‘I’m sorry, but it’s too late’ Alabama doctor on treating unvaccinated, dying COVID patients - al.com
“One of the last things they do before they’re intubated is beg me for the vaccine. I hold their hand and tell them that I’m sorry, but i... »
Finally revealing a new project I started: Myxt. It's an app for your recordings. I'm using it for backups, sharing, and organizing tho ... »
I wish I couldn't believe the list of severe content warnings that come with this lawsuit on how women are treated at Activision-Blizzard... »
USAJOBS - Job Announcement
Hey techies who care about climate change: you could be the next Chief Technology Officer for NOAA. »
Delta variant risk for vaccinated: the real COVID “breakthrough cases” danger.
This is the absolute best thing (the whole piece) i've read about Delta stuff if you're a vaccinated person in the world just trying to d... »
I'll Do It Tomorrow | Song A Day #726 - Song A Day | OpenSea
Yooooo pretty sure @sandyme0ws has one too?☠️?️ Here's mine! »
Square Business Banking | Square
Does @Square banking revive the dream of @BankSimple? »
The Inevitable Weaponization of App Data Is Here
"Data brokers and advertising companies have lied to the public, assuring them that the information they collected was anonymous. As this... »
Tumblr starts letting bloggers charge a subscription - The Verge
I didn’t see Tumblr becoming Substack in 2021, but I’m here for it! »
Square Business Banking | Square
This is a very cool widget design on @Square's new Banking page »
Twitter for iOS begins testing dislike button for some users - 9to5Mac
Lots of negativity around Twitter adding 'dislike' buttons today. I think it's a mistake too, but I don't think it's as bad as people are... »
Lyft ditches Google Maps for Here, partners with Argo AI | Ars Technica
User privacy could be the next big value-add (this may be a biased hope on my part, but I’m okay with that): htt... »
Salesforce completes acquisition of Slack | Slack
Maybe Stewart and Cal can finally write that game now... »
Guest post: The Portland startup community is failing. Good. – Silicon Florist
After a breakfast where ⁦@bubs⁩ patiently listened to me, he said, “you should leave your job.” It took me months to realize he was right... »
Introducing Sensitive Content Control - About Facebook
Instagram now has a slider you can use to determine how much ‘sensitive content’ you want to see. An experiment in putting content modera... »
Portland’s Favorite Graffiti Tag Is Penis Girl. - Willamette Week
Whatever poll was taken to determine this @wweek nonsense, I hope the @Oregonian can rip it apart like the one that says Portland’s Least... »
Top official with U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops resigns amid misconduct allegations - The Washington Post
‘Privacy’ can feel like an abstract concern until very suddenly it isn’t: Top U.S. Catholic Church official resigns after cellphone data ... »
One Dose of J.&J. Vaccine Is Ineffective Against Delta, Study Suggests - The New York Times
Well, this is a big deal, but not surprising for a single-shot. »
The Truth Behind the Amazon Mystery Seeds From China - The Atlantic
terrific ending to this "what ever happened to those mystery seeds from China" story »
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Internal Revenue Service
One time, when I was the design lead for the redesign, I had to present the new design and UX experien… »