I really enjoyed having this conversation with @sahadeva about performative design, the psychology of Likes and the impact it’s having on... »
we're launching a new thing. for writers. »
The Demo → Demo Loop - daverupert.com
? The Demo→Demo Loop: The secret to making successful *creative* products. »
Reimagining an Iconic Midwestern Structure, Catie Newell Cuts a Slice of Sky Out of a Michigan Barn | Colossal
Reimagining an iconic Midwestern structure, Catie Newell cuts a slice of sky out of a Michigan barn »
Semafor Readies Entry Into Tricky Digital News Market - The New York Times
Just baffles me how some journalism startups get all the buzzy coverage while others *cough* which are much more innovative and actually ... »
@tomcoates @craigmod Yes. Paging @jonty who also wants this. I have this in my notes, along the same lines »