Yes. This is what a dystopian authoritarian state looks like. »
Top Four 66: Face Masks 😷 — Top Four — Overcast
Top Four: Face Masks ? After using many different masks over the last few months, @tiffanyarment and I ranked ou... »
How to Have a Powwow in a Pandemic | The Nib
How to have a Powwow in a pandemic »
Online Platforms and Market Power, Part 6: Examining the Dominance of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and G - YouTube
Congressional antitrust hearings should be starting any minute now. Here’s the livestream, 14,475 viewers are currently waiting for it to... »
Tatiana Mac: “System of Systems” — Clarity 2019 - YouTube
Here is @TatianaTMac with “System of Systems” #clarity2019 »
Modular Mondays #10 7/27/20: ~Dreamcast Vibes~ (Roland TR-8S and eurorack modular) - YouTube
the hottest Modular Mondays of the year thus far requires some bounce full video »
Baghdad, Iraq, hits 125 degrees, shattering all-time record - The Washington Post
“Baghdad, Iraq, hits 125 degrees, shattering all-time record.” »
Protests for July 28 – Re: Portland
Last night's downtown protests saw a slightly smaller crowd and were mostly calm until around 2 AM, as press began to leave and the feds ... »
‘Instagram can hurt us’: Mark Zuckerberg emails outline plan to neutralize competitors - The Verge
NEW: Here are the documents the House obtained about Facebook’s purchase of Instagram — including Zuckerberg’s discussion about “neutrali... »
Climate change: How building a clean-energy electric grid could create a jobs boom | Fortune
Two wrongs don't make a right, but two crises can make a solution that works for both. We can fix climate and unemployment at the same ti... »
More Than 6,300 Coronavirus Cases Have Been Linked to U.S. Colleges - The New York Times
Many of the first arrivals on campus have been athletes hoping to compete this fall. A Times survey of 130 universities with Division I a... »
Economics is a disgrace – macromom blog
my new #macromom post: *Economics is a disgrace* »
Gov. Kate Brown announces ‘phased’ removal of federal officers from Portland - OPB
Don't start celebrating yet, Portland. They have lied before. »
Reading: Cory Doctorow | Schedule | CoNZealand
Saturday at 530PM Pac/830PM East: a reading from ATTACK SURFACE, the third Little Brother novel (this is the first-ever reading I've done... »
What Tim Cook Left Out Of His Version Of App Store History
I had to do some fact-checking of the version of app-distribution history that Tim Cook is about to tell at today's tech-CEOs hearing. Ye... »
From the Start, Federal Agents Demanded a Role in Suppressing Anti-Racism Protests - The New York Times
From the Start, Federal Agents Demanded a Role in Suppressing Anti-Racism Protests »
Opinion | We Lost the Battle for the Republican Party’s Soul Long Ago - The New York Times
I found this an interesting and semi-revelatory opinion piece about the strands of thinking inside the Republican Party »
Jen Sorensen – The Nib
From sea to shining sea! @JenSorensen ✒ »
Save Our Stages
Since this is getting a little traction: Ask your congresspeople to support #SaveOurStages. Artists need venues to make magic happen for... »
Tonight at 7pm PT! @marlowedobbe will be live updating her jam game's @itchio page on ? Join in to le… » Car Seats, Strollers, Baby Registry - Free Shipping
Jeff Bezos can’t remember anything specific about the ancient acquisition other than that he spent exactly $300 m... »
So who had coming back on their 2020 bingo card…? »