SuperHi Basic Income – Apply by Jan 21
Really interesting experiment by @riklomas/@superhi_ - get involved »
The Figma Store
I bought two shirts and a hoodie bc god damn they look good »
Looptap - A minimal game to waste your time
Looptap - A minimal game to waste your time »
The Figma Store
Do you ever dream of people stopping you on the street, saying "Hey I use Figma too!" or "What's Figma?" or "Whoah! Cool socks! ??? ... ... »
A Eulogy for Mars 2112 | Bon Appétit
this place was great and should definitely re-open »
LOSSLESS | Slikback
good lord new @slikback x @Brodinski »
Well this is awful news: Opinion below »
Seeing Without Looking — Real Life
new piece out today on how susan sontag can help us think through big data surveillance and smart cities »
Imaginative Glass Specimens Are Suspended in Jars in Steffen Dam’s Cabinets of Curiosities | Colossal
In his cabinets of curiosities, artist Steffen Dam suspends imaginative glass specimens in jars »
Leica M11, black | Leica Camera AG
Leica has announced its new M11 camera. It looks gorgeous and remains an eye-watering $9000 without a lens. »
High-Risk Pandemic Stories: A Syllabus – Disability Visibility Project
Check out @DisVisibility High Risk Pandemic Stories #MyDisabledLifeIsWorthy #HighRiskCOVID19… »
Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keepers founder, arrested for Jan. 6 riot - The Washington Post
Rhodes and 10 others charged with seditious conspiracy per the Post. Holy moly. »
Video game preservation is complicated, both legally and technically - The Washington Post
Academics want to preserve video games. The game industry is fighting them in court. #copyright #game… »