How An Élite University Research Center Concealed Its Relationship with Jeffrey Epstein | The New Yorker
With the details in this new article I'm prepared to say go fuck yourself to Media Lab Director @Joi as well. You need to resign in disgr... »
Empty Heaven OST by Ian Parman
Made some tunes for the Famicase exhibition game jam Only a couple so far but it feels good to be writing music ... »
Newark Airport Chaos After Racial Profiling Of Two Men
What Caused The Mass Panic At Newark Airport? Racism. via @ambiej »
Apple Just Shipped Web Components to Production and You Probably Missed It - DEV Community
Apple Just Shipped Web Components to Production and You Probably Missed It »
Compostable Poly Mailers - Lumi
Launch alert ? @Lumi now has compostable poly mailers for price points that rival their old school petroleum ba... »
Stripe Capital: Flexible financing in as little as one day
Stripe Capital is super-smart. Revenue-based debt financing that is repaid directly from your Stripe transactions. An incredible way to a... »
Simon & Garfunkel - Greatest Hits (HD) (Video Collection) MUSIC LEGENDS - YouTube
Never forget that Art Garfunkel is an American treasure. »
Gaming's #MeToo Moment and the Tyranny of Male Fragility | WIRED
FWIW this wired article is really powerful and worth reading »
A message about iOS security - Apple
Apple’s post implies that Google was exaggerating the case. Google’s team didn’t mention reports that Android (in use directly and in var... »
Relay FM Family Feud - YouTube
My reaction when you tell me you haven’t watched the @_RelayFM live event yet »
Family Of Deported Filipino Chicago-Area Woman Says Goodbye | WBEZ
The narrative of the "good" immigrant will not protect you. »
"If there’s something I’m not qualified to do, it’s a sure bet I’ll jump right in and do it." »
Atheist’s teen daughter is going to Quaker meetings: parenting advice from Care and Feeding.
my friends tell me that my kids are going to rebel by becoming republican finance bros, i would LOVE if it looked more like this https://... »
The Work Diary of Parisa Tabriz, Google’s ‘Security Princess’ - The New York Times
The @nytimes asked me what a typical work week looked like, so I shared a diary with @kateconger »
There’s Another Tomato Plant in the East River - The New York Times
The best thing about this delightful story is the cherry tomato recipes at the end. »
Gamasutra: Chris Zukowski's Blog - How Steam users see your game
How Steam users see your game: An analysis of what players are looking for »
Apple rewrote Siri to 'deflect' questions about feminism | Technology | The Guardian
Scoop: We've received 100+ pages of leaked documents from within Apple's Siri team »
Etsy’s free shipping push asks sellers to compete with Amazon - Vox
Another checkmark in the "Things that wouldn't be a problem if we broke Amazon up" column. »