Internal Combustion Engine – Bartosz Ciechanowski
And a @BCiechanowski post, it’s a special day »
CAPTAIN YAJIMA ⭐?? (full version on youtube »
xkcd: After the Pandemic
After the Pandemic »
xkcd: After the Pandemic
After the Pandemic »
This story is 100 million times more insane than the headline suggests. »
New Worthikids just dropped, and if he didn't tell us it was Blender, I woulda never guessed it was anything other than straight-up stop ... »
Donkeys and horses dig wells that help other animals find water | Science News
In the desert, an ass hole is a welcome sight for many parched creatures. »
Philip Roth Biographer Blake Bailey
It's Friday night so I wrote about Blake Bailey »
Basecamp resignations - WorkFlowy
? My math is probably wrong, but it looks like they lost 1/3 of their employees in 3 days. I wonder if they will hit 1/2 next week or the... »
Gen Z Black Activists Push Back On Sharing Video Of Police Killings
Black Gen Z’ers Want You To Stop Sharing Videos Of Police Killing People Who Look Like Them via @bri_sacks »
Andrew Yang Promised to Create 100,000 Jobs. He Ended Up With 150. - The New York Times
Andrew Yang is a fraud who only ever had one good idea, UBI, which wasn’t even his idea in the first place. »
Digital Horses Are the Talk of the Crypto World - The New York Times
Let's go! @zed_run in the New York Times. ???. Nice write-up, @TaylorLorenz. »
More Companies Considering Hybrid Model Where Half Return To Office, Half Laid Off
More Companies Considering Hybrid Model Where Half Return To Office, Half Laid Off »
Basecamp implodes as employees flee company, including senior staff - The Verge
Here is a summary for everyone who is late to this story. It's pretty mind-numbing. »
A 15-Meter-Tall Squirrel Rests on Its Bushy Tail to Peer into a Chongqing Botanical Garden | Colossal
This 15-meter-tall squirrel rests on its bushy tail to peer into a Chongqing botanical garden »
DCCC - Director of Engineering
no but seriously: open to anyone in the U.S., no relocation required or desired. »
TikTok and the Vibes Revival | The New Yorker
“What a haiku is to language, a vibe is to sensory perception: a concise assemblage of image, sound, and movement.” »
How the Pentagon Started Taking U.F.O.s Seriously | The New Yorker
How the Pentagon started taking U.F.O.s seriously »
I'm not languishing, I'm dormant - Austin Kleon
Relevant thoughts on languishing by @AdamMGrant: And on feeling dormant by @austinkleon »
A publicly sourced list of ongoing fundraisers related to the #COVIDEmergency2021 in Pl… »
'My Magic Is Disappearing' - Ask Polly
Stop treating your interest in connection and drive to entertain/ engage/ impress like it's a humiliating flaw and enjoy it instead. http... »
It's a dream to be published in the New Yorker. Today I woke up to find had that dream, too. :) »
Tech workers don't strike—or do we? / Audrey Eschright
A while ago I wrote about how quitting is a type of labor action too »