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Introducing Our New Company Brand »
I Got Access to My Secret Consumer Score. Now You Can Get Yours, Too. - The New York Times
I'm too filled with anxiety and dread to finish reading this now »
Notification of upcoming user blog changes
They killed kinja over the herb blog »
This is the Google Trends graph for "well that escalated quickly". (h/t »
YouTube Bans Sebastian Gorka Because He Won’t Stop Playing Imagine Dragons
YouTube banned Sebastian Gorka because he won't stop playing Imagine Dragons on his channel. »
Designing the Facebook Company Brand
"a new brand system designed for clarity" ? »
Twitter hates me. The Des Moines Register fired me. Here’s what really happened. - Columbia Journalism Review
Unspoken in all this: the design decisions that Twitter has made (permanent public archives, encouragement of viral outrage) that basical... »
This Cat Makes No Sense - YouTube
I spent a lot of time researching cat eyes so you don't have to! Also...these cats are very cute »
PureCSS Lace
Oh haha yeah forgot the link »
Richard Ford, pissed about negative review, spits on Colson Whitehead |
very cool! hey remember when he literally spat on a young black author »
Leon Cooperman tears up talking about America, Elizabeth Warren
All we want is to know that billionaires care! That gives us all the comfort we need to face the hardships of income inequality. “They ca... »
Adobe, The New York Times Company and Twitter Announce Content Authenticity Initiative to Develop Industry Standard for Content Attributi...
Help me I have died from the RICHNESS of the NYT working to ensure proper attribution of work in other places. »
Opinion | Martin Scorsese: I Said Marvel Movies Aren’t Cinema. Let Me Explain. - The New York Times
Uh excuse me Mr. Scorsese but in Endgame the fate of all of humanity is AT RISK which you would know if you had watched the film. https:/... »
A Design System Governance Process
✎ A Design System Governance Process In this post, I detail the work involved in going from "I don… »
A MAZE. NOT DEAD by A MAZE. — Kickstarter
I'm backing the new @AMazeFest Kickstarter campaign. One of the world's leading art/games festival, apparently they lost some government ... »
Nasa's Voyager 2 sends back its first message from interstellar space | Science | The Guardian
“The two Voyagers will outlast Earth,” said Kurth. “They’re in their own orbits around the galaxy for 5bn years or longer. And the probab... »
DigiTimes: Apple Partnering With Valve to Develop AR Headset - MacRumors
Report: Apple Partnering With Valve to Develop AR Headset »
‎Adobe Photoshop on the App Store
Y’all might know about this by now, but before I head to bed: the new Adobe Photoshop app for iPad went live Sunday night. I’ve played wi... »
Pome by Matthew Ogle
?Pome, @flaneur’s wonderful daily poem newsletter, is BACK. ? »