A Class Riot at Brooklyn’s Grace Church School
? A Class Riot at Brooklyn’s Grace Church School »
Zoom Zero Day: 4+ Million Webcams & maybe an RCE? Just get them to visit your website!
Welp - @zoom_us has a zero-day hack, can't or won't fix it, and if you try to uninstall their app it leaves a secret webserver behind tha... »
The Stolen Luxuries of Grocery Outlet, Bargain Market
this essay on grocery outlet by @RachelKrantz is so wonderful! thrilling! gorgeous! YES! »
? @WomenWhoCodeNYC, we have a job for you! Come be our next iOS Engineer. ??‍???‍???‍???‍???‍? »
How to run a small social network site for your friends
I'm pleased to launch Run Your Own Social, a guide book to running a small social network server to replace things like, well, Twitter. T... »
Housing insecurity is a huge, immediate crisis for many Americans. It was a privilege to illustrate this piece written by @jessohackberry... »
xkcd: Trained a Neural Net
Trained a Neural Net »
xkcd: Trained a Neural Net
Trained a Neural Net »
U S v Jeffrey Epstein, 19 Cr 490 (RMB), Government Bail Memorandum
How many of these B-movie supervillains do you figure we have ambling around this country today? »
Ancient life awakens amid thawing ice caps and permafrost | National Post
Omg they thawed out a worm and it started wriggling and it is FORTY-ONE THOUSAND YEARS OLD »
How Unpredictable Is Your Subway Commute? We’ll Show You - The New York Times
Cool: my commute is usually 34 min. Cooler: At its best, my commute is >5 min faster. At its worst, my commute is >12 min slower. ... »
Gray318 — Jon Gray's Infinite Covers — Gray318 — On Margins
My @onmargins interview with book designer extraordinaire @gray318 is now up »
Bloomberg - Are you a robot?
Haven't even read it yet but it's obviously gonna be good »
Bloomberg - Are you a robot?
This rules. Stand with Amazon workers during their six-hour work stoppage on Prime Day! »
Out of Toon
I talked with @SorayaRoberts at @Longreads about how political cartoons are extremely important, have a HUGE audience, and media companie... »
Employee Activism Is Alive in Tech. It Stops Short of Organizing Unions. - The New York Times
TFW you don't want drama but you fuck up and end up on the NYT as the bad guy. »
Opinion | Selling Your Private Information Is a Terrible Idea - The New York Times
There's a rash of companies urging people to take "ownership" of their data. Why? So you can sell it! Through them! And they all use bloc... »
Progressive Boomers Are Making It Impossible For Cities To Fix The Housing Crisis | HuffPost
I wrote about how the housing crisis is radicalizing progressive Boomers. »
Opinion | The Women’s World Cup Team Is the Most American Thing Out There - The New York Times
It’s not hate or fear, but courage and poise, that make America. via @NYTOpinion »
23andMe and Airbnb partnership will offer heritage travel packages - Vox
another new business development hall of fame contender »
BabyLegs: a DIY research trawl for monitoring ocean plastic by Public Lab — Kickstarter
I just backed BabyLegs: a DIY research trawl for monitoring ocean plastic on @Kickstarter »
The Inkwell Membership
Also the Scams issue ships with an exclusive KC Green sticker, which is feeling like a lifelong webcomics mantra in this moment. https://... »
Relay FM
I’m recording @_upgradefm with @imyke and @jsnell this week, and we’re |LIVE NOW| »