Captain Marvel | Trailer & Official Movie Site
Okay so. This movie is set in 1995 and here's a very clever and fun website for it that plays on what we would like to imagine the web looked like in 1995. Time to be a killjoy :( »
Millers Crossing Danny Boy Scene - YouTube
Albert Finney put on his slippers first, because he had class. »
'Hitler just wanted to make Germany great,' Candace Owens of Trump-aligned TPUSA says in London / Boing Boing
I gotta admit it, I did not expect the inevitable Candace Owens implosion to be straight-up high-definition praise for Hitler. »
I asked my 4-year-old if she ever thought she'd find "the one." »
German Regulators Just Outlawed Facebook's Whole Ad Business | WIRED
Peak 2019: thinking “maybe Germany will save us.” »
Fact-Checking Facebook Was Like Playing A Doomed Game Of Whack-A-Mole
I Was A Facebook Fact Checker. It Was Like Playing A Doomed Game Of Whack-A-Mole »
SPX 2019 Lottery - Ends 2/25
“In my life and career I have often heard it said that so-and-so has real power... It’s an expression that has always grated on me. In democratic government, elected officials do not have power. They hold power — in trust for the people who elected them. »
Thousands of industrial refrigerators can be remotely defrosted, thanks to default passwords – TechCrunch
If you bought an internet-connected fridge, maybe you deserve this tbh #privacyfail »
Opinion | Why Girls Beat Boys at School and Lose to Them at the Office - The New York Times
my fellow Hermiones, join me as I scream at these screenshots »
We’re back at it. Making our way through the twists and turns of HL2. »
Call for Proposals! - !!Con
? Our 2019 call for talk* proposals is now live!! We're a conference in NYC that celebrates the… »