Wow, I can’t wait to read the world’s only living sports blog! »
New! Introducing an experimental new platform for weird and wonderful expressions of who you are an… »
L.A. Designates Open-Air Dining Areas Along 101 Freeway Median
L.A. Designates Open-Air Dining Areas Along 101 Freeway Median »
Stella Immanuel, Trump’s New COVID-19 Doctor, Believes in Alien DNA, Demon Sperm, and Hydroxychloroquine
Holy shit. The doctor in the video is even more ridiculous than you could possibly imagine. »
“Defendant Shall Not Attend Protests”: In Portland, Getting Out of Jail Requires Relinquishing Constitutional Rights — ProPublica
A dozen Portland protestors are being banned from “public gatherings” as a condition of federal pre-trial release, a practice one ACLU la... »
Come watch tonight at 8 PM CT for the next episode of #devopspartygames, featuring yours truly playing against @pczarkowski @Dixie3Flatl... »
Planning for CES 2021 - CES 2021
#CES2021 as a live event: CANCELED. For the first time since 1997, I won't have the first half of January dominated by spending a week wi... »
Statement by Jeff Bezos to the U.S. House Committee on the Judiciary
"Just like the world needs small companies, it also needs large ones," Jeff Bezos argues in prepared remarks defending Amazon against acc... »
Transit chimes by chord interval | by Denise Lu | Jul, 2020 | Medium | Medium
This article by @DeniseDSLu categorizing transit stops by the intervals they play over the P.A. is the exact sort of content I log on for... »
The new @DescriptApp Pro is epic! Full integration of @LyrebirdAi (aka Overdub); better filler words removal; custom audiograms; more pub... »
Introducing the new batch of Substack fellows - Substack Blog
*clicks subscribe over and over and over and over* »
Google to Keep Employees Home Until Summer 2021 Amid Coronavirus Pandemic - WSJ
Google tells 200,000 employees they’ll be working from home until summer 2021. Yikes. »
Gas Mask Buyer’s Guide
A great guide to Gas Masks, TL;DR: Surplus gas masks won't protect you as much as you think »
Modular Mondays #10 7/27/20: ~Dreamcast Vibes~ (Roland TR-8S and eurorack modular) - YouTube
the hottest Modular Mondays of the year thus far requires some bounce full video »
[HOPE 2020] Stream 1
Data for black lives streaming on HOPE conference right now #BlackLivesMatter @hopeconf »
Deadspin Staffers Who Quit Start Defector - The New York Times
"If you’re going to take a moonshot, you may as well do it exactly the way you want to." »
Newly Released Data Shows 1 Out Of Every 9 NYPD Officers Has A Confirmed Record Of Misconduct - Gothamist
Newly Released Data Shows 1 Out Of Every 9 NYPD Officers Has A Confirmed Record Of Misconduct via @… »
Face masks are breaking facial recognition algorithms, says new government study - The Verge
Wear your face mask and defeat corona virus and facial recognition at the same time ? »
Their Businesses Went Virtual. Then Apple Wanted a Cut. - The New York Times
Apple demanding a 30% cut of Airbnb's pivot to virtual experiences or threatening to remove them from the App Store is yet another great ... »
Barr testimony live updates: Attorney General testifies on protests, cases involving Trump allies - The Washington Post
"We are on the defense, we are not looking for trouble" They're on the defense? They're the ones with high-velocity rifles, chemical wea... »
'Challenge Accepted' on Instagram: Black and White Selfies for Women - The New York Times
The amount of vitriol I’m getting from the black and white selfie crowd is out of this world. It’s not that deep! The dumb black and whit... »
Anti-fascists linked to zero murders in the US in 25 years | US news | The Guardian
Some stats on right-wing violence vs. left-wing violence in the U.S. »
How the eviction crisis will impact each state
Here's how the eviction crisis will impact each state. »
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Wow: Apparently AOC mostly went off the cuff for last week's incredibly eloquent speech, with just an outline to go on. It didn't even ... »
Protests for July 27 – Re: Portland
Yesterday in Portland, the feds teargassed everyone downtown after doubling down on the rhetoric that protesters are a bunch of violent a... »
I reiterate that Blaseball is the best, weirdest game you're probably not playing but should be »