Square Business Banking | Square
Oh, hello. Great work, y’all. »
I'll Do It Tomorrow | Song A Day #726 - Song A Day | OpenSea
Yooooo pretty sure @sandyme0ws has one too?☠️?️ Here's mine! »
Cottage Cuties @gabbydarienzo|Picrew
Surprise, I made a new Cottagecore themed Picrew! Make your very own cottage cutie: ? If you mak… »
The Democratic Party - Software Engineer
There hasn't been an open software engineering position on my team at @TheDemocrats since 2019, but there is now. We'd love help continui... »
Introducing Sensitive Content Control - About Facebook
Instagram now has a slider you can use to determine how much ‘sensitive content’ you want to see. An experiment in putting content modera... »
Low Pay Is The Main Reason So Many Workers Are Quitting Restaurant Jobs : NPR
It’s weird how stories like this lead with rude customers and low pay, when those things have been true for decades. The new thing is a d... »
The Print Shop Club – Create Apple II Print Shop Printouts On-Line!
Whoa, run Apple II Print Shop in the browser, with a virtual printer that generates a PDF: OMG so m… »
Ahhhhh! The Kickstarter for A Compendium of Lesser-Known Cryptids is FINALLY LIVE! AND I CAN BACK IT! AND YOU CAN TOO! »
Top official with U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops resigns amid misconduct allegations - The Washington Post
‘Privacy’ can feel like an abstract concern until very suddenly it isn’t: Top U.S. Catholic Church official resigns after cellphone data ... »
One Dose of J.&J. Vaccine Is Ineffective Against Delta, Study Suggests - The New York Times
Well, this is a big deal, but not surprising for a single-shot. »
The child tax credit’s TikTok memes suggest the policy has legs - Vox
The child tax credit is blowing up on TikTok. That should tell lawmakers something. »
Samurai Gunn 2 on Steam
lets you fly freely around videogame environments, an incredible resource for environment and le… »
da share z0ne store
Want old-style proxy icons and a bigger grabbable title bar back? `defaults write NSWindowSupp… »