May 20-21 / 2PM to 2PM ET - #NamingTheLost
Everyone deserves to be named. Live now and for 24 hours, #NamingTheLost »
Is going to space truly essential during a pandemic? | Engadget
I wrote about space and I regret to inform you they cut the part where I called the moon 2024 stuff "weird boomer... »
Textmoji · Create custom text emoji
is a new project from @Postlight Labs. It lets you make fun little “textmojis” for @SlackHQ that you can quickly ... »
Fundraiser by Daniel Conway : Doughbies Recipe COVID Fundraiser
Uh if you were as upset as I was that @Doughbies is gone forever… they’ve made their amazing chocolate-chip cookie recipe available in ex... »
Alison Roman, Bon Appétit, and the Global Pantry Problem - Eater
Remember a month ago when I said @navalang was one of the best writers, period? Yeah, I definitely stand by that »
The life and death of courtesy of the first issue of MSCHF Magazine. »
Google Says It Will Not Build Custom A.I. for Oil and Gas Extraction
But the good news is that Google had a change of heart and has backed away from enabling the oil industry, pledging that it will no longe... »
Shopify Balance : You own your business. Now own your finances.
Looks like @Shopify just launched banking, take that Axe. Business banking is so tired, this could be huge. http... »
Follow the butterfly
Animate a 3d character with your eyes! ? Check it out here: Made with eye tracking library WebGaze… »
Shopify Reunite
Don't forget to tune in for #ShopifyReunite today at 11:00 am EDT. »
Notes From Our Homes to Yours - The New York Times
For everyone who asks me for horror movie recs, I made you something spooky!!! »
Introducing Feminist Propaganda | Dropbox Design
My company is printing and distributing feminist propaganda and I love it »
‘I Want to Be an Artist but I’m Paralyzed by Fear’ - Ask Polly
"You will not win by proving them wrong. You will not win by explaining yourself. You will only win through compassion, and through the s... »
#namingthelost: "Everyone deserves to be named. Live now and for 24 hours, #NamingTheLost"
Everyone deserves to be named. Live now and for 24 hours, #NamingTheLost »
States Are Reopening: See How Coronavirus Cases Rise or Fall | ProPublica
Wow. Really helpful, just out from @propublica »
A work of sublime genius »
Why Coronavirus Exposure Notifications And Contact Tracing Are Very Different Things
What Are Exposure Notifications, And How Are They Different From Contact Tracing? via @carolineha_ »
Candidates with same name running for the same political position | INFORUM
the similarities don't just stop with the names. via @asmallteapot »
All You Need to Know About Your Start-Up’s Financials
“New entrepreneurs generally do not have a firm grasp of how financing works or even how their financial statements should look like. ” —... »
Founder stories: Jelani Memory, founder of A Kids Book About - Crowdcast
Looking forward to chatting with @Jelanimemory tomorrow. He's been a founder with @meetcircle and his latest endeavor @akidsbookabout. Yo... »
Lockdown Delays Cost at Least 36,000 Lives, Data Show - The New York Times
This is so infuriating. In Seattle we knew it was here, our team was WFH starting March 2nd »
Testing, conversation settings
Are reply guys just gonna become quote tweet guys now? »
Pair accused of helping Carlos Ghosn flee arrested in Boston - Los Angeles Times
Can't wait for the rest of this story to come out. Some real tradecraft in use here. »
Welcome to the End of the ‘Human Climate Niche’
I found a new outdoor activity for all the people who are protesting about being cooped up inside. »
Greetings From The Wasteland by The Nib — Kickstarter
Okay, got this ready to drop tomorrow. You can sign up to get a notification here and grab that early bird—they'll be gone almost instant... »
Opinion | I Was Supposed to Eat at a Restaurant. I Bailed. - The New York Times
I was supposed to eat at a restaurant for this column. I bailed. I wrote about why. Among the very real anxieties of living in a reopened... »
Twitter is testing a way to let you limit replies to your tweets - The Verge
Twitter is rolling out an option where you can tweet but limit who can reply. (I can only assume th… »
Microsoft hid lots of secret nerdy messages to devs in its Build stream - The Verge
Mental note, don't let me talk to the Press. #MsBuild @tomwarren "We [really] thought this out. We didn’t just pull Build out of our butt... »
The COVID-19 Recession May Change The Way Americans Spend Forever
“After 9/11, and again after the 2008 recession, there was the idea that consumers should somehow patriotically spend to revive the econo... »
We Live in a Patchwork Pandemic Now - The Atlantic
A very important evaluation of where we are in the pandemic from the indispensable @edyong209 https… »
AITA for sending an angry message to a 10 year old who ruined my Animal Crossing island? : AmItheAsshole
AITA for sending an angry message to a 10 year old who ruined my Animal Crossing island? https://… »
Stay in the Game Relief Fund
Last day to donate to this relief fund, benefitting these hard working organizations in games »
Go to now! Did you already donate in the primary race? THATS GREAT. You can donate AGAIN and it wi… »
working on more animation for @FloppyKnights today from 3-5pm PST on I'll be hanging out in chat if you wanna wa... »
Tonight I fulfill a 10 year promise to become a Conceptual Artist. I hope you can join me. »