No thank you, Mr. Pecker – Jeff Bezos – Medium
Story for latest limerick, a blog post »
Reflecting on My Failure to Build a Billion-Dollar Company
My $0.02: it’s only failure if you want it to be, there are infinite, inspiring entrepreneurial journeys, no one size fits all. (Here from @shl) »
The Interface - The Verge
“Most tech CEOs are intelligent, kind, hard-working people who want to make the world a better place, and this is largely beside the point.” - @CaseyNewton SO GOOD »
Medium - Platform Editor, Cryptocurrency
Medium is hiring a cryptocurrency editor »
2019 Great Graphic Novels for Teens | Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA)
me when i found out my book is one of ALA's 2019 Great Graphic Novels for Teens!!! »
Spotify’s Podcast Aggregation Play – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
Spotify made a move this week to start ruining podcasts the way that google is ruining the internet and Facebook is ruining your friends and family. Yay? »
Open sourcing ClusterFuzz | Google Open Source Blog
??? Open sourcing ClusterFuzz | Google Open Source Blog »
Wavelength by Alex Hague — Kickstarter
Friends, if you were a fan of @PitchDeckGame, check out my collaborator's @AlxHague's new game WAVELENGTH: – I've played early versions of it and can easily say it's gonna be a great addition to your party game collection. Back it »
How J Dilla humanized his MPC3000 - YouTube
Required viewing: this Vox video on Dilla’s MPC300 and what makes his work so special. Mozart! »
Jeff Bezos says National Enquirer is threatening to publish his nude photos - The Verge
Dear everybody: please give everybody the afternoon off to just sit and boggle because we need it. »
In a hot week for audio, paid newsletterer Substack introduces a way for podcasters to earn money » Nieman Journalism Lab
A *very* hot week > In a hot week for audio, paid newsletterer Substack introduces a way for podcasters to earn money via @NiemanLab »
Trump: "People of faith" led the "abolition of civil rights" / Boing Boing
Trump, who said yesterday he doesn't make gaffes: "People of faith" led the "abolition of civil rights" »
Womp. Womp. “Portland’s Worst Day of the Year Ride postponed because of bad weather” »
Please take 5 minutes and watch @AOC explain our broken political system and why #HR1 is so important. »
AOC is 100% the millennial incarnation of “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.” Watch this whole clip: (ht @alexpalex) »
Opinion | They Really Don’t Make Music Like They Used To - The New York Times
“In a tight, compressed space, music can get asphyxiated.” »
Jeff Bezos Blogs on Medium Now - The Atlantic
This tour de force essay from ⁦@yayitsrob⁩ is impeccably, elegantly perfect for its subject. »
Purl | Pixar SparkShorts - YouTube
Purl | Pixar SparkShorts »
Kleptocracy Is on the Rise in America - The Atlantic
Russian-Style Kleptocracy Is Infiltrating America / This is a very important read and very much related to a system that enables corruption in Mexico »
A Haggadah of Our Own by Thursday Bram — Kickstarter
Eeeeee just $300 to go before @thursdayb's inclusive, accessible Haggadah project is funded on Kickstarter! I'm really excited to see this resource in the world. »
Holy shit this emoji mosaic maker is incredible. I just fed it an emoji to make an emoji out of emoji ? (link via @lauraolin’s excellent newsletter) »
Dear VCs: please read up on what and @bryce is up to (links ?). It's disruptive. When asking a panel of investors their thoughts on @indievc's innovations in early funding (incl. some social impact investors), my ambition as a fou »