Overstated but there’s some truth here. Every movement is a reaction to its time. I think it’s worth re-evaluating foundational assumptio... »
What Your Least Favorite Final Fantasy Says About You
I am unbelievably jealous of this article. It's both hilarious and full of sharp critique: . Great work @Sholarse... »
Floppy Knights on Steam
WISHLIST NOW ON STEAM: Join Phoebe and her bionic-arm ? bestie on a deck-building, sword-swingi… »
The Test Drivers #1: Samsung Galaxy S20 - Relay FM
?NEW SHOW!? I am so excited to announce my new project with the amazing Tech YouTuber @austinnotduncan. We are @TheTestDrivers, and we’... »
StarCrossed by Contigo Games, cesca
folks should check out @PlayStarCrossed, which came out today! it's a magical girl/action/co-op game~ also, my voice is in it! <3 htt... »
Apollo 11 vs USB-C Chargers
USB-C PD chargers have more computing horsepower than the Apollo 11 Guidance Computer »
State of Remote Work 2020
Two reports worth reading. The 2020 State of Remote Work and the 2020 Startup Outlook, from @buffer @AngelList and @SVB_Financial respect... »
Announcing Support for macOS Voice Control in Adobe XD
Really excited about this one: Announcing Support for macOS Voice Control in Adobe XD »
Flashback #1: The Newton - Relay FM
And welcome to @_RelayFM @SnazzyQ! He and Stephen are looking at failed tech products on @_flashbackfm »
The Gooey Center | The Nib
A lot of people trying to make Bloomberg happen all the sudden »
A Tip About DRF Permissions
⭐️Update: I have blogged about this! ?A Tip About DRF Permissions on the @revsys blog -- #drf #django #djangore... »
Duuuuude. What Happens If the Earth Gains Consciousness? | WIRED
The immersive art show currently installed at @GrayAreaorg is fun, trippy, weird, and whimsical. And it's deliciously Instagrammable: htt... »
Bat in the Attic: Concerning Judges Guild
Uh, wow. I'm definitely done with Judge's Guild. »
All Your Favorite Brands, From BSTOEM to ZGGCD - The New York Times
Love this @jwherrman story on great iconic Amazon brands like Pvendor, RIVMOUNT, FRETREE, Nertpow, SHSTFD, Joyoldelf, VBIGER and Bizzliz.... »
Floppy Knights on Steam
ANNOUNCING OUR NEW GAME, ✨? Floppy Knights! ?✨ Our next @rosecitygames title is @FloppyKnights, published by @someawesomeguys featuring a... »
The World's Second Largest Wikipedia Is Written Almost Entirely by One Bot - VICE
The World's Second Largest Wikipedia Is Written Almost Entirely by One Bot by @KWilsonMG »
Young Men Embrace Gender Equality, but They Still Don’t Vacuum - The New York Times
Actually this means they’re *not* “embracing gender equality” »
NGUYEN | The Terrifyingly Tantalizing Trend that’s TikTok | The Cornell Daily Sun
Hello to the wave of Gen Z personal essays about deleting Tiktok »
Larry Ray and the Stolen Kids of Sarah Lawrence
About a year ago, @TheCut published one of the craziest stories I ever read: Today, federal officials rel… »
Letting neural networks be weird • More candy hearts by neural network
This particular neural net didn't have any prior training - all it knows about english is what was in the existing candy heart messages I... »
Letting neural networks be weird • Candy Heart messages written by a neural network
nothing says love like candy hearts written by a confused neural net »