i am generally against airbnb as a product but i really like their shtick of bundling together feature launches into "releases". feels a ... »
I wrote about why I ended up leaving Google and how working on WebAssembly made me seriously ill. »
Cautionary Tales from Cryptoland
This HBR interview with @molly0xFFF, covering her views on crypto, is just absolutely essential reading. I agree with her and hugely appr... »
Immersive view coming soon to Maps — plus more updates
15/ Blog post with more context on the new Immersive View for Google Maps coming soon: Here's the #GoogleIO vide... »
"The Zaks" and Other Lost Stories by ComicMix, LLC — Kickstarter
I just backed "The Zaks" and Other Lost Stories on @Kickstarter »
The Strange Afterlife of George Carlin - The New York Times
I can't wait to see this 2-part HBO doc on George Carlin premiering on May 20 -- via a great NYT piece on how Carlin continues to go vira... »