Those of you who signed this letter, who asked you to sign it? Having read the New Yorker story, which of you will ask to have your name ... »
You can buy it here! I think @whichlight also has some on him at @xoxo »
Hey #xoxofest, this is the campaign @blackbelteagles mentioned. Help the Chinook Nation reach their goal! »
So yeah, this happened ? #procreate #procreate5 #5ComesAlive »
Running in the 90 Lane - Beat Saber [PROJECT SPRINT: TEASER] - YouTube
Time to get your running shoes on! 90 Lane @BeatSaber on the @oculus Quest. Full video: This vid... »
Authorities in Rio confiscate 'inappropriate' books at International Book Fair
This is not good. Authorities in Rio confiscate 'inappropriate' books at International Book Fair »
Printing Adult Juice Box on a Risograph by Adult Juice Box — Kickstarter
Just backed the kickstarter for Adult Juice Box, a zine about wine from #xoxofest pal and International Brotherhood of Phil’s member @p... »
Newark Airport Chaos After Racial Profiling Of Two Men
This is bad. They're assuming people who look like me are terrorists or shooters now. Enough to cause a panic for absolutely zero reaso... »
20 Photos of Trans Elders Who Have Survived by Jess T. Dugan
Trans elders exist. Its important for younger people to know that and see that. »