Cottage Cuties @gabbydarienzo|Picrew
Surprise, I made a new Cottagecore themed Picrew! Make your very own cottage cutie: ? If you mak… »
The Democratic Party - Software Engineer
There hasn't been an open software engineering position on my team at @TheDemocrats since 2019, but there is now. We'd love help continui... »
And another new format featuring interesting payroll artifacts: @alialsumery explains how early payroll records were among humans’ first ... »
A new format featuring small but fascinating economies: Estonia has become a European tech hub and a global forerunner in e-government, b... »
@zoecooper91 As so many people lost jobs during the pandemic, more areas are experimenting with Universal Basic Income pilot programs. @k... »
But some pandemic challenges are still in need of solutions. Women have borne the brunt of job losses, especially at the lower end of the... »
In São Paulo, an instant digital payment system launched last year has changed how Brazilians do business, writes @maciel_edgar: https://... »
In India, a corporate social responsibility spending mandate has helped communities weather the pandemic. @pujabhattach explains: https:/... »
Companies in Nigeria are expanding financial wellness offerings to their employees, reports @jokeadeboyejo »
Musicians have found digital ways of connecting with fans and getting paid in this time when they couldn’t go on tour. @gilkauf goes deep... »
As businesses continually adapt to the pandemic, the power of the paycheck remains the one constant. You can read Issue 2 of the ADP ReTh... »
The Print Shop Club – Create Apple II Print Shop Printouts On-Line!
Whoa, run Apple II Print Shop in the browser, with a virtual printer that generates a PDF: OMG so m… »
Editorial: No, the Bay Area is not in the midst of a crime wave
"So is the Bay Area in the midst of any statistically identifiable crime wave? In a word, no." »
Honolulu Police Used a Robot Dog to Patrol a Homeless Encampment
this exact robot is being used by cops in Hawaii right now to patrol homeless encampments https:… »
The child tax credit’s TikTok memes suggest the policy has legs - Vox
The child tax credit is blowing up on TikTok. That should tell lawmakers something. »
Job-Hunters, Have You Posted Your Résumé on TikTok? - The New York Times
*Proud papa warning* @kallij’s summer so far: Step 1- move to NYC Step 2- get featured in the NYT Step 3- profit? »
Erin Gilmer, Disability Rights Activist, Dies at 38 - The New York Times
The big, old media outlets like The Times should be doing this stuff *while the person is still alive*. And they should be doing so with ... »
Opinion | Roxane Gay: Why People Are So Awful Online - The New York Times
This is a great piece by @rgay and if you disagree I will rain hellfire and chaos upon your mentions »
How Climate Change Hit Wine Country - The New York Times
Desperation has pushed some growers to spray sunscreen on grapes. Yes, you read that right. »
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Gestural typographic interpolation is going to get me to finally buy an iPad »
lets you fly freely around videogame environments, an incredible resource for environment and le… »