On sharing walls and intervening on behalf of the people you overhear. »
Here's a list of Black Tech Conferences across the U.S.
Here's a list of Black Tech Conferences across the U.S. - »
Judging the Stack Awards 2019 - STACK magazines
LOOK AT ALL THOSE STACK AWARD NOMINATIONS! (Best use of illustration, best original non-fiction, best EDITOR @MattBors ) »
Release Notes: Analytics - Lumi Blog
?New Feature Alert!? Lumi Analytics gives you quantifiable insights about your packaging supply chain. ... »
Instagram’s Following Activity Tab Is Going Away
Instagram’s Following Activity Tab Is Going Away via @katienotopoulos »
Quartz Announces Leadership Transition - Quartz
Congratulations to ⁦@zseward⁩ and ⁦excited to see what @delaney⁩ does next (hopefully after a well-deserved break): Quartz Announ... »
Alan Dershowitz and the wheel of pain - Columbia Journalism Review
On the day Jeffery Epstein died, Alan Dershowitz threatened to sue me. I wrote about it. »
Remember when Marriott fired a guy for liking a “free Tibet” account from an official Marriott account »
Adobe compliance with U.S. Executive Order | Venezuela
Adobe is deactivating all accounts in Venezuela »
Review: macOS Catalina Cuts Ties With the Past While Ushering in the Future – 512 Pixels
macOS Catalina is here. It breaks with a lot of the past, while showing us a bit of what the future of the Mac may hold. My review: htt... »
Joint statement on the GNU Project — 2019 — Blog — GNU Guix
The GNU Project needs to make changes. @gnutools »
Disney's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge: What works, what's missing and what to fix »
How Tiki Bars Ripped Off the Caribbean Through Cultural Appropriation - Eater
[email protected] casually nails it en route to her actual point about tiki bars as outposts of colonialism with a cocktail umbrella on top... »
Eight Times the U.S. Has Betrayed the Kurds
"The U.S. has now betrayed the Kurds a minimum of eight times over the past 100 years." »
Probably don’t immediately update to macOS 10.15 Catalina, out today. It‘s worth waiting for the shakeout and the first micro update ... »
iPadOS review: better browser, multitasking, file management, and more - The Verge
I think Dieter started this iPad OS review with zeno’s paradox just to target this specific reader (me) »
okaaaaay... the orange one wants to remove the US from the treaty that allows us to make arms limitation related flights over russia. jus... »
Tune in now to the first episode of #SmartTechToday! We’re live on Twitch: Subscribe to the podcast, dropping ... »
Addicted to Screens? That’s Really a You Problem - The New York Times
Very into comparison between phone detoxing and fad dieting » - the latest impeachment news
So, @dansinker launched a week ago. He’s already set up a subscriber model AND gotten a sponsor... »
Bubblesort Zines
small restock will happen oct 7th, 10am PT! there'll be a small number of: - git it gurl shirts &a... »
Relay FM
And talking about it live now »