The Secret IRS Files: Trove of Never-Before-Seen Records Reveal How the Wealthiest Avoid Income Tax — ProPublica
Today, @propublica published the first in a series of blockbuster analyses of leaked tax data from America's richest billionaires - some ... »
Inside (The Songs)
The songs from Inside by Bo Burnham come out as an album on Thursday »
The Keystone XL Pipeline Is Officially Dead
It feels good to write these stories »
Download the Asana App for Mobile and Desktop • Asana
Did you hear? Our Asana desktop app is here! Download now for Mac or Windows ? »
Hey this happens today! You can register at I’m gonna try to screenshare some live drawing which I do uhhhhhh ba... »
Panic: Say Hello to Playdate — Sandwich
Also this @sandwich-produced ad is really delightful too. »
Fields of Watermelons Found On Mars, Police Say - Today in Tabs
i rarely know if @fka_tabs is subtly owning me or not when i appear in his excellent newsletter (i suppose that is both his gift and my c... »
The Work-From-Home Future Is Destroying Bosses' Brains - Ed Zitron's Where's Your Ed At
My substack today is about the fact that working from home is burning up boss' brains, because they l… »
2021 Eisner Awards Nominations | Comic-Con International: San Diego
Hey congratulations to this year’s Eisner nominees! »
Say Hello to Playdate!! - YouTube
I really love this video that @sandwich made for @playdate »
New York Times, Stop Union Busting
If you also want The New York Times to stop union busting, please sign this petition. We could use everyone's voice here: employees, subs... »
✨ Playdate Update — 6/8/2021 - YouTube
The @playdate update was so delightful it made me giggle out loud numerous times. »
Everything is a Remix 2021 Trailer - YouTube
Everything is still a remix! Go @remixeverything go »
Elin Hilderbrand and Casey McQuiston delete lines in novels due to social media outrage.
“it’s perplexing that people who are always rhapsodizing about how much they love reading can be so very bad at it” »
Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Great Budget Vacuum Former! - YouTube
Today's tool tip: a budget (dentist!) vacuum former that's PERFECT for any beginner or inspiring modelmaker! http... »
Bloomberg - Are you a robot?
I spoke with Bloomberg about NYT management's recent escalation of the anti-union campaign, including in my case mislabeling me as a supe... »
Shedding More Light on How Instagram Works
Algorithmic transparency from @Instagram: /tip @Techmeme »
✨ Playdate Update — 6/8/2021 - YouTube
i’m so excited for this lil fucker »
Move beyond passwords - WWDC 2021 - Videos - Apple Developer
Oh dang password managers just got sure-locked. »
WWDC 2021: macOS Monterey further blurs lines between Mac, Catalyst, and iPad apps – Six Colors
Today on @bleedsixcolors: macOS Monterey further blurs lines between Mac, Catalyst, and iPad apps »
Non-binary pronouns. It’s complicated, but wonderful things usually are. – The Bloggess
Hailey recently came out as non-binary. They are amazing. I need you to read this. »
After a Year of Protests, Portland Is Ready to Move On. But Where? - The New York Times
The demonstrations that swept the country after George Floyd’s death lived on for much of the year in Portland, a city now engaged in fin... »
Are People Really Wearing High Heels Again? - The New York Times
Crocs read our headline and said, wait just a minute »
Hundreds Arrested in Global Sting Using App Run by F.B.I. - The New York Times
This story is wild. “Anom devices were cellphones that had been stripped of all normal functions. Their only working app was disguised as... »
HBO Max has been busted for days - The Verge
HBO says they’re working to fix the issue “as quickly as possible” whatever that means ??? »
‎Made for Spatial Audio on Apple Music
If you’ve got AirPods and Apple Music, you need to listen to this Spatial Audio playlist: These just be… »
MoviePass Deceived Users So They’d Use It Less, F.T.C. Says - The New York Times
The rise and fall of MoviePass truly deserves a dramatically told podcast limited series. https://t.c… »
Can't See Pictures in Your Mind? You're Not Alone. - The New York Times
“This is not a disorder, it’s an intriguing variation in human experience.” ? Wish more people would talk about ASD like this researcher... »
Indie bundle for Palestinian Aid by Tybawai and 865 others -
2% away from our goal! Let's go!! Gift a bundle to a friend: #FreePalestine »
Adobe launches M1 Mac-native versions of Lightroom Classic and more - The Verge
Adobe launches M1 Mac-native versions of Lightroom Classic, Illustrator, and InDesign. »
Farewell, Millennial Lifestyle Subsidy - The New York Times
It’s easy to charge rack rate when you have destroyed the industries you disrupted. Uber can charge “full price” when it drove the cab in... »
how is this legal under the city charter? there is a minimum of the same number of service hours as in 1996. ht... »
This TikTok Star Is Turning the Tables on Microaggressions - The New York Times
This TikTok Star Is Turning the Tables on Microaggressions by @TaylorLorenz / @nytimes »
Facebook plans first smartwatch for next summer with two cameras - The Verge
Facebook is getting into watches. I can’t wait for the whole country to disagree on what time it »
And a freshly updated Playdate website. »
Photopea | Online Image Editor
Someone has literally recreated Photoshop feature for feature, for free, in the browser ? »
LASTLY there's a kickoff stream at 7pm PDT tomorrow at where Will and I will go over everything you need to know ... »
Oh, shit, git!
Git is hard. Screwing up is easy. Documentation is a mess. Introducing: Oh Shit, Git!?! ? »