the first sport designed by AI »
A New Teaser Trailer for Star Wars: Episode IX
holy cow the emperor's laugh gave me CHILLS »
BETTER THAN IRL by Katie West — Kickstarter
Better Than IRL recaptures the spirit of making friends on the internet in the mid-2000s. It's got @warrenellis in it and everything. If you, like me, had your world improved by finding your people online, give it a look ? https:// »
Elizabeth Warren is the intellectual powerhouse of the Democratic party | Moira Donegan | Opinion | The Guardian
I wrote the piece I wanted to read about Elizabeth Warren’s policy agenda. »
We Tried The Food At The New 'Clean' Chinese Restaurant Lucky Lee's...: Gothamist
I read this quote by @jenchung about her grandparents opening up a Chinese restaurant because as immigrants, there weren't many jobs available to them, and it makes me want to cry. »
Bret Easton Ellis Thinks You’re Overreacting to Donald Trump | The New Yorker
is it me or have transcript q&a interviews become more important in the last 3 or 4 years? »
LeBron James Opened a School That Was Considered an Experiment. It’s Showing Promise. - The New York Times
I hope the @DOEChancellor is studying what is happening in Akron in @KingJames's I Promise School to see if we can incorporate ideas that are working there. Excellent primary education for all is the greatest investment a city can make in itself. https:/ »
Benefits Of Open Office Not Extended To CEO
Benefits Of Open Office Not Extended To CEO »
Opinion | How Capitalism Betrayed Privacy - The New York Times
ugh, TIm Wu is so good: "Mass privacy is the freedom to act without being watched and thus in a sense, to be who we really are — not who we want others to think we are. At stake, then, is something akin to the soul." »
Privileged | By Kyle Korver
I've been trying to write this for a while. »
Online government must show online respect for citizens and their time
Fixing online government services doesn't just make things better for those who use them. It restores trust and participation in democracy itself. »
Foxconn says empty buildings in Wisconsin are not empty - The Verge
Foxconn says empty buildings in Wisconsin are not empty »
A Dance Party & Fundraiser for Hobbs Tickets, Mon, Apr 22, 2019 at 6:00 PM | Eventbrite
Want to support Hobbs? 1. Buy a ticket to the 4/22 event/donate (see Donation option in checkout) All $ goest to him. 2. Make tax-deductible donation via Int'l Association of Blacks in Dance 3. Buy his art! »
It's time to get back to Minecraft! Come hang out on the stream with us! ? ? ? ⛏ ?????‍♂️ h… »