Anyway, you should join my new social media platform. It's called and the way it works is you put your phone away... » | High-fidelity capture of Twitter threads as sealed PDFs.
is an experiment by the Harvard Library Innovation Lab that lets you capture Twitter threads as sealed PDFs https... »
Ryuichi Sakamoto announces first album in six years · News ⟋ RA
Legendary composer @ryuichisakamoto has a new album on the way in January »
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The folks at are looking for React/Solid developers to help build their stack. Check out the listing… »
Apple’s taken the joy out of its Books app with iOS 16 - The Verge
I am glad the Verge is giving this absolute buzzkill of an update some attention. I will have no rest until the Apple Books page turn ani... »
Twitter’s Former Head Of Trust & Safety Explains Why, For All His Billions, Elon Musk Can’t Magically Decide How Twitter Will Work | Tech...
“[Former head of Trust & Safety @yoyoel]…highlights three major outside forces that are well beyond Musk’s ability to control, even a... »
This is the Twitter account Elon Musk should be worried most about losing. - The Verge
This is the Twitter account Elon Musk should be worried most about losing. via @Verge »
‎Hive Social on the App Store
Trying out Hive… skeptical… username @ tonxism. »
Django-related Deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022 - Adam Johnson
Django folks — @AdamChainz' two books on developer productivity (one on general DX, the other on test performance) are on sale this week.... »
What Does It Mean to Care About COVID Anymore? - The Atlantic
Its almost like we should just have a public indoor mask mandate... »
Find Fediverse accounts of your Twitter followings
Super cool tool to find twitter contacts on Mastodon: #TheBigBirdMigration »