No thank you, Mr. Pecker – Jeff Bezos – Medium
Jeff Bezos is right: He isn’t Trump’s enemy. Jeffy-poo is the enemy of everyone else who isn’t a billionaire. »
Reflecting on My Failure to Build a Billion-Dollar Company
So in love with @shl's candor in this writeup of how he turned Gumroad—arguably a darling of mid-2010s VC startupland—into a small &a... »
The Interface - The Verge
I have ONLY NOW DISCOVERED that the name of @CaseyNewton’s newsletter, The Interface, is a PUN. Casey please see me about your bonus. ... »
Mixer | Interactive Livestreaming
We are live! Come chat, drive around, and score some goals! »
2019 Great Graphic Novels for Teens | Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA)
me when i found out my book is one of ALA's 2019 Great Graphic Novels for Teens!!! »
Medium - Platform Editor, Cryptocurrency
Medium is hiring a cryptocurrency editor »
Spotify’s Podcast Aggregation Play – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
Spotify made a move this week to start ruining podcasts the way that google is ruining the internet and Facebook is ruining your friends ... »
Open sourcing ClusterFuzz | Google Open Source Blog
"Fuzzing is an automated method for detecting bugs in software that works by feeding unexpected inputs to a target program." "To provide... »
Wavelength by Alex Hague — Kickstarter
If you like playing Code Names, you might like this game called Wavelength! »
When you "tip" an Amazon driver, the driver doesn't receive that money as a bonus. Instead, Amazon uses it to pay them the base wage they... »
How J Dilla humanized his MPC3000 - YouTube
Required viewing: this Vox video on Dilla’s MPC300 and what makes his work so special. Mozart! »
You can watch the full 5 minutes of questioning »
Jeff Bezos says National Enquirer is threatening to publish his nude photos - The Verge
Dear everybody: please give everybody the afternoon off to just sit and boggle because we need it. »
In a hot week for audio, paid newsletterer Substack introduces a way for podcasters to earn money » Nieman Journalism Lab
A *very* hot week > In a hot week for audio, paid newsletterer Substack introduces a way for podcasters to earn money »
Trump: "People of faith" led the "abolition of civil rights" / Boing Boing
Trump, who said yesterday he doesn't make gaffes: "People of faith" led the "abolition of civil rights" »
Womp. Womp. “Portland’s Worst Day of the Year Ride postponed because of bad weather” »
AOC is 100% the millennial incarnation of “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.” Watch this whole clip: (ht @alexpalex) »
Opinion | They Really Don’t Make Music Like They Used To - The New York Times
Reason #2406 I'm happy to pay for @nytimes. Interactive, music-nerdom gems like this »
Many popular iPhone apps secretly record your screen without asking – TechCrunch
Imagine if technology was built with human interests in mind ? (via @zackwhittaker »
Jeff Bezos Blogs on Medium Now - The Atlantic
Bad take. It was obviously LiveJournaling. »
Kleptocracy Is on the Rise in America - The Atlantic
Ah, so that’s why half of New York is now owned by absentee oligarchs. »
A Haggadah of Our Own by Thursday Bram — Kickstarter
Hey, some of you may be interested in this Kickstarter (ending tonight!): “A radically inclusive Passover Haggadah with updated languag... »
If I had the option, why wouldn't I take over traditional venture? »