Do By Friday #286: "Celery and Cum" This week's challenge: Catch up with Bunch. »
had a nice lil session w/ my swedish friends last night to blow off some steam~ »
Why Developers Should Experiment with the Fediverse – The New Stack
Great way to start the day is @tinysubversions in @thenewstack talking about a vision of the web that’s innovative, inclusive, and way mo... »
sleeptalkers is bidding on Matthew Dear - Talking Sleep | PartyBid
getting into the final stretch here, join the @matthewdear squad »
Researchers Pinpoint Reason Infants Die From SIDS | BioSpace
they’ve pinpointed why SIDS occurs. This is absolutely huge. »
DeafBlind Communities May Be Creating a New Language of Touch | The New Yorker
“The single most important development in DeafBlind history is in full swing.” »
Bloomberg - Are you a robot?
Truly not trying to be condescending here, but this “hey, people like remote work” epiphany is hilarious. Like, sure, work from home—but ... »
Here’s Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal’s memo about firing execs and a hiring freeze - The Verge
“We will also be reviewing all extended offers to determine criticality and those that should be pulled back.” translation: twitter is r... »
DIE: The Roleplaying Game by Rowan, Rook and Decard — Kickstarter
I just backed DIE: The Roleplaying Game on @Kickstarter »
Twitter CEO pushes out top execs, freezes hiring - The Verge
Brutal to fire @kayvz while he's on parental leave. What a miserable look. »
The Milky Way’s Black Hole Comes to Light - The New York Times
The Milky Way’s Black Hole Comes to Light - The New York Times »
[email protected] @zeitchikWaPo and I wrote about why celebrities abandoned Twitter and how Musk's ownership and proposed changes might drive ... »
USC scholarship aims to help Black, Indigenous workers enter games industry »
Framed - The daily movie guessing game
There are a number of movies those first two frames could’ve felt at home in, but #3 is super distinctive. This film has such great cinem... »