Trump Said This Wall Can’t Be Climbed. Professional Climbers Say He’s Full of Sh*t
omfg this @scottbix story quotes the mountaineering club I belong to (Mazamas) dreams do come true »
9/21/19 - YouTube
Happy 21st of September @electrolemon! »
She Quit Her Job. He Got Night Goggles. They Searched 57 Days for Their Dog. - The New York Times
highly recommend and watching the video at the end if you're looking for a saturday evening happy cry »
Jonathan Van Ness of ‘Queer Eye’ Comes Out - The New York Times
You’re going to want to read this profile of @jvn by @alex_hawgood in NYT today. He ready. »
Smut Peddler Presents: Silver! by IronSpike — Kickstarter
I've got a story in the latest entry to the Smut Peddler collection, Smut Peddler: Silver, kickstarting now! You've had a long journey an... »
iPhone 11 Pro Max Teardown - iFixit
Is that the RAM chip inside one of the camera modules? Idk, kinda just looks like a leprechaun commune to us. htt... »
Relay FM for St. Jude - Events for St. Jude
I woke up this morning not quite sure last night was real then I reloaded and realized it had all actually happened. »
Today on Nancy | Read Comic Strips at
Nancy by Olivia Jaimes for September 21, 2019 »
Earth, Wind & Fire - September - YouTube
It's the best day of the year... for two reasons. The best solution? Batman singing "September" - someone make it happen. In the meantime... »
Download the latest indie games -
I posted my first small game to Sunset Kills is Buffy-meets-PbtA in a slim 8-page PDF, but still gi… »