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Issue 1: Everything takes time
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On the Spotify-Joe Rogan Deal and the Coming Death of Independent Podcasting - BIG by Matt Stoller
Joe Rogan is getting $100m in exchange for putting his podcast behind Spotify's paywall. 1/ »
THE HOOD INTERNET presents 1987 - YouTube
1987 was a really good year for music. This is really fun/good. »
Jack Barth Interview: 'Yesterday' Writer Claims He Was Rolled
How one #YesterdayMovie screenwriter's dream became something of a nightmare »
Gradually, Then Suddenly – Matt Mullenweg
Distributed work happened slowly, then all at once »
Th3rd Stage at Scottfest - YouTube
“Oh weird, that’s what they look like now?” »
Mark Zuckerberg on taking his massive workforce remote - The Verge
I’m not saying I’m just saying this week The Verge has interviews with both Sundar Pichai and Mark Zuckerberg about how they managing the... »
Sprinklr Coffee Club - With special guest Adam Duvander - YouTube
Today: great advice on social media marketing to one of the toughest audiences around (software developers) - lessons we can all benefit ... »
Is Ben Smith’s column about Ronan Farrow too good to be true?
everyone who was gushing over ben smith's ronan farrow column should probably reconsider »
Glendale, Arizona Shooting: 3 Injured By Gunman Using Snapchat
Here's what we know about the shooting in Glendale, AZ, so far »
Microsoft Surface Book 3 Review: The Perfect Laptop for Coding, Gaming, and Zooming | OneZero
My review of the @surface Book 3: a laptop that's ready for anything you want to throw at it »
5649 Hillside Dr, Felton, CA 95018 | MLS #ML81792470
Not sure why there has been such a wealth of real estate listings recent, but it's making me so happy. This one is less about the house ... »
Announcing the New Photos Field Guide — MacSparky
It Lives! The second edition Photos Field Guide is now available. »
Greetings From The Wasteland by The Nib — Kickstarter
This is nearly the full line up for The Nib's book collection of our best political cartoons from this hellish era »
Building a physical <blink> tag! – Terence Eden’s Blog
New blog post! I've built a physical &lt;blink&gt; tag! Please forgive me ? »
The CDC and States Are Misreporting COVID-19 Test Data - The Atlantic
‘How Could the CDC Make That Mistake?’ /this was not a mistake—the goal, as dictated from the hydrochloriquine en... »
Warren pivots on 'Medicare for All' in bid to become Biden's VP
This is 800 words rambling around a single remark: "people want to see improvements in our health care system, and that means strengtheni... »
Microsoft Build proves splashy tech events can thrive online - CNN
"...a small human wearing bright green pajamas appeared in the doorway behind Scott Hanselman." @ CNN #msbuild »
Black bear running loose in Gresham neighborhood -
Black bear running loose in Gresham neighborhood »
🔪Taylor's 🔪 Horror 🔪Movie 🔪Recs 🔪 - Google Drive
ok @TaylorLorenz new york times google doc of horror movie recommendations is a sight to behold https… »
China to impose sweeping national security law in Hong Kong, bypassing city's legislature - The Washington Post
The greatest mistake of liberals (of all kinds) is to imagine that history is inevitable, whether that means imagining that technology wi... »
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Drawn to Sex - The Basics by Erika Moen — Kickstarter
One more "Drawn to Sex: Our Bodies and Health" book pre-order will bump our pledge amount over 28k! We use this money not just to make th... »
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