Nearly half 'reopen America' Twitter accounts are bots: report - Business Insider
Roughly half of the Twitter accounts pushing to 'reopen America' are bots, researchers found »
I made a thing! Say hello to -- the simple, always up-to-date GUI for Windows Package Manager! ⚡️ Br… »
Adult Swim rescues best birdie buds Tuca & Bertie for season 2
Good news for people who like extremely good cartoons »
Lunchbox — Sandwich
While making our new commercial for @SlackHQ (from home), we realized we could formalize our remote shoot process and repeat it for other... »
Mothers are quitting their jobs to care for kids during coronavirus - The Lily
woof, living in Goochland, Virginia in all senses of the word »
Islander – TheKey.Company
1 week in! ? Over 1k Islander keysets sold globally! ? »
Head Pointer - YouTube
Head Pointer is a new macOS accessibility feature. Here’s how to set it up! SPOILER: You don… »
The Case for Letting the Restaurant Industry Die | The New Yorker
“Who can we expect to win, who can we expect to lose? Spoiler: it’s the same people who win, the same people who lose.” I talked to Tun... »
Slack: How We Made “Slack WFH” — Sandwich
What methods oh I'm so glad you asked, because we made a tight little “Making Of” documentary about the whole process. I encourage you to... »
COVID Shield
We just open sourced the latest component of our work. The mobile app is now available »
Hong Chau Profile: On Homecoming, Watchmen and More
i talked to hong chau about watchmen, downsizing, and why she hates bourgeois critics »
Headspace for Los Angeles County Residents – Help Center
this is cool: headspace is free for the rest of 2020 if you live in LA county »
Why the Economy Is Headed for a Post-Coronavirus Depression
"It took us ten years — between 2009 and 2019 — to create 22 million jobs. And we’ve lost 30 million jobs in two months." »
Sleigh Bells' 'Treats' Turns 10 - Stereogum
Sleigh Bells (@sleighbells)'s prophetically loud debut album 'Treats' turns 10 »
The Anti-Mask League: lockdown protests draw parallels to 1918 pandemic | World news | The Guardian
Spent a lot of time this week thinking about the Anti-Mask League in 1918 and how it caused the flu to rebound in San Francisco. Just de... »
Paying Remote Employees Fairly - Blair Reeves
It's not yet clear to me that salaries should be the same regardless of geo, but people i respect - like @photomatt @44 & @BlairReeve... »
The Coronavirus Quieted City Noise. Listen to What’s Left. - The New York Times
29 of NYC's 30 quietest days in the last 3 years have been during the pandemic. It's as if every day sounded like Christmas in New York. ... »
Covid 19 Coronavirus: Government's economic response slammed for favouring men - NZ Herald
"women were just 14.4% of the construction workforce, and 24.5% of the electricity, gas, water and waste service... »
Opinion | The Coronavirus and a World Without Meat - The New York Times
"One meal in front of the other, it’s time to cross the threshold. On the other side is home." »
How to See, in Four Minutes - The New York Times
In this Sunday’s @nytimes: How to See, in Four Minutes. »
PAC-MAN Recreated with AI by NVIDIA Researchers | NVIDIA Blog
40 Years On, Pac-Man Recreated with AI by Nvidia Researchers »
Two Very Different Democrats: What a Biden-Warren Ticket Might Be Like - The New York Times
When two people from different views get together out of principle to fight for our democracy and win the election, you know their hearts... »
Doordash and Pizza Arbitrage - Margins by Ranjan Roy and Can Duruk
1) this is an incredible scam 2) capitalism is so broken »
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New York City Absentee Ballot Request »