Sarah Iannarone for Portland Mayor
There are some chill easter eggs in @sarahforpdx's campaign announcement for mayor. This one featuring @DeadstockPDX is ?. »
Palapa – Build a Thriving Online Community
Congrats to my friend @CorbettBarr on launching a new platform for private communities! ? ? »
Steven Universe The Movie first look: Poster reveals new villain »
Conspiracyland: The Russian connection to Seth Rich conspiracies
The lie about Seth Rich's murder started with Russian intelligence operatives--so, yeah, Fox News literally made itself into Vladimir Put... »
Going to Therapy When You're Happy Is Also Important | Allure
For @Allure_magazine I wrote about how therapy is important even when you’re happy! »
How Dark deploys code in 50ms - Darklang - Medium
Speaking of "impossible things," when you write in @darklang, your code is deployed in <50ms. »
Glitch for VS Code - Collaborate on code & deploy instantly on Glitch from VSCode | Product Hunt
Heyoooo! You can write your @Glitch apps in @Code now! They sync and it's amazing!!! ? to @dluxemburg and Glitch teams getting this out... »
Zoom Zero Day: 4+ Million Webcams & maybe an RCE? Just get them to visit your website!
If you use @zoom_us on your mac, check out this vulnerability they didn't fix. Follow the instructions at the end to kill the shady secre... »
Bootcamp – Diffusion Network
That's not all: if you're an individual, team, company or non-profit looking to explore the world of podcasts (and you should, as it's a ... »
How to run a small social network site for your friends
“How to run a small social network site for your friends” »
Why Kevin Smith’s Infamous Wife Tweet Is Still Breaking Brains — 10 Years Later
Response to Video-On Concern - Zoom Blog
@GoToMeeting Overnight (for me, anyway), Zoom published a blog post response. Notable that Zoom says "We are not alone among video confe... »
This Will Change Your Mind – Diffusion Network
And finally, we're launching the network with a BRAND NEW PODCAST from @iansteadman and @ChiquitaPaschal. It's called This Will Change Yo... »
The Punk Culver City Video Game Collective Making Games In A Weird Warehouse: LAist
The punk Culver City video game collective making games in a weird warehouse: @GlitchCityLA https://t... »
Opinion | ‘Love Island’ Is a Lesson in Surveillance - The New York Times
Love Island is the most riveting human rights violation I have ever encountered »
Fran Lebowitz on Race and Racism | Vanity Fair
Do yourself a favor and read Fran Lebowitz's prescient interview with Vanity Fair from 1997: ... »
The Internet May Be Underwater in 15 Years
The Internet Is Drowning via @NatGeoScience During my time in post-secondary I was fascinated by the material e... »
New Coke Didn’t Fail. It Was Murdered. – Mother Jones
New Coke backlash was the original GamerGate. »
Glitch is bringing remix culture back to the web with a $30 million Series A round – TechCrunch
@anildash now I've gotta make some virtual turntables on Glitch congrats on the raise and good luck! »
Opinion | How the World Cup Team Beat Trump - The New York Times
I wrote about how everyone's always trying to hijack our attention. And how the #USWNT showed us that real power is not letting your plat... »
MacBook Air and MacBook Pro updated for back-to-school season - Apple
The best part of the updated 13" MacBook Pro today is we can finally stop saying "MacBook Escape" ... »
The World-Class Photography of Ebony and Jet Is Priceless History. It’s Still Up for Sale. | Perspectives on History | AHA
Black History on the auction block: the iconic photo archive of Ebony and Jet is up for sale. »
Teen hate crime: Swatiskas, racist graffiti divide a Maryland high school - Washington Post
I don't think I've ever reported a story that taught me as much about America as this one did. h... »
‎Cowboy Bebop, The Complete Series on iTunes
Cowboy Bebop: The Complete Series is $4.99 on iTunes »
A Class Riot at Brooklyn’s Grace Church School
No one does a crazy NYC rich people story like @jpressler and this one is a doozy. »
Diffusion Network
hey! we've got a new *THING* launching today! We've been doing lots of podcasts for lovely people, so we're launching a network to help b... »
@TanekaStotts Someone else on my feed just shared this article from when the game came out, and it might be useful to some who don't unde... »
Ok but really - we did some cool things today and our team blows me away daily. Check out what we've been up to »