Why I (Still) Love Tech: In Defense of a Difficult Industry | WIRED
the new @ftrain piece talks about this need quite well, there is so much work ahead »
Wow. Really love the illustration work on the @xoxo site by @buenobonbien »
The Yellowhammer Fund
Amplify these Alabama orgs!! #alpolitics https:… »
Gen X Is a Mess - The New York Times
As someone who is supposedly Gen X, pretty much everything in this fell flat for me. But when I was growing up, being born in 1977 wasn't Gen X... »
Feeling ready for election night »
Tim Conway's "The Dentist" (FULL) - YouTube
Tim Conway knew how to make us laugh. But, he also *really* knew how to make his fellow performers laugh. And that would make us laugh just SO much harder. »
The Verge Science's 5-Word Speech at the 23rd Annual Webby Awards - YouTube
"Verge Science is hiring." Yup. Nice speech, @MaryBethGriggs @Eleanori! Nice trophy holding, @reckless »
Caltech Huntington Art + Research Residency | Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences
Very dreamy residency at the Huntington, mere steps away from the original Trader Joe's. »
Google Exec's Internal Email On Data Leak Policy Rattles Employees
Google Exec's Internal Email On Its Data Leak Policy Has Rattled Employees via @ceodonovan »
Welcome to the Boy Depot | The New Yorker
wow this makes me feel a lot better about myself »
I Tweeted Out My Phone Number—and Rediscovered Humanity | WIRED
for my debut in @wired, i wrote about the kindness of strangers and how i recovered from being digitally shamed. »
Adobe Tells Users They Can Get Sued for Using Old Versions of Photoshop - VICE
I didn’t need any more reasons to abandon the Adobe stack once my copy of CS3 stops working, but nevertheless, Adobe was kind enough to provide one! Thanks, Adobe. You’re the bee’s fleas. »
Collecting user data is a competitive disadvantage / Boing Boing
Collecting user data is a competitive disadvantage »
1994 Was a Prison of My Own Making - The New York Times
TIL that the amazing writer Caity Weaver is 5 years younger than me and every damn day i find new reasons to feel washed up »
San Francisco Bans Facial Recognition Technology - The New York Times
Don't forget: we get to decide what is and *isn't* inevitable »
Uber Black launches Quiet Driver Mode – TechCrunch
Uber finally launches the Quiet Driver Mode I suggested! tip @techmeme »
Evan Dando Knows He’s Lucky - The New York Times
This profile is every kid I ever knew who tried way too hard to be cool / a bad boy in high school in the 80's, come back like a zombie. »
Craftsman Confirms New Hammer Backwards-Compatible With Previous Generation Of Nails
Craftsman Confirms New Hammer Backwards-Compatible With Previous Generation Of Nails »
Are You Secretly a Millennial? - The New York Times
"You really are just an old millennial." »
Alabama Lawmakers Vote to Effectively Ban Abortion in the State - The New York Times
more vicious, deplorable, and tyrannical behavior from a party on the brink of sanity »
Free to Use and Reuse: Cats  |  Free to Use and Reuse Sets  |  Library of Congress
The Library of Congress has released a curated set of free-to-use cat images. ? »
The Public Media Stack Summit — Storythings
Just setting up for the first @Storythings Public Media Stack Summit in NYC. Follow the hashtag #publicmediastack over the next two days if you want follow along. And sign up here for our newsletter »
Fundraiser by Warren Bernard : Defend The 11!!
Read the comments from CP’s lawyer then donate »
Who Unfollowed Me on Twitter - Catch Who Unfollowed You!
today's stats : 1 new follower, 3 new unfollowers, 1142 non-followers. found via »