On Joi and MIT - Lessig - Medium
[email protected] realizing he had over intellectualized @Joi’s dealings with Epstein when the matter was much more straightforward »
has been memory holed, the domain abandoned. But info on the Internet has the halflife of radioactive… »
New on Dear Designer: stop arguing about who’s fault it is! »
Gaming's #MeToo Moment and the Tyranny of Male Fragility | WIRED
“‘Not a convicted multiple rapist’ is not, in fact, the gold standard for male behavior.” »
The Book of Prince | The New Yorker
“Funk is the opposite of magic. Funk is about rules.” —Prince cf. Bootsy’s Basic Funk Formula »
Why Joi Ito needs to resign | The Tech
And what about @RuMboya? A *student* at @medialab who had the clarity and vision to call for what was right despite knowing exactly what ... »
The Case for Climate Rage – Popula
It's exactly shit like Franzen's essay in the @NewYorker that prompted me to write this »
Giant Bomb
Sound check completed and ready to mildly rock!! Crazy time warp for us all. @ Noon ET, come hang out… »
Internet Archive: Wayback Machine
Wayback Machine is on a tear: now 784Billion web objects (~784,103,430,000) at uh, please don… »