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How Mark Zuckerberg Learned Politics - WSJ
“Mr. Zuckerberg invited Mr. Shapiro to dinner at his house last year, the people »
The market is open! ?♥️ items thread below »
An Apple Watch with Family Setup is an expensive electronic child leash - The Verge
I say this as someone who isn't a parent yet, but the idea of putting a GPS tracker (let alone an Apple Watch) on a child is really creep... »
Anime,Trauma And Divorce
its out now. #ATandD »
How Ranked Choice Voting Can Save American Politics - YouTube
@alaskarobotics nice 10min explainer on rcv support ~ »
Twitter Just Stopped Blocking The Biden Article It Said It Would Block Yesterday
Goddamnit, Twitter. The ONE TIME you get something right on the first try, you immediately backtrack. Wimps. »
More Video Games Featured Women This Year. Will It Last? | WIRED
Every year @femfreq dives into game announcements to see if the games industry is improving in terms of women’s representations. How was ... »
What to Do About GOP Bad Faith After Trump | Crooked Media
A great essay by @brianbeutler on how to face the relentless bad faith of the Republican Party. ht… »
Open Source Sciter Engine by Andrew Fedoniouk (a.k.a. c-smile) — Kickstarter
I only just found out about this @Kickstarter to open source the Sciter HTML engine - it has <48 hours to go but I think we can do it... »
Guaranteed Basic Income Pilot | Sarah Iannarone for Portland Mayor
Well, that was fast. (Vote for @sarah2020!) »
Uber is hiring hundreds of engineers in India to cut costs – TechCrunch
Uber full-time staff sowing: Haha fuck yeah!!! Yes!! Uber full-time staff reaping: Well this fucking sucks. What the fuck. https://t.c... »
How to store your zines - Austin Kleon
how to store your zines: put 'em in a baseball card folder! thx as always @austinkleon! »
He’s 32. He’s Joe Biden’s Press Secretary. And He Has Stage 4 Cancer.
I love this piece on the brave, smart, and endlessly determined @TDucklo »
Woman Arrested at Portland Protest Forced to Take Pregnancy Test - Blogtown - Portland Mercury
Portland Police are forcing pregnancy tests on incarcerated folks. »
OPB Poll: Wheeler, Iannarone tied in Portland mayor’s race; Mapps leads over Eudaly for council - OPB
A poll commissioned by OPB suggests Portland’s mayoral race is extremely tight. »
If we want to have bookstores when this is over, we have to support them now. »
Open Mike Eagle Turned a Very Bad Year Into a Very Honest Album - The New York Times
Some background on Open Mike Eagle's new album: I look forward to givin it a listen http... »
Fam, we got an unbelievable Halloween streaming show for you. Get those tickets now, baby! »
I Will Vote
On #InternationalDayoftheGirl, make a plan to vote at because the future of our girls depends on it. #… »