‘Buy the Constitution’ Aftermath: Everyone Very Mad, Confused, Losing Lots of Money, Fighting, Crying, Etc.
if you lost money in the ConstitutionDAO debacle, I feel bad for you son, but I got 99 problems and a worthless governance token ain’t on... »
Adam Savage Inspects Hasbro's Ghostbusters Proton Pack! - YouTube
this was a real treat! @Hasbro brought their @Ghostbusters Proton Pack prototype for us to check out and it’s a beautiful piece of kit! h... »
US added to list of ‘backsliding’ democracies for first time | US news | The Guardian
US added to list of ‘backsliding’ democracies for first time »
This webcomic made it okay to be sad online. Then its artist vanished.
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How Facebook and Google fund global misinformation | MIT Technology Review
This is a long, difficult and important read. Excellent reporting by @_KarenHao The upshot: wi… »