The Secret IRS Files: Trove of Never-Before-Seen Records Reveal How the Wealthiest Avoid Income Tax — ProPublica
The Secret IRS Files: Trove of Never-Before-Seen Records Reveal How the Wealthiest Avoid Income Tax »
✨ Playdate Update — 6/8/2021 - YouTube
One hour to go! Can’t sit still! Ahhhhh! »
Hey this happens today! You can register at I’m gonna try to screenshare some live drawing which I do uhhhhhh ba... »
Panic: Say Hello to Playdate — Sandwich
Also this @sandwich-produced ad is really delightful too. »
COVID-19 vaccine sites | San Francisco
Vaccine drop-ins now available at Moscone Center 10am-6pm daily! No appointment necessary! go to for mo… »
The Upcoming Remote Work Company Culture War - Ed Zitron's Where's Your Ed At
"Those who manage but don’t do work love talking about how the office is this magical collaboration circus, where the brilliance of human... »
Say Hello to Playdate!! - YouTube
I really love this video that @sandwich made for @playdate »
New York Times, Stop Union Busting
If you also want The New York Times to stop union busting, please sign this petition. We could use everyone's voice here: employees, subs... »
Everything is a Remix 2021 Trailer - YouTube
Everything is still a remix! Go @remixeverything go »
Shedding More Light on How Instagram Works
IG blog post breaking down how they rank things in Feed, Stories, Explore, and Reels. Also touches on "shadowbanning" »
Proud to be the 7th ? on @BackerKit for Teaching A Robot To Love: A Doubleclicks Musical. Thanks @thedoubleclicks »
9/11 and 1/6 - Thinking about...
I wish I could find something to disagree with in this piece, but I can't. We're watching the end of democracy ... »
Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Great Budget Vacuum Former! - YouTube
Today's tool tip: a budget (dentist!) vacuum former that's PERFECT for any beginner or inspiring modelmaker! http... »
✨ Playdate Update — 6/8/2021 - YouTube
i’m so excited for this lil fucker »
Farewell, Millennial Lifestyle Subsidy - The New York Times
Welcome back to Transit, folks. It's clean, it's fast and you can ride 30+ miles for $2.75 »
iCloud Private Relay and other Apple WWDC privacy features
Want to work on iCloud Private Relay? Ping me! »
Gaslight Gatekeep Girlboss, explained - Vox
“The rise and fall of the girlboss says more about how comfortable we’ve become mixing capitalism with social justice, as we look to corp... »
Bloomberg - Are you a robot?
I spoke with Bloomberg about NYT management's recent escalation of the anti-union campaign, including in my case mislabeling me as a supe... »
Everything is a Remix 2021 Trailer - YouTube
Kirby Ferguson is bringing back Everything Is A Remix! »
In addition to a new “Writing Inclusively” section of the Apple Style Guide ? »
New to "Apple Style Guide": Writing Inclusively <3 #WWDC21 »
Inclusion - Technologies - Human Interface Guidelines - Apple Developer
? So glad to share that there are now inclusive design principles in Human Interface Guidelines. #WWDC21 https:/... »
Labs - WWDC21 - Apple Developer
Design labs are back at #WWDC21 and appointment requests start now and last throughout the week! You’ll get to review your work 1-1 with... »
MoviePass Deceived Users So They’d Use It Less, F.T.C. Says - The New York Times
The rise and fall of MoviePass truly deserves a dramatically told podcast limited series. https://t.c… »
Adobe launches M1 Mac-native versions of Lightroom Classic and more - The Verge
Adobe launches M1 Mac-native versions of Lightroom Classic, Illustrator, and InDesign. »
WWDC 2021: Shortcuts for Mac – Six Colors
It's #WWDC2021 day two and @ismh has heard the good news about Mac Shortcuts: (And for the record, my complex bl... »
‎Made for Spatial Audio on Apple Music
Listening to the new spatial audio playlist on Apple Music and I have to admit, it’s pretty great. »
Indie bundle for Palestinian Aid by Tybawai and 865 others -
9% away from the goal of $500,000. ~1,000 games by 800 developers are yours for $5 or more - and all proceeds go to humanitarian aid in P... »
Apple Developer Documentation
[NS]AttributedString now supports Markdown. »
You’ll soon be able to use your iPhone as ID at the airport - The Verge
Because your wallet should be able to hold more than credit cards »
The Return of the Office – Accidentally in Code
The Return of the Office... and the Reckoning of the Job Market »
How Universal Control on macOS Monterey works - The Verge
Made a video and wrote a little thing on how Universal Control on macOS Monterey works. It’s clever! »
Jeff Bezos is going to space - CNN
Now he will finally know what it is like to have no choice but to piss in a bag »
And a freshly updated Playdate website. »
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We’re live now talking about #WWDC21 »
The #WWDC21 keynote available on is a whopping 7.88GB file!! I can't even imagine the bandwidth they're consumin... »