We are in a generative art race, with new and better engines every week. Here is Google's latest, which is very good. These really will c... »
Floppy Knights review: a joyful card game that offers more the longer you play | Rock Paper Shotgun
"The skill curve for Floppy Knight’s combat is nothing short of perfect here. " »
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Floppy Knights review |
"Floppy Knights is one of the best tactics games I’ve played in a long time, and can easily hang with all time greats like Fire Emblem an... »
Japanese Breakfast: Paprika (Live) - SNL via @YouTube »
Coinbase Tests App for Employees to Grade Each Other During Meetings — The Information
Workshopped a variety of takes for this one but have settled on “LOL” »
Dealing With Misalignment While Hiring - Jacob Kaplan-Moss
Answering a question from a reader: how do you deal with misalignment while hiring? »
LARPing Goes to Disney World | The New Yorker
I unsuccessfully pitched a British paper on this and of course the NYer did it but I'll put this out into the world anyway: Who better t... »
xkcd: Maps
I practically live in Tim Cook’s backyard (meaning, the Bay Area), but the smug part of me says Apple Maps has been good around here for ... »
It's not still the early days
And it’s not the early days of crypto. Most of this shit has been going for over a decade. »
Stripe Sessions
Stripe Sessions is *tomorrow* at 9am. There's never been a better excuse to back out of that standing meeting you didn't want to go to! R... »