☀️ BIG ANNOUNCEMENT ☀️ is finally live!!! is the young designer magaz… »
Introducing the 2019 Civic Digital Fellows – Coding it Forward
55 student technologists bringing software engineering, data science, product management, and design to improve government for the American public: Thrilled to see what this cohort of folks will achieve! »
Dear charming friends and general gentlebeings, may I remind you that you have one week left to submit to the @LISAConference CFP? We would like your talks about operations! #propose #youcandoit #askmeforhelp #ifyouwant »
Upgrade #249: A Bridge to the Future - Relay FM
Huge episode of Upgrade today! We talk more about some of the things we are most excited about from WWDC last week, and you’ll get to hear @jsnell’s interview with Apple’s @wileyhodges and @joshshaffer about SwiftUI! »
Traveler Photos Were Stolen And Exposed In A US Customs And Border Protection Database Breach
US Customs And Border Protection's Database Of Traveler Photos Was Stolen In A Data Breach via @daveyalba »
neural net's attempt to blend in with midwesterners 9. “I hope this continues at the appropriate level.” 10. “Woe unto you” 11. “I hope you find pleasure in this process.” 12. “I hope that you find it difficult to follow your conscience.” »
Open Signal
This will directly support Open Labs, a new incubator for Black filmmakers based in Portland »
How Did WeWork’s Adam Neumann Build a $47 Billion Company?
I feel like I’ve heard this story before. »
WWDC Podcasts: A Roundup of Episodes with Apple Special Guests – MacStories
“WWDC Podcasts: A Roundup of Episodes with Apple Special Guests” »
Why Mailchimp Created an In-House Studio for Premium Content – Variety
Me: Hey I pay you $350/month can I get a simple interface for writing newsletters? @Mailchimp: Here are some podcasts we’re sponsoring! Me: Hey can you do something about all this signup bot spam? @Mailchimp: How about some more TV shows to watch?!? h »
YouTube CEO apologizes to LGBTQ community after outcry - The Verge
I struggle to see any context which makes it okay to routinely call a member of the LGBT community a lisping faggot, but maybe I’m over-sensitive because of all the gay kids that kill themselves. »
Christine Sinclair is ready to set goal-scoring record at the World Cup -
read this post and follow @BestKabest if you like women's soccer at all honestly »
Apple is Listening –
I'll be optimistic when they fix the damn keyboard »
Tree planted to mark Trump-Macron friendship dies – reports | US news | The Guardian
The oak tree that was planted as a symbol of US-French relations has died in captivity. It was in quarantine, waiting to see if it was fit for US soil »
Opinion | Smash the Wellness Industry - The New York Times
I can’t tweet this piece enough, we should paper the whole earth with it »
Howlin’ Ray’s Hot Chicken Will Expand to a New Pasadena Location - Eater LA
Hot chicken mega-hit Howlin’ Ray’s is opening a restaurant in Pasadena »
The reckoning: a manifesto for Code 2019 - Vox
The reckoning: a manifesto for Code 2019 by @karaswisher »
Save 50% on Gunpoint on Steam
Heat Signature is $5 and Gunpoint is $3.40 for 1 more day! »
Heat Signature on Steam
Heat Signature is $5 and Gunpoint is $3.40 for 1 more day! »