Cards Against Humanity Ass Pack + 2000s Nostalgia Pack
? Two new Cards Against Humanity packs... the 2000's Nostalgia Pack and the Ass Pack, with special guest writer Sir Mix-A-Lot (we call hi... »
NYC Opens $500 Million Decoy Subway Station To Catch Turnstile Jumpers »
Microsoft's 4 day workweek led to 40% boost in productivity - Business Insider
Long been a fan of this idea simply b/c the work week as-is is too unconstrained. Also the 30 min meeting limit is fascinating to consid... »
Mitch McConnell, that’s who. The is the most unpopular senator in the country. »
Tech and Liberty – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
"Alexander Hamilton was against the Bill of Rights, particularly the First Amendment." »
The Aughts Pouf (or Was It the Bump?): An Investigation
I literally started bringing this back recently I wore my hair like this yesterday »
The Evolution of Material Design’s Text Fields - Google Design - Medium
As someone who was always frustrated by the design of the old Material form fields, this case study is very.... validating »
Please, stop telling me which good books are actually bad | The Outline
Let this be the end of the “but what books are secretly bad” discussion. »
PureCSS Lace
Pure CSS Lace by Diana Smith. »
Brand New: New Logo for Facebook, Inc. done In-house with Dalton Maag and Saffron
So, beyond the obvious stunting on ALL CAPS, it’s worth looking at what Facebook is trying to do with introducing this brand. First, it’s... »
Opinion | Martin Scorsese: I Said Marvel Movies Aren’t Cinema. Let Me Explain. - The New York Times
Interesting read: Martin Scorsese: I Said Marvel Movies Aren’t Cinema. Let Me Explain. »
Turns Out Blogging Is Hard - VICE
Blogging is an actual skilled form of writing! Bloggers, do not let the capitalists pretend your labor is an undifferentiated commodity! ... »
Grand Theft Auto maker hasn't paid corporation tax in 10 years / Boing Boing
Grand Theft Auto maker hasn't paid corporation tax in 10 years »
I Got Access to My Secret Consumer Score. Now You Can Get Yours, Too. - The New York Times
It's interesting that we get upset about China openly creating a social score for its citizens; and yet we don't pass national laws to ke... »
‘Game-Changer’ Warrant Let Detective Search Genetic Database - The New York Times
This should scare the crap out of you, even if you have never done a spit test: A warrant was approved to let a detective search the gene... »
Virginia election State Senate results | The Washington Post
Democrats LEAD in the Virginia Senate. Ain't over yet. »
How Bubble Tea Became a Complicated Symbol of Asian-American Identity - Eater
you should read @jennygzhang's magnum (b)o(ba)-pus on bubble tea for @eater (also i apologize for this terrible pun) »
Thousands of scientists declared a climate emergency, outline steps to address it - The Washington Post
More than 11,000 scientists from around the world declare a "climate emergency" »
Samsara | Slate Star Codex
This is basically a story about parenting. »
New Library Is a $41.5 Million Masterpiece. But About Those Stairs. - The New York Times
“Part of what universal design is about is allowing everyone to independently enjoy spaces.” What a miss not to bake accessibility into d... »
Sondland Updates Impeachment Testimony, Describing Ukraine Quid Pro Quo - The New York Times
I bet you did. “In the addendum, Mr. Sondland said he had “refreshed my recollection” after reading the testimony given by Mr. Taylor an... »
Mother Dies After Halloween Crash That Killed Husband and Toddler - The New York Times
as of october, more than 6,300 pedestrians have been killed in the united states this year »
I'm Bong Joon Ho, Director of Parasite. AMA. : movies
"It was all very shocking, and we felt very bad" »
Microsoft Surface Pro X review: ARM processor hurts app compatibility - The Verge
Here’s my Microsoft Surface Pro X review. It runs better than I expected on the ARM processor — but there’s just no easy way to know if t... »
Sketch version control & design workflow management - Abstract
Abstract helps teams build products together ✨ See the new »
Book: You Look Like A Thing — Janelle Shane
My book You Look Like a Thing and I Love You is out today!!!!! I've spent two years writing (and drawing) this book about artificial in... »
Official Ballot Drop Sites | Multnomah County
MY FELLOW OREGONIANS! take thee ballots to a dropside by 8PM! DO NOT MAIL THEM. need to find a dropside? + frien... »
San Francisco League of Pissed Off Voters
San Francisco: remember to get out and vote today! Vote Chesa Boudin for DA! If you’re in district 5, vote for Dean Preston! Off-year e... »