Amazon Promotes Ex-Private Prison Exec to Run Warehouse Training
Amazon just promoted an ex-private prison executive to run their warehouse worker training. »
Band: The Ride - YACHT
how does a band emerge from lockdown? (especially when it's more than just a band?) »
CascadiaJS 2022 - Chris Coyier | The Web is Good Now
First up is "The Web is Good Now" by @chriscoyier #CascadiaJS #TalkTrack »
Daring Fireball: Apple Watch Ultra
If you’ve got any questions about the Apple Watch Ultra, I’m all wrist. »
Have I Been Trained?
i used to check some of my photos. i also entered my name as a search term. if i enter harper - nothing interes... »
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On Air: The Pen Addict with @dowdyism & @imyke »