Couldn't help myself. Draw an iceberg and see how it would actually float in water »
Nyan Cat | Foundation
This Nyan Cat auction is giving me Bert Cooper's Rothko vibes »
Facecrook: Dealing with a Global Menace - BIG by Matt Stoller
Facebook knowingly lied to advertisers about their reach. »
1/ I'm watching @webxrawards stream at: Nice to see a spotlight on the #WebXR community. Watch parties in VR ar... »
Subscribe to read | Financial Times
Must read: - specifically 1) the energy market was allowed to swing toward infinity (which is a cap of $9000 vs $... »
The Aftermath Of Prop 22 Is Not As Happy As Big Tech Promised
I’m beginning to think some of these tech companies might not have workers’ best interests in mind. »
Very small share of student loan borrowers attended elite colleges
Biden is right: elite colleges should remain primarily the domain of wealthy families who can afford to send their children there so they... »
be cute, help texas | Bonfire
howdy ? i made a shirt. 100% of proceeds go to houston food bank. you can choose colors that aren’t pink (but why would you do that) an... »
Leading Black voices of Intel offer advice for future technologists | PC Gamer
REALLY loved this piece from @pcgamer about some of the amazing Black talent we have here at @Intel My was one of the folks featured a... »
Here is @Bootsy_Collins and @EclecticMethod's #cryptoart piece on auction »
As Texas deep freeze subsides, some households now face electricity bills as high as $10,000
As Texas deep freeze subsides, some households now face electricity bills as high as $10,000 »
Mars Rover Immediately Fills All Inventory Slots With Ferrite Dust
Mars Rover Immediately Fills All Inventory Slots With Ferrite Dust »
Los Angeles Times Owner Exploring Sale of Company - WSJ
This story should come with a trigger warning for any current or former LATers »
Parler's Founder Says He Was Banned By Parler
Parler: We stand for free spech. Also Parler: We blocked our former CEO. »
This Is Disasterproof - YouTube
Here's a quick video explaining what I'm up to. »
Ted Cruz and Parenting in Pandemic: We're All Barely Getting By
Today for @esquire I wrote about Ted Cruz and how the pandemic has made everyone bad parents. »
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2021: The year of Linux on the Mars-top »
Images from the Mars Perseverance Rover - NASA Mars
If you need a webpage to compulsively refresh throughout the next several days, try this one: It's… »
It’s common for today’s TVs to report back every *second* on what you’re watching. Imagine if your computer monitor did that. https://t.c... »
Erik Prince, Trump Ally, Violated Libya Arms Embargo, U.N. Report Says - The New York Times
Erik Prince is back in the news headlines tonight, again for all the wrong reasons: A reminder of… »
'I can't keep doing this': gig workers say pay has fallen after California's Prop 22 | California | The Guardian
Prop 22's ad blitz claimed that it would raise driver wages. Now that it passed, drivers report that wages and tips have fallen well belo... »
Simp: The new slang teenagers use to insult boys who are 'too nice' to girls - CNN
I don’t think they set out to write one of the greatest satires of suburban parents but here it is in all its glory, a blazing brilliant ... »
Our Second Pandemic Summer Could Be When Everything Changes - The Atlantic
Reasons to be cautiously optimistic that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel in the near future »
Yanis Varoufakis: Capitalism has become ‘techno-feudalism’ | Business and Economy News | Al Jazeera
Yanis Varoufakis: Capitalism has become ‘techno-feudalism’ via @AJEnglish #ows @doctorow »
When Could the United States Reach Herd Immunity? It’s Complicated. - The New York Times
anyone else feel conflicted by this article on herd immunity? »
oooh! "a digital exhibition that explores the connection between the history of weaving and computing… Because of the… intentional erasur... »
I Miss My Bar - Recreate Your Favorite Bar's Atmosphere
i just did the thing manually by putting on some like 50s-ish jazz and making filet mignon, mashed potatoes, mush... »
kerokerokeys keycaps (GROUP BUY / SHIPS MAY 2021) – BubbleSort Zines
only 3 days left to join the kerokerokeys group buy, so if you want a set, hop to it! ?? render: @ltafuri desk... »
The best part of having our social event in is that we can still use the Pac-Man rule! Should have grabbed an ima... »
tech brain - pycnocline
Did everyone already see this in August and I just totally missed it? This is great »