MegaBlock | Nuke tweets in one click
Just found this gem, I know it’s gonna come useful one horrid day. »
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Gary Vee just opened his nft shop and I love the video on the homepage. Talks about #nfts as a customer link in a similar way I do to my ... »
Signal made Instagram ads that shows users how much Facebook knew about them. Facebook banned them. “Being transparent about how ads us... »
xkcd: March 2020
March 2020 »
An Update
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Trump has created a blog! Is google censoring him for not reviving google reader? »
Make Chewbacca Puppet from my book: The #StarWars Craft Book @randomhouse @TheWookieeRoars http://t.… »
You are what you do, not what you say or write – Baldur Bjarnason
“This was a hissy fit where a couple of founders completely overturned the culture they themselves established over many years, all becau... »
Oversight Board | Independent Judgment. Transparency. Legitimacy.
Oversight Board kicks the can down the road to November »
Watch Star Wars Biomes | Full Movie | Disney+
Like the relaxing Apple TV screensavers? Like Star Wars? You are massively in luck! »
The toxic, soupy biomass choking water systems in California — High Country News – Know the West
The toxic, soupy biomass choking #water systems in California cc @sonaar »
John Mulaney announces first post-rehab shows, playing 5 nights at NYC’s City Winery
?New Mulaney shows. Gutted that I’m going to be out of town for all of these »
Director of Marketing - Seattle, WA 98134 -
We're looking for a Director of Marketing @LocalMilkRun, see the full job description here Know some… »
How Parasocial Relationships Have Defined The Tech Industry - Ed Zitron's Where's Your Ed At
I wrote a long substack about how parasocial relationships - one-sided, imagined relationships with i… »
Good morning. Unemployment benefits are not creating a worker shortage. »
Press Freedom Day
On freedom of the press, context over source accreditation, and whistleblowers »
Announcing the 2021 Livingston Award Finalists - Wallace House
Hell yeah, @Haleaziz. So many great reporters here. »
Observable Plot / Observable / Observable
Announcing a new open-source JavaScript library for exploratory data visualization: Observable Plot! »
Bloomberg - Are you a robot?
I had a conversation about whether Jeff Bezos was foolish enough to text a picture of his nethers with a reporter for a story that never ... »
US backs waiving patent protections for Covid vaccines, citing global health crisis
BREAKING: U.S. backs Covid vaccine intellectual property waivers to expand access to shots worldwide »
Save Thousands of Lives - Noora Health Save Thousands of Lives | OpenSea
This is noble, but why not just crowdfund the money? »
Reporter Who Found 3 Angry Tweets About Issue Guesses That’s An Article Right There
Reporter Who Found 3 Angry Tweets About Issue Guesses That’s An Article Right There »
Mark Zuckerberg Announces All Of Facebook’s Future Decisions Will Be Made By The Cube Of Justice
Mark Zuckerberg Announces All Of Facebook’s Future Decisions Will Be Made By The Cube Of Justice http… »
Donald Trump’s ‘social media platform’ has launched, and it’s just a blog - The Verge
Going to be just awful when Section 230 comes for this “social network”. »
The remaining Monkees announced a farewell tour | Boing Boing
The remaining Monkees announced a farewell tour »
The Biden administration says it will support lifting patent protections to help produce more vaccines globally. - The New York Times
Pushing the administration works. The Biden admin is coming out in support of lifting patent protections on vaccines. This absolutely wh... »
Trump Ban From Facebook Upheld by Oversight Board - The New York Times
The debate over Trump being allowed on social media again reminds me to “build in your own garden and not depend on any platform” as I le... »
New emails show Steve Jobs referred to Facebook as 'Fecebook' amid App Store conflict - 9to5Mac
“Fecebooks” was clearly a typo, not some sort of childish nickname. Note too the missing apostrophe. “Fece” isn’t even a word. CNBC confi... »
Mr. Beast, YouTube Star, Wants to Take Over the Business World - The New York Times
Mr. Beast is an incredibly savvy entrepreneur/marketer. His stunts have become prolific and he's an expert at creative monetization schem... »
“...the parlor announced it would more than double the starting wage for the roles, going from $7.25 an hour to $15 an hour, a scoop that... »
"The company said its Pandora Brilliance collection is carbon neutral" ? »
The Art in the Oval Office Tells a Story. Here’s How to See It. - The New York Times
I cannot quite articulate how much I love this NYT multimedia feature on art in the Oval Office. »
UNBEATABLE - A game where music is illegal and you do crimes by D-CELL GAMES — Kickstarter
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On Air: The Pen Addict with @imyke & @dowdyism »